1. Tactics and campaigns of the information warfare branch of the Chinese Army 4th branch (4PLA) are important for all Americans to read and know by memory. The US Army War College is a great resource online, free to the public.

    1. What statement? That if you donโ€™t vote for him, then you ainโ€™t black?
      Thatโ€™s great. Not racist at all.

  2. This is a very good and reality – based commentary!
    As a German I really want to recommend this commentary to so many reality – blind Germans – many politicians as well as many Germans in general because so many of them still believe there must be more emphasis on peace talks with Russia and concessions to the Putin regiime.

    I consider the Putin regime a fascist regime lead by a power – greedy, nationalistic megalomaniac psychopath without any remorse.

  3. I respect Fareed’s assessment. He also admitted he was wrong with regards to Romney view on Russia.

  4. You’re 100 right. Now, can you please go to Paris and Berlin and explain this to Macron and Scholz and tell them to stop looking for off ramps for their buddy?

  5. Remarkably knowledgeable and intelligent analysis here, plus the courage to admit that one was once wrong. Wouldn’t it be reassuring if Fareed Zakaria was making crucial assessments and decisions about US foreign affairs. Oh, if only… If only…

  6. At The Risk Of Sounding Like A Chest Thumper;
    Harpoon Missiles Preventing Russian Landings At Odessa,
    Are Probably The Best Way To Deter A Chinese Landing Assault On Taiwan.

  7. Mr. Zakaria, thank you for your insightful reporting and analysis! I agree with you 100%. I hope that the Biden administration is listening and is not losing sight of this war, which has the potential to change the world order. I also wish Mr. Romney much success. He is majorly underrated politician.

  8. Remember when this man was repeating Chin’s words thar Covid 19 couldn’t spread person to person and “The right was over reacting”?

  9. So Russia may not be strong militarily but they are devious in their own way who knows what the future may bring but it’s looking kind of Bleak now๐Ÿค”

  10. It’s sounding convincing, but is China really any less dangerous than Russia? What I think is, psychologically, existing threat always looks more dangerous than a potential threat. Such a perception makes our one eye wide opened and the other one goes to deep sleep. Any terminology for such a state of mind?

  11. He’s absolutely spot on! A defeated Russia is a defeated China! (Once warned, twice shy!) The cheapest way for the western democracies is to help Ukrain’s citizen soldiers, do what they’ve chosen to do!

  12. My Take: Russia, Latin America, South East Asia, Africa and Middle East are key to China’s U.S. strategy.

  13. Come and live in Australia or anywhere else in Asia (other than Nth Korea), Fareed and see which of the two are perceived by their rhetoric and actions as the major threat.
    The USA is able to walk and chew gum at the same time.

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