1. Rep. Jacobs, from another person (also a gunowner) who grew up in Buffalo, thank you: for being an adult, for making the hard and moral decisions like this, and for having a heart.

    1. @Mobilus In Mobili The only people losing any rights are the criminals. Are you saying you’re a criminal?

    2. @✌talk

      Nice False Dichotomy fallacy. But if we applied those restrictions to your rights you wouldnt mind?

  2. One GOP member who holds the interests of safety of his constituents over party… Good luck and God bless you Rep Jacobs.

  3. Until we have politicians who are not only brave enough to take a stand, but are brave enough to take a stand in the face of an election or reelection race, no meaningful changes are going to be made.

    1. I’m not American. But imo, that sentiment is politically universial. And anyone that want to hold power should be hold to a really high standard to do, what they claimed to do, once being elected.

  4. GOP members only grow a backbone when they are leaving. Only then is it ok to have independent thoughts and opinions. This is pathetic.

    1. @EM At least not yet? It never should. Some of the things you list will have little to no effect on the problem. You have a political bias as well, it’s not just a one sided thing.

    2. Lol a Dem talking about having a backbone for what they think is right. Now that is freakin funny.

  5. “The world is in more peril from those who tolerate evil or encourage evil than from those who actually commit it.” -Dr. Albert Einstein, 1953

  6. “You can have your choice of 20 ice cream flavors but when it comes to politics you get two”. George Carlin

    1. There are approximately 420 registered political parties in the U S. If you need another party, that’s on you. If you think that is the real problem, you don’t think.
      George Carlin is only an expert on the F word. What are you 13?

    2. @stopthecrazyguy and if any of them actually started to make a real move politically both parties would crush it before it gained any traction. These 2 parties work together on crap like that.

  7. They need to find out who funded the shooter in New York. There is no way a teenager had the money to purchase all that equipment.

  8. In Memory of the those who has died everywhere at the hands of those with guns.

    No More Pain, No More Suffering

    Take your finger off the trigger.
    Leave your gun at home.
    Put away all the bullets.
    Lock it up, leave it alone.

    Ain’t nobody gonna to die.
    By your hand on this day.
    Put away all the bullets.
    See the children laugh and play.

    Hey now now, every breath we share
    Hey now now, made by mouths everywhere.
    Hey now now, every moment we waste
    Hey now, Is a moment we must bare.

    If you sit and contemplate.
    If you stare at what’s to come.
    Reaching out, crying for help.
    No one to hide the gun.

    No more pain, no more suffering.
    No more deaths to come.
    No laws to control me.
    ‘Til the damage is all done.

    Hey now now, ain’t nobody give a damn.
    Hey now now, ain’t no one who really cares.
    Hey now now, only more pain.
    Hey now, anytime or anywhere.

    No more pain, no more suffering.
    Shouldn’t come to this.
    If someone was to listen.
    There’d be less of those to miss.

    No more pain, no more suffering.
    Almost normal to me.
    Our lives are in your hands.
    Not just the criminality.

    No more pain, no more suffering
    No more pain, no more suffering
    No more pain, no more suffering.

  9. We have a saying in our community, “It’s only after the person saw the balls on the dog that he called it a “boy” puppy.”… It’s Only after he saw this could happen to his OWN children that he decided to take action…

    1. @Vlad the Inhaler I think you missed her point, …she said “NORMAL” people… What you’re talking about is NOT normal.

  10. He says that he thinks election integrity is a problem. I would like to know whether there was an integrity problem with his election to Congress. 🙄

  11. Yes, as a politician I suppose it IS difficult showing real sympathy with someone else if acting on it means that you would jeopardize your career. It’s the same all over the world, people prioritize themselves and those politicians that want to do “what’s right” do not get support because they are not sponsored by companies with other agenda then the people best in mind.

  12. For once, a Republican Congressman that makes good, logical sense! Thank you for standing up and speaking out!!

    1. He better be strong to start turning the tide in the corrupted Republican Party. Hoping that more brave, solid Republicans join him!

    2. I believe he is going to wait on a formal decision. Things may change in the next 7 months. I hope they do. Sometimes it takes (1) person to do the right thing to start others to step! It is that way in City Governments like City Councils. If they really believe in tge Oath of Office

  13. He is right to encourage conversation with concerned citizens and Law Enforcement to look at the changes that are needed. Most true responsible gun owners are in favor of changes to restrict certain firearms, ammo, body armor, to raise age limits for firearm ownership!

  14. Thank you Congressman Jacobs for seeing the horrific damage that has taken place and now is the time for stricter gun enforcement laws across the nation is something that is long over due.

  15. Very sad that Republicans who are honest, truthful, and trustworthy get punished and banished by the Party. Left with Greene, Gaetz, Gosar, Boebert, Jordan, McCarthy, etc. Help!! 😵✌️

    1. What’s even sadder is the citizens who vote for any candidate with such appalling values.

  16. He just told it how it is. When it happens closer to his home he’s willing to change. When they feel the fear they will change.

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