Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: July 15th | MSNBC 1

Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: July 15th | MSNBC

Watch highlights of Thursday's All In with Chris Hayes

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Chris Hayes delivers the biggest news and political stories of the day with a commitment to in-depth reporting that consistently seeks to hold the nation's leaders accountable for their actions. Drawing from his background as a reporter, Hayes at times reports directly from the scene of a news event as it occurs to provide a firsthand account, digging deep and speaking with people who represent different points of view. Hayes brings the nation's officials, legislators, policymakers, and local activists to the table to address key issues affecting communities across America.

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  1. WOW sure happy that the military did it’s duty so far MAGA Make Authoritarianism Go Sway bar

    1. Career military never forget the day they took the oath. ~~~ They serve the constitution and ultimately the people.

    2. @TesserId well apparently not all of them I’m looking at Mike Flynn who answered that Marine who wanted to know why we in the United States of America couldn’t have a Myanmar type military coup and the traitorous POS Flynn answered that not only could that happen here that it actually should happen here just saying MAGA Make Authorities Get Accountable

    3. Yeah, somehow Flynn just can’t seem to occupy the same mental space in my brain. That whole “min-o-mar” thing just seems like something from dystopian science fiction. Seems he’s converted to a politician. Oh my, what times we live in.

  2. Trump was confused. He received a note from a staffer,
    and promptly ate it.
    The note said:
    Eat me.

    1. @allen benjamin it is scary in so much as it indicates he has enough intelligence to read and obey instructions if simple enough words are used. This ability, willingness, can be used against the US by anyone who can hand trump a note. Who knew?

    2. Hey Hairy Nosepicker,
      Oh, your feefees got hurt by my joke. So sorry for you. Love your channel image; is it by an Impressionist? Is it by Monet, titled ‘White non-college educated male’? Or is it abstract, maybe Pollack’s ‘The Imbecile’? (snickers and sincerity;’,. )

    1. Unfortunately it is not just Fox , it’s other new networks out there, Trump and his naive base. Being a Christian is not the same as being naive. I have been being vaccinated all my life and I am still alive. Vaccines prevented the spread of many deceases in other generations, and that some people may have secondary reaction, but they do work. I mean for Heavens sake, 600, 000 people died from COVID 19, in the USA, and it was people of all nationalities, why because deseases do not discriminate, people do. Now more people are deing fro the new strain, from what I hear it’s mostly non vaccinated people. Oh yes I get it, (I would rather die than get branded) that is what many believe to be the seal of the death. But God allowed the science, so please stop being naive,

    2. Fox News gotta go away !!! All they say are lie’s ,, they are all Trumpets . If u noticed trump pointed out all the rightoues ,, called them names so he can get people to believe him, Fox News and all his kind. We also need to take out all Republican’s that we have now because they are poisoned by trump.

  3. I’m a old hippy and this makes Nixon look like a choir boy. When trumpty dumpster was asked about presidential term limits he said(we’ll see).I knew then that this clown was gonna be trouble but never in my wildest dreams did I think it would get this bad. 60 years later here we go again. Our democracy is slipping away and we can’t sit by and watch the Constitution get crapped on! WAKE UP and SPEAK UP AMERICA!!! PEACE.

    1. @02bher1 It frightens me so much, that people can not, or refuse to see this man, for what he truly is. It shows what my Grandmother said. “There are always a certain percentage of people, who will follow a madman right off a cliff”. I have since read a few books on the subject, to try to understand. One really good book, was The Authoritarians, by Bob Altemeyer. These people, these Drumpf supporters, are authoritarian personalities. They need and want that boot on their neck. They don’t see it as a boot, but they see a savior or King, who will handle everything that they can’t, or don’t want to even think about. They can’t see the boot happening, until it’s too late. Just ask Germany.

    2. Eric Moraski…..
      As an “old hippy” myself,
      we saw JFK get Shot, ML King get shot,
      Robert Kennedy get shot
      and 4 dead in Ohio.
      We’ve spent 20 years on the other side of the earth, sitting on Afghanistan’s front porch,
      messing with THEIR country
      and WE can’t comprehend
      why they won’t quit shooting at us.

    3. @Terry Teschner don’t forget those tin soldiers and Nixon coming. We’re finally on our own! You must listen for the drummin

    1. Nah, that’d be this Dem administration. Georgia and Arizona would like to have an uncensored word with you, shill.

  4. If they had impeached trump and removed him the first time Jan. 6th would never had happened!

    1. @cynthia Illick The GOP being compromised was never really a question. As with everything else (and the Dems are guilty of this as well) follow the money. Last time I checked, most public servants aren’t millionaires.

  5. Trump refused to say that he would accept the results of the election and step down, and yet people voted for him anyway. . . . .

  6. Hearing the words “1st impeachment” is crazy. There should never have been a need for a 2nd.

  7. Time to masks up again . Thanks unvaccinated!
    Update: 15 likes wow I assumed my comment was going to the opposite. Good to know we all feel the same way.

  8. Rep. Adam Schiff will be remembered as a extraordinary politician who never give up in protecting America and her people.

    1. You’re literally disgusting! You willfully give your freedom up to these communists. Gtfo of our country along with Schiff

    2. @F3L7P4D’s Smooth Gaming Your wors show you have NO idea of the lack of facts in those you believe. Trump is totally devoid of integrity! & you ; either are like that, or you want a dictatorship who spies on every LOYAL citizen or not.

  9. He wasn’t outspoken because he needed to be there in order to resign when the military was ordered to shoot citizens

  10. redistricting should be based on population only, not political parties.. there haas just be a census.. use that!

  11. Mrs Jane is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy.

  12. Had Gen Miley said anything publicly, Txxxx would have replaced him in a NY Nanosecond with a Sithfawn Miller type Hencher.
    Then the coup would have been accomplished.

  13. I’m just curious if he asked pootin to start a war too hoping he could stay in power that way

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