Delta Covid Variant Strikes Younger, Healthier Patients | MSNBC 1

Delta Covid Variant Strikes Younger, Healthier Patients | MSNBC


Dr. Robin Trotman, CoxHealth medical director of infection prevention, talks with Rachel Maddow about what is different about the new, Delta variant-driven surge in Covid cases in southwestern Missouri.

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Delta Covid Variant Strikes Younger, Healthier Patients | MSNBC


    1. @Adam Taylor the only informed choice is to worry about the weak and take safe and effective treatments and wait until the stick is fully tested and approved. Most people don’t ever get sick.

    2. @A Diamond The democrats letting 180,000 unvaccinated people stream across the border illegally each month? Yeah, we see those buddy.

    3. @A Diamond no. kids aren’t carriers. And are almost 100% unaffected. Which is odd, because those snot nosed germ breeders usually are the source of everything.

  1. *I’ve never stopped wearing a mask despite being fully vaccinated due to the willful idiocy of the anti-vaxxers!*

    1. @rickinrolla I wear my mask every time I step outside bro. I’m 21 and I’m not trying to have any viruses tamper with me at 21 years old. These Trump supporters are extremely stupid.

    2. I wear mine also!!,I’m in Florida,with maggots all over the place..central not south.Get out the disinfectants,everywhere u go.

  2. I am fine with people not getting the vaccine as long as they pay for their medical costs themselves–gross negligence usually nullifies the obligation of insurers to pay and it should be the same for Medicare and Medicaid. Which antivaxxers are willing to sign a legally-enforceable waivers of their insurance and government programs if they or their family get Covid? -Let’s see their personal responsibility at work!

    1. Personally responsibility, i did that w my health a few years ago,thank GOD i did,lost 140 lbs and kept it off for over 2 years now ,2019 got sick w covid,was in excellent health, 3 days i was sick over Christmas, temp was 104.8 to 95 thats the immune system doing its job,didnt eat,inly drank homemade electrolytes, didnt lay on my back,i let the lungs drain,common sense to me what to do to heal,and here i am,happy and healthy,oh i forgot im over 65 !!

    2. I’m not ok with it, most of them won’t even wear a mask. They keep spending Covid45, it mutates (possibly deadlier) it’s on them.
      Like the doctor said, “This part of the pandemic is optional”.
      They’re affecting other’s health.

    3. is that what you think about things like motorcycle helmet laws? Because I’m right there with you! Also see: smoking allowed in businesses and businesses allowed to remain open and serve customers during a pandemic!

    1. It should. These folks have been conned, but they are our fellow Americans. I’m not okay with this.

    2. @A Diamond Every action has its consequences, Who am I to stop those people from what they believe? Besides, they are the ones to put all of us in danger and prolong the pandemic.

    3. @Freedom Life so go after those at the cause of this, who publicly lied about Covid and got supporters to believe them over science.. not just the mooks who believed the B.S.
      I’m not saying that what they are doing is okay, it’s not.. but they are doing it because they have been scammed. So yeah, it bothers me when they die from Covid. If it doesn’t bother you, it makes me wonder what it would take for you to be bothered.. how can you be okay with people dying needlessly?

    4. @A Diamond my brother, a diehard trumpfoon supporter denied all things covid-19, he of course got it last May and he said it was the sickest he’d ever been…he still has extreme difficulty breathing and his doctor’s are unable to tell him if it’s permanent. My point is we had many conversations about precautions, he laughed and called me scared among other choice names. Last December he finally admitted to wishing he’d been more careful. The truth is out there, once ignored I cannot feel bad for them.

  3. And we still want to send our last group of society, the very group of still vulnerable people who have yet to have any access to any vaccines made available for them yet. And put them right back into those very situations in which we have had in place for the rest of us for the last past year?

  4. My question is; “do the tax payers or the health insurers be required or responsible for the costs of taking care of a sick or dying patient who refused to take the “free” vaccine.
    This mind control is a dangerous deadly game; something that I never thought I would see amongst free thinking Americans at this level.

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