Arizona Republican 'Audit' Holds Stunt Hearing To Feed Trump Delusions 1

Arizona Republican ‘Audit’ Holds Stunt Hearing To Feed Trump Delusions


Rachel Maddow reports on a presentation made by contractors behind the Arizona sham 'audit' to two state Republican senators, and the unsurprising leap by Donald Trump that the event portends his return to office. 

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Arizona Republican 'Audit' Holds Stunt Hearing To Feed Trump Delusions


    1. @AnotherLover And what foreign species are you that can’t identify right from wrong as this whole audit is needlessly wrong!!!

    2. @AnotherLover aww, are “we” viewers so horrible? there is a theocratic paradise that is currently welcoming allah/gOd believing id10ts like yourself, try out afghanistan let me kno how much of religious paradise it is

    3. “It’s going to take donations…it’s going to take more money…it’s going to take LOTS more money…” Dude couldn’t say that enough. I think he should have just held up a card with “send us way more money, don’t ask for proof, just…like, money money money money money, baby needs a new pair o’shoes” scribbled on it.

    1. @SeanPat1001 I’m wondering, “WHY aren’t they (Demtards) thinking?”
      Oh wait …. They are so Demtarted they are still saying “absolutely NO proof”. 😂😂😂

    2. Nobody in government has ever been faced with this situation before, there’s no precedent to refer to. They don’t exactly know how to handle it. It’s not like they’ve been prepared to ever handle a friggin Insurrection.
      Now that they know it’s real, they won’t be surprised again. If the rioters try for
      Insurrection 2.0, it will be a bloodbath,
      Milley’s not fk’n around.

    3. @Nancy Fornataro The courts keep saying that because nobody has presented proof of anything that could change the outcome.

  1. State constitutions need to include in their sworn oath of office the things in the constitution THEY CAN NOT DO. Then they can’t lie and act like they didn’t know and play games with the truth.

  2. Imagine being so morally bankrupt that you’d prop up an illegitimate authoritarian regime by being this willfully ignorant and deceitful.

    1. @M B did you notice , I supply documented facts …you supply emotional opinion…love to see you argue WHO , double vax are asymptomatic or Pfizer addmits only 65 % effective …rest catch it again …don’t forget Alpha was 98 % effective

    2. Bruh. The Arizona audit found less than 200 cases of voter fraud. What do y’all keep whining about?

    3. @Victor C did you watch the Senate hearing yesterday they had in Arizona? or are you just going off of what the media is telling you?


    2. @Tyeler Nowell are you sure there has never been a problem with mail in voting? Maybe it’s been going on for years? Myanmar found millions of fraudulent votes but your media didn’t tell ya did they.

    1. The lie you keep on believing. There’s no logical world were Trump performs 4% better in LA County then he did in 2016, and then Miraculously wins swing states.

  3. So translation is they haven’t found anything substantive but want to keep getting paid to pretend like they’re doing an audit.

    1. Yep… same old game and the people eat it up…
      Just a little longer…. wait for it…. thats why the suckered don’t think they got scammed… they never stop stringing them along… its just like being a prostitute lol

    2. @Manu El If after the last four years someone tells you they are an “independent,” it either means they are a lazy minded individual who can’t be bothered to inform themselves and thus dash for what they think is the least controversial position that requires no real facts to support it & espouse some false equivalency BS about both parties being equally as bad OR they are now too embarrassed of a party they used to associate themselves with but also to weak to take a stand against anti-democratic sentiment that will burn the entire democratic process down (and some actually are starting to say they think that is necessary).

      Republicans have become the anti-capitalism party by calling their plutocratic & oligarchic beliefs “capitalism” while Democrats have become the pro-capitalism party with positions both parties held from post WWII into the 70s. But because too many Americans don’t know the difference Republicans get away with calling Democrats socialists even though I have not heard of even one single socialist proposal by a Democrat… ever. Not even from Bernie Sanders.

