1. What I’m slightly worried that I’m not hearing yet is any legislative measures to close off the possibility of such a scheme being executed again (clearer prohibition on “alternate slates of electors” tightening up the rules on “bad faith” electors etc)

    1. @OK THUMPER True that! and as far as voting, the primaries didn’t go as well as they should have, Gotta get People up off their asses and get them to register & Vote or this insanity will continue!

    2. What needs changing is the Electoral Count Act. Even Mitch McConnell has indicated a desire to reform this law, so that only a slate of electors, chosen by the voters, may be sent to DC.

  2. Lincoln project.
    They’re going to do a video on any list of politicians that ask for pardons. It will be epic…

  3. You’re so right and yes you’re polite JR. Tell the public when are 45 the leader and his thugs going TO JAIL ! Anyone committing a small crime is going to jail fast. Yet the person committing sedition and BIG CRIMES is still walking FREE ??

    1. @eric ford My brother is Thomas Edward Quick. He has a Masters in Finance from St. Louis University, and he is a well documented financial criminal with a multi-million dollar embezzlement under his belt. I had to have him disarmed by the Missouri Attorney General. He is in prison now for the rest of his natural life. My brother is online, check him out. I guarantee 100% losses.

    2. @Richard Quick II I’m srry but I still have no idea what your trying to say, your bro is a smart embezzler and now he’s in prison because you disarmed him

  4. ask yourselves: would someone, who came to power through electoral fraud, “voluntarily” hand it over after another 4 years? is a party, that supports this still a party or a terrorist organization that threatens national security?

  5. If society was built on not doing things that have not been done before, we would all be sitting around camp fires outside our caves. Let Trump be the first president to ever be indicted.

    1. @M Hall You must have been asleep for the last 5 1/2 years if you have to ask that🤣

      Time to grow a brain dude😂

  6. Raskin is a highly intelligent, articulate, precise member of Congress and a true believer in the letter of the law. He represents everything that the ConMan and his crew don’t comprehend., in time Trump will be gone but the actions of this“New Republican Party” Will remain front and center. The constitution remains more important than swearing allegiance to any One individual or political philosophy.

    1. @Johnny Mill why y’all so worried
      It’s not like your facing criminal charges…
      Could be worse right?


    1. @T.I.M.C.H You mean the person that raised the tariffs on Chinese goods and that cost the American Consumers/Taxpayers an additional $38Billion in the first 6 months after that asinine piece of “Legislation” – Do some damn research in Reality or have a 5th grader explain it to you.
      Bless your Heart 🙄❗

  7. This is to let people know that their is still people who are not going to put up with Trump and do something about it and not let it go on any longer


    1. JM, Your Planned Parenthood supporter and you mentioned the words, ” MAY GOD BLESS HER “

  9. I read Jamie Raskin book “unthinkable” and let me tell you how one man can be one of the world’s best lawyers and experts of constitutional law despite all the trauma, pain and sadness he had to through just 2 years ago is awe inspiring! We should listen intently to everything he says!

    1. Agree with you Milo. Rep. Raskin is obviously a very bright man, eloquent and articulate. He’s so persistent also in getting to the truth about what really happened to cause the violent Jan. 6. You’re right, in implying we’re fortunate to have him serving in Congress.

  10. Dana Bash needs to be reminded that there has never been a criminal president like this to deserve an indictment.

    1. She’s playing devil’s advocate here., she knows the correct answer already, but she wants to get Raskin on the public record saying it.

    2. @G S .. we’ll have to let you figure that one out for yourself I think.
      I’ll give you one guess, but you might want to rethink your initial response.
      I mean, if it’s not Biden then who could it be….?
      I’ll give you a hint…. YOU’RE FIRED…!

  11. If no man is above the law, then yes he should be indicted. Otherwise the fascists will be calling the shots.

  12. If this Insurrection isn’t completely & fully indicted & tried in a Court of Law then it will happen again. You must stop this Sedition.

    1. 😆😆 Insurrection????😂😂😂😂 What insurrection???
      The Shaman and his buddies???🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. Agree that it needs to go to court. It must be live. Let the public see what the prosecution is charging. See them prove it.

      What charges will they bring in a televised trial knowing the legal requirements?

      Indict a ham sandwich. Proving the charges is not as easy.

    3. @elizabeth tudor it’s obvious you don’t watch anything other than right wing entertainment.

    4. AGree with you very much. The people who urged on the thousand or so mob members who violently attacked our Capitol and the officers need to see what happens as a result of using deadly force. They should have taken their gripes and complaints to a court of law, and/or used community groups and meeting halls to discuss their needs for action; NOT beat-up and killed innocent people.

  13. A quote from the past: Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but not to their own facts, Senator Danial Patrick Moynihan.

    1. @Michael Blumenreich What part didn’t you understand, the “FACTS” part?? Exactly my point!

  14. To even accept the offer of a pardon you are admitting guilt, to actively SEEK OUT a pardon is way worse.

    1. Pardons for co-conspirators should be treated the same as the crime-fraud exception to attorney/client privilege.

    2. @The Insane Shecklador I believe even accepting a pardon requires you to admit guilt though.

    3. @Robert Nobles Yes but none of that matters to the Trump fans. Nothing will open their eyes.

  15. Scathing and deeply incriminating.. What an utter disgrace. Let us hope that the law extends it’s full powers and that justice is seen to be done in the absolute.

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