1. “Requested”
    They begged him… But he told them that only if they agree climate change is caused by Space lasers.

    1. @cc Rider
      Oh Yeah.
      And I always Click on their channel, and report all their others too 😂 F Em

    2. Hey get your facts straight. It was JEWISH space lasers. Can’t leave an important detail like that unsaid.

    3. In about 80-90% of the cases, the Black victim was killed by another Black, and about 52% of the murder victims were acquainted with their assailant.


  2. I wonder if it’s possible to pass a stipulation that pardons can only be granted for crimes that someone was found guilty of at least 2 years prior. There is absolutely no reason that the President should be able to grant an immediate or future pardon for someone.

    1. @Malleus Dei what exactly are you claiming is on those thousands of hours of footage that would refute anything that we’ve already seen and where is your proof for this?

    2. @Malleus Dei and why you keep running from my questions? Do you not have good answers for them? Did they not prepare you for logic based questions?

    3. @Malleus Dei and I love these lies you keep making up. Half of what I posted no one else has ever posted? Really? And you know this how? Have you checked the entire YouTube comment section under CNN? Why you making this so easy by telling so many ridiculous lies? 😂

    4. @Malleus Dei and what imaginary amount of time do you think I had seen all these videos on again? Cuz you keep changing the time. Is it three and a half hours? Is it 45 minutes? Or is it 15 minutes? Cuz you know if you’re going to keep making things up maybe skip to 1 lie… Just a thought. 😂

    5. @Malleus Dei it’s not the job of house leadership to make the capital safe. That is completely on the capital police.

  3. “So there are five of them taking the Fifth Amendment, like you see on the mob, right? The mob takes the Fifth Amendment. If you’re innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?” -Donald Trump. 2016

    1. @Kevin Roberts who cares. You’re making yourself look so uneducated right now. We feel embarrassed for you that’s how bad it is

  4. Acting director of everything Jared was too swamped brokering pardons to comprehend that more pardons would be required.

    1. @Darrell Cook “Every single one of donalds pardons must be looked upon as given in bad faith and immediately recinded. Proper procedure wasn’t followed.”
      the president has an unlimited power to pardon.
      i’m sure if we tried w could find some limits, tho that’d have to get by the supreme court.
      but what that means is he doesn’t have to follow the process.
      the process is to make things run smoother, not to limit his ability.

      doesn’t mean his pardons weren’t corrupt, but it does mean it’d take a lot of evidence for the court to disqualify them.

  5. We need fewer establishment politicians. We need politicians that work for the working class not the rich. Biden’s approval rating is at 37%, just like Trump was at this point. This is scary. Biden needs to do more for the working class, and not depend on Republicans. He needs to be tougher on Establishment Democrats, like Manchin, and Sinema. We need more progressives in the house and Senate. How sad if Biden gets replaced, because Manchin and Sinema went Republican. We need money removed from politics. End (Citizens United)

  6. Good interview on several fronts. AOC is impressive. A bit of a concern are the ‘gotcha’ or ‘future gotcha’ type questions about supporting Biden in the next election. And does it really matter what the answer is at this time? Maybe AOC herself will be seeking the nomination? Journalists seemingly love to create ‘dramatic tension’ and Dana Bash is no exception, as she demonstrates here.

    1. @Elizabeth Dillon unfortunately this is the situation we have, a polarized partisan corporate media apparatus. Candidates have to navigate though this media to make a case to the public. Bernie Sanders did alright on Fox.

    2. @John E understood, but they can bring bills up for a vote. They can make their case to the public in a substantive way.

  7. I still haven’t heard an answer to the Q of WHY would you tweet Pelosi’s location while a bloodthirsty mob is hunting her.

  8. This woman represents people..not corporations. Notice the GOP attacks her in an unfair straw man argument way. They don’t truthfully tell her position, but rather create an alternate reality that their followers will find absurd.

    1. @SNOOPY SNOOP #1
      Seems kinda sad. Seeking validation from yourself when no one else will.

      Have fun watching your propaganda.

  9. its funny the interviewer seems so confused by her basically saying she will vote for who she thinks can best do the job at the time. is the idea that you don’t have to swear fealty to some party leader out of political convenience so alien?

