More Pro-Trump Lawyers Face Consequences For Pushing Election Lies 1

More Pro-Trump Lawyers Face Consequences For Pushing Election Lies


Rachel Maddow gives viewers a heads up about an upcoming sanctions hearing for pro-Trump lawyers in Colorado for trying to push Trump's election lies in court. Not the same lawyers as the Michigan sanctions, nor the same federal judge.

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More Pro-Trump Lawyers Face Consequences For Pushing Election Lies


    1. But no ,they waited until the damage was done. And got embedded into the morons that absorbed this BS.

    1. @Mary Halverson nice misquote there. “opinions aren’t based on factual research” that’s what fox used as a defense. Why twist things like that?

      “A reasonable viewer would not actually think OAN is paid Russian propaganda, instead, he or she would follow the facts of the Daily Beast article; that OAN and Sputnik share a reporter and both pay this reporter to write articles,” Bashant wrote. “Anything beyond this is Maddow’s opinion or her exaggeration of the facts.” “For the foregoing reasons, the Court finds that the contested statement is an opinion that cannot serve as the basis for a defamation,” the judge concluded.

    2. @Mary Halverson only lawsuit was by oan, and they got slapped for 250k. so your an ignorant liar.

    3. @jerry jerry- What I said, in a nutshell, was the judge observed that Rachel couldn’t be held responsible for her exaggerations because they weren’t based on fact. Look up the Judge’s statements. If nothing else, the case has exposed Maddow’s serial dishonesty, but keep swallowing her swill if it tickles your gullible ears. NONE of the currently corporate-owned outlets are trustworthy.

    4. @jerry jerry – Most of us have likely been appalled that with all the brilliant minds in the country, we’ve been given a choice between a yam and a potato.

  1. You WOULD THINK these attys had some idea that pushing the ” Big Lie ” was not gonna go over well in courts of law …The judicial system is NOT known for ” suffering fools gladly “”

    1. @Mervyn Greene I’m trying to wrap my head around the difference. Because I think the salient point to both cases was the ‘no reasonable person’ would believe what either was saying. But Tucker viewers DO believe his lies. And Rachel Maddow viewers DO believe her exaggerations about Russians being everywhere. Tucker viewers believe everything the msm says is a lie and Rachel Maddow viewers believe Russians have taken over the country. I guess the legal argument is that FOX and MSNBC viewers are not rational. But legal arguments always confused me, especially with libel cases. Like tabloids can just make stuff up and it seems to me that both FOX and MSNBC are arguing that they’re tabloid journalism. But the thing is, it doesn’t really matter to the county who Beyonce is dating. It does matter to lie about vaccinations or to smear everyone as being not real americans because they’re secretly russians.

    2. Attorneys make an oath when they accept their law degrees and licensed to practice law.. what these attorneys did was cause for disbarment. They betrayed The public’s Trust; therefore, breaking their oath.

    3. They drank so much of CRAZY TRUMP KOOL AID…so they were and still are intoxicated with crazy Trump big lies!! 🙄

    1. @James Smith Lockdowns and violent checkpoints and mob rule are freedom? I thought freedom was freedom, fbi is saying the word freedom is a racist kkk dogwhistle now. Think about it, where are all these new laws every day coming from, and why are countries like Canada and UK and others in EU still under lockdowns getting arrested and beaten for going to a park too far from their house, can’t have gatherings still when they’re more “liberal” than america? Because liberal means the opposite today of what it used to, freedom and liberty are basically considered right-wing hate speech now

    2. @Brandon West And what people in Canada, the UK and other in the EU “getting arrested and beaten for going to a park too far from their house”?

    3. @astev52 They still have lockdown laws in EU worse than they ever did here, you can only go to parks within a certain distance from your house, and only with a certain amount of people from certain areas. There’s footage of Cops on horses riding thru a park hitting people including a lady in a park with a baton in UK and tons of videos of tasering and beating people for refusing and not complying with lockdown orders, in Australia showing up to people’s homes and knocking in the door with battering rams over fb anti lockdown fbposts, a pregnant lady getting arrested for covid fb posts in Australia. Church, family gatherings, recreating outside of designtlated areas, even going to the store more than a certain number of times per week, all the strictest lockdown measures are still going on alot of places. There’s tons of videos if you look there’s plenty of local news stations coverage from Australia and EU on Infowars archive, plus you can find it by googling search questions about which countries still have what kind of lockdowns, how they’re enforced etc. The more leftist the country the worse it is

    1. @Sandy Allen there were no bounties placed. The news networks like CNN Msnbc were warned from the beginning their source was not credible and the state department had already confirmed there was no bounties issued by the Russian government.

    2. @Eric Klaus well, good thing I was obviously talking about Trump. Biden isn’t known the world over for being dishonest, unlike that incoherent, third grade word salad spewing, blowhard Trump.

    3. @Sandy Allen I agree. It’s incredible that McCarthy and a whole bunch of others are continuing this charade, just to woo the Trump cult. That’s a formula for failure. Everybody else sees McCarthy and his ilk and know that he’s reinforcing bald-faced lies that were hurtful to our democratic process, yet he continues to this day, even after Trump is out of office, and for what? Simply to try to pick up votes. What a friggin’ loser.

  2. These sanctions hearings need to move to referrals to bar associations for disbarment and to actual disbarment quickly.

  3. With the court system so clogged and behind on cases it’s about time they started sanctioning attorneys bringing these ridiculous lawsuits. Should have happened months ago.

  4. Bravo, finally doing something about the lies. Need to do more to more people that was involved.

    1. Yes… but this isn’t even touching the surface.. but I am happy to see something is being done.. just taking so long

    2. @Its me Quenten we are not out of the woods yet. 50% of the population has low IQ (they are called Republicans and religious believers) and follow authority instead of thinking.

    3. @farvision Lol yea you’re another bigoted clown who looks down on people but hides self righteousness.

    1. As TLP founder Rick Wilson says, getting too close to Trump’s fecal iceberg of corruption always leaves you dirtied.

    2. The key word being ‘seemingly’ because TRUMP STINK sure has a way of creating dystopian delusional moronic mindlessness. How else can you account for 74+ million ‘so-called’ smart Americans acting out the insanity these lawyers willingly did?!?! Either that or about a quarter of America’s population are stone cold fascist racists…just saying.

    3. These “seemingly smart people” are doing it for their own benefit. Maybe they thought they could get clients from the maga base? I don’t know but they are not altruistic.

    1. No they’ll have all the truths before trump testifies. He will lie himself into many years of prison. I just hope it’s real prison not one of those white collar prisons.

  5. Any lawyer with any respect for their society and it’s laws, wouldn’t have touched this trash.

    1. They were that’s what diner was about why do you think there all paying him now wait and see

  6. Imagine studying law, paying for school, pass the bar, and throwing it all away for some orange clown 🤔

  7. OMG, is this finally a sign of hope? A crack in the mud foundation of the big lie? Be still my heart!

  8. I want them DISBARRED!!! I’m a voter and they falsely claimed I was part of there insane lawsuit. I can’t wait for them to get destroyed by that federal judge!

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