Arizona Election Circus Becomes Money-Making Scheme And Grifter Magnet 1

Arizona Election Circus Becomes Money-Making Scheme And Grifter Magnet


Rachel Maddow points out that the spectacle around the ballots and voting machines in Maricopa County, Arizona has become a magnet for grifters, eager to say what it takes to outrage Trump supporters to the point of separating them from their money.
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  1. His ventures are doing better than the now shuttered blog by the former president or the pillow guy thing.

  2. Of course, that is the famous American way of life. And the greatest constitution ever written did make sure it works as it should be.

    1. @speedy 3776 me, me, me. What about me?

      No wonder you haven’t been tapped to experience FairyTopia, you’re to f-ing selfish.

    2. @ Eddie Baker
      Not left or right. That’s what you can’t seem to understand. Just truth. Just reality. The whole world is watching. They know what they see. You need to get your head out of the ground and look at the facts. It’s really very sad.

  3. Looks fine to me. The more ways there are for the Orange Guy Won conspiracy theorists to de-fund themselves, the better.

  4. I think America’s First Amendment needs amending to include:
    Freedom of intellectual speech

  5. Since the grifters are fighting over who should be allowed to make money, instead of “traditional” court they should settle their internal conflicts via “Trial by Combat” – the winner gets to keep the money. It seems fitting to set it up as a “reality” game show and Trump can host it.
    Suggestions for what to title the show? – get creative!

  6. “A fool and his money are easily parted” & “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

  7. Whooo Man!!

    Watching the MSM and Liberal freakouts when these results are released is going to be unbelievably awesome…and Free of Charge to Boot!

  8. The AZ full forensic audit is legitimate. Please stop discrediting our audit. The people of AZ demanded this audit because we know what we saw and what we saw was that Trump won. Stop lying msm.

  9. Yep, Rage-Ant Orange must be very unhappy that someone other than himself is fleecing his sheep.

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