Watch The Beat With Ari Melber Highlights: July 15th | MSNBC 1

Watch The Beat With Ari Melber Highlights: July 15th | MSNBC


Watch the top news stories and highlights from Thursday's 'The Beat' where Ari looks into a new book that exposes the "horrifying" last days of Trump in office, whose running the GOP now, and a new "poll tax."

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    1. @Louis Tully hey we are watching Ari, are you so deluded and disconnected from reality you dont know what video you are on??

    2. @Louis Tully Seen it, again I have vast experience in audits, both financial and in data validation, I am not impressed by it. This is not a proper “Forensic audit” by any yardstick I have ever worked under.

  1. Has it not occured to you that reason plays no part in the future of the USA?
    7O+ million Americans fell for this deception. Republicans are now making this delusion into a reality by revised voting laws. This IS who you are, now !
    From our view point in Europe, this is so reminiscent of the 1930’s, and just as we failed to ‘nip this Cancer in the bud’ You are making the exact same error in thinking that embryonic dictators play by the rules.

    1. @james mcgreevey Not surprising that someone who has no objectivity regarding the fact that your senate is still split 50/50 and Biden can’t get much passed, let alone is powerless to stop the voting ‘reform’ which will handicap Democrats in 2022 and 2024…… will resort to calling someone a troll. It’s OK …You’re a white American living the dream yes? Obviously oblivious to the majority of the population that is living a nightmare… , didn’t expect anything else really.

    2. i can’t help thinking that ignorance is playing a big part in what is occurring in the USA right now. Americans had it easy for so many decades; they thought their country would never be submitted to fascism or autocracy, that they were shielded from all the harm, that war would never reach their land. They are sadly naive and credulous enough to think that a 300 year old Constitution is going to protect them. Again, ignorance, credulity, lack of education for the most part. DOn’t they know that ANY Constitution can be thrown away to the wind in a finger snap? if that happened in other countries, there is no reason it should not happen in the USA. Most of them take their democracy for granted; soon, they will have to learn to defend and protect it, if they want their freedoms to survive.

    3. @james mcgreevey Keep voting, Midterms, and the Pres election!!! Wish u the best, from Canada.

    4. @Loan TRAN-THANH , We in America know nothing any better’s going on your’s or any other country.

  2. As long as the GOP is allowed to run roughshod over the Constitution , the rule of law, the democratic process, voting rights .. etc .. with no consequences or accountability.. The country WILL remain in great danger.

  3. Does Trump run the party, or is he just the Blarney Stone that hopefuls must visit and touch.

  4. That lady from Texas, Rep. Senfronia Thompson, represents the very best of the American spirit.

    1. Yessss— let us all SHOUT THAT from the rooftops— she is the kind of woman we need in WASHINGTON! Fierce, and loyal to her oath of office, like AOC and Bernie Sanders!

  5. Trump was confused. He received a note from a staffer,
    and promptly ate it.
    The note said:
    Eat me.

  6. “And then one day like a miracle ivankas pants will disappear” – Daughter Diddlin Donny


    1. @Oppressed Speaker of truth do you live under a rock? Do you have a phone or computer? Take 2 minutes to do some research. Stop trolling!

    2. @Oppressed Speaker of truth COME ON NOW, it’s time for you people to STOP ACTING STUPID and open y’all EYES & EARS.

    3. @Oppressed Speaker of truth there was no fraud, no need to change traditional voting methods, like sunday voting

  8. “why sloppy, inconsistent?”: obviously, you have never dealt with an impetuous, adolescent…

    1. @John Hopkins you’re too kind and forgiving, to this narcissistic psychopath, wannabe dictator, trumpsollini trumpet

  9. “Generals declined to comment”. And this is a HUGE part of the problem. People that know the horrific details about trump’s plans need to SPEAK UP.

    1. Not necessarily. If the books authors were telling lies, the generals would have answered and eventually sued. That is what normally happens when reports come out. Silence is validation

    2. Diabulous musica, I agree. The good old boys have been in charge for so long that they are reluctant to speak out about the corrupt ones. Too bad.

  10. When Bernie was pushing for “socialized medicine” and used Cuba/Castro as an example people lost their mind. Trump quotes Hitler and nobody says boo.

    1. @james mcgreevey I think I remember that. It’s unfortunate in several levels. A lot of Bernie’s “supporters” were trolls, for starters. Second, regardless of political views, at least Bernie wanted healthcare as a right and other measures to help people, unlike “brown shirts.”

  11. New rules must be made now to stop the president who is leaving office from sabotaging the office on the way out! Crazy!

    1. What a strong willed woman. Now she has more intelligens and balls than our political parties at present. They resemble idiots next to her and she’s a black woman who they feel superior to and are trying to keep from voting. They look like absolute fools next to her.

  12. Did the Rep from Texas say she is 82 years old or did I hear wrong? Because if she is, I want to know what she eats and what is her lifestyle.

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