  10. It’s wild how Dana bash will follow up on if she says yes to endorsing biden or not, but will interview a GOP politician who will blatantly lie and just let it go.

    1. @Brian Ambrose McMahon no, it is not considering she refuses to question democratic establishment when they attack progressives.

    2. @Ken Bob “Only a fool would say “yes” or “no” 2 years out….and AOC is no fool.”
      it was a bad answer.
      i woulda said, “as it stands now, he has my unconditional support and i would endorse him. we’ll see if anything changes later.’

      says the same thing she said but more firmly and more supportive of Biden.

      this is politics. you gotta be diplomatic and supportive of your team.
      i mean, not like crazy blind partisan support like republicans, but saying, ‘i support him so far’ should be the bare minimum,.

  11. Liz Cheney would not have said that if she didn’t already know exactly who they are and if she didn’t have the receipts in her hands – and I’m sure Merrick Garland has them too. To be clear – anyone who asked for a pardon (or BEGGED for one) knows they are criminally involved. A pardon can only be granted to a CONVICTED criminal..it is an admission of guilt -sentence commuted.

    1. A pardon can only be granted to a CONVICTED criminal – not really. not in the U.S. you know this from some pardons by the trump, right? blessings to all

    2. @Bazooka Joe No, but you *do* have to have committed a crime to be pardoned of. So if you ask for a pardon and get it, it’s *for* something. If you asked for it and didn’t get it, you clearly did *something* or you wouldn’t have asked for the pardon.

  12. It brought that day back the same way to me. I felt I was reliving that day with all the anger, fear & despair I felt. I continue to be furious with the truth deniers especially Rep. Andrew Clyde who cowered behind armed security & then called it like a regular “tourist” day. Downplaying the fact that over 140 Capitol Police/MPD Officers were injured that day. Until the day I die I will never forget the sound of Officer Hodges screams as he was being crushed in a door. Or the sight of those “peaceful” tourists attempting to pull his gas mask off & striking him. Also sick of hearing right wing politicians & media saying no one cares.

    1. Roll evidence video #5…Oh,oh,oh now I remember “TOO LATE MARG” – we will now see the film in its FULL GLORY & HEAR EVERY DAMNING WORD FROM YOUR MOUTH. The court will decide afterwards “Not Innocent or Really Guilty as Sin”

  13. Good God I LOVE That she doesn’t just lie to appease the interviewer… And she actually ANSWERS THE QUESTIONS instead of doing the GQP thing of spinning to avoid the substance of the questions. It’s wonderful

  14. It’s extremely refreshing to hear a level headed , articulate congresswoman answer questions without the need for vitriol , hyperbole and conspiracy theories . Also notice AOC’s poised demeanor and how she comports herself with dignity and integrity , unlike her inferior servile colleagues across the aisle who shamelessly and gratuitously kowtow to a treasonous corrupt , serial liar and adulterer , while betraying their oath they ALL swore to protect . I’m equally galvanized by Katie Porter’s codification as well .

  15. Looking forward to the reveal on the pardons – it will be fascinating viewing! I found it horrifying that a member of congress should be revealing the location of the leader of house via twitter in the middle of an attempted insurrection. No matter your politics, all should agree that this is unacceptable…

  16. That whole day. I couldn’t believe this was happening in America. I freaked out for everyone in Congress. Parties didn’t matter, these are HUMAN BEINGS. I was scared for ALL of them. Security, police officers, everyone who working there. I couldn’t believe it was happening. Their families.
    Now I’m pissed. I’m disgusted. Just down right angry. Despicable.

    1. @SNOOPY SNOOP #1 …ima be honest you got me confused. I can’t tell whose side your on because it sounds like your not with Trump. I don’t get it. So ima out


    3. @Tom Ceresani????? I don’t understand why you are saying this to me?? All I did was say “same here” in agreement with the original comment.

  17. Gotta agree with AOC on this – it’ll be interesting to see who was asking for pardons. Let the list be known.

  18. If someone says ANYTHING other than a clear and definite “no” to “did you ask for a pardon” then they definitely asked for a pardon.

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