    3. @keytwitchy
      They don’t know the meaning of most of cliche’s and slogans they parrot in lieu of a thoughtful rebuttal. They wouldn’t know a lumpenproletariat from a prole.
      Back in my student days, never in a million years would I have thought I’d identify as part of the Moral Majority,
      but who would have thought the president (or whatever) of Russia would poll higher with Repub’s (!) than our own POTUS. “Strange days have found us”

    4. There’s no oversight to guard against cyber ninja fabricating evidence, so their findings will be meaningless.

    5. @Nathaniel Erskine exactly. They can’t though. They refuse to watch both sides like we do to make an informed decision.

  4. Contractors should be required to give an estimated time for completion, and then be docked for each day over that estimate.

    1. @Nancy Fornataro let’s see I could really care less about Trump and honestly why would there be a router ? As we know Trump had the balls to push the DOJ to say it was italy what does that say …no way of networking or plain stupidity take your pick…and just because of passwords your crying…passwords are always changeable unlike your intelligence ..and just to prove your claims are SH*T Arizona laws don’t allow recounts you might want to look up state election laws be for you start your trap

    2. @Nancy Fornataro just to get you even more mad it won’t matter what they find in az…there already is a investigation into Trump and Rudy Giuliani calling election officials in arizona…see in Arizona it’s a big NO NO for candidates to contact election officials not it will matter anyways he was busted on the phone with georgia officials to suppress votes and was caught on audio….or was that itallion satellites? All 4 military satellites that country has…..

    3. @Nic Moreno And you won’t get me mad. 😂😂 I spend lots of time laughing hysterically at how you lab rats are scampering and showing a decline of all cognitive function.

    4. @Nic Moreno you’ve proven by your comments here that you didnt watch the actual hearing and have no clue of what you’re talking about

    5. @Michael Rhodes yeah those county people should go to jail for (so far) obstruction and conspiracy to commit obstruction. They also should be fined for mishandling PII as they stuffed lots of ballot boxes with papers containing people’s personal info as well as trash. I guess they did a recount before the audits and instead of resealing the boxes with the proper tamper proof tape, they used regular packing tape. They also found out that those voting machines the county used didn’t get security and software updates since 2019, so anyone could have easily hacked in there.

  5. They are incrementally re writing everything to suit their needs. It has to first be exposed, then stopped and finally prosecuted.

  6. But, if it’s going to take months more, then they’re going to miss their August 13 date for reinstating Trump into the White House!

    1. What is the significance of August 13? Is it just some arbitrary date that someone who has no position in the government and no connection to the Arizona audit made up?

    2. @Eternalwarpuppy It’s obvious! Everyone knows that bad stuff always happen on Friday 13s.

    1. @kathy smith Overall Biden won by 7 million votes within the United States.. This Unethical Scam is another Trump loss that has come to the surface.. We need to end the endless stupidity of this endless farce.

    2. @jr rivas The popular vote doesn’t matter. What matters is the electoral votes which in many of the swing state were a difference of a few thousand. Take out the erroneous unverifiable/illegal votes and those state swing the other way.

    3. Of course it is. He’s also feeding the idiots that believed it in the first place just enough to get them ready for another attempted insurrection.

    4. @Jack Black what results? There have been numerous audits and they all proved that Biden won but since you soft idiots can’t handle reality then these political right wing hacks will continue to lie to your type in order to make money. Keep on giving money to the Big lie

  7. It’s time to face the fact Atgolf Twitler is insane and knows nothing about Government, America’s Constitution or Democracy and neither do his supporters.

    1. My state literally unconstitutionally changed voter laws without the people’s permission…..🤔

  8. When someone at work says something untrue it gets exposed fairly quickly, there’s a laugh about it at their expense and it goes away. How come this is only getting worse?

  9. What exactly has the ninja done prior to this, and for that matter, what are they going to do after?

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