Army General Defends Teaching Critical Race Theory At Academies

Army Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin pushed back on questions about critical race theory being taught to the nation’s soldiers during a Wednesday House hearing. The question was brought by Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida.

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Army General Defends Teaching Critical Race Theory At Academies


  1. Intellectual: “being well read is a good thing”

    Supporter: “No, no no!!!!” *Shakes head furiously*

    1. @Real100Talk, where does he say that in the video?
      You stated an absolute, “I’m 100% positive”, regarding what was in the mind, “he doesn’t want”, of another without any evidence. The comments section is about the video. The evidence is the video. If the general didn’t say anything about what you claim, then your claim is baseless.
      You keep saying that everyone else lacks common sense. What you’re doing is called projection, for it is you who lack common sense.

    2. ​@Mizkatonic Overlord I can’t produce evidence that doesn’t exist, the fact that it doesn’t exist is proof I am right.

    3. @Real100Talk No, it is called proving a negative. lol Look it up dummy.

      You sure you want to make that swing of logic? If your correct without proof then so am I. lol!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!

      Do you want to try again?

    4. @Real100Talk Here’s let’s set a limit to your attempts to prove your statement before we outright dismiss your claim entirely. Let’s give you 5 attempts and let’s go ahead and count the 2 failed attempts where you just repeated that your proof doesn’t exist so you are right. lol

    5. @Mizkatonic Overlord It’s been done. I can do it again by stating the original point that you can’t disprove. Some materials are off the table, some materials will not be taught.

      You can’t prove that wrong so you been flopping around like a fish trying everything and it is so glorious to me. I got you saying anything you can think of other than the original point. Keep them coming, I am getting paid for my time.

  2. General Miley is an Modern day American HERO. He speaks truth has no time for BS. I thank him for his courage,clarity and willingness to speak truth without pulling his punches. Gaetz is a coward,fool and soon to be a prisoner.

    1. No he is a politician and a unelected bureaucrat. CRT is poison and if you support that your the gd enemy. Can’t wait.

    2. @Todd Lamson There will never be true justice in the Fascist States of America as long as Americans continue to believe their own lies.

    1. @H H There are republicans who read. Insulting them will just alienate them more. Time to hang up the hammer and sickle, folks. It ain’t working no more.

    2. @A M You took the bait. I,m a social conservative. Also a centrist and a swing voter. Not a communist. Putin is not a communist. He is just a 3rd rate gangster. You should know what I,m talking about, but I somehow don,t think you will. Prove me wrong.

    3. @Heather Dequetteville – there is NO point in trying to work with modern day republicans, so me personally will insult every and all republicans I meet. Modern day republicans have NO sense of shame, so they cannot understand being insulted. All they have is faux outrage. So modern day republicans have alienated themselves from the sane people. Fortunately my profession is such a technical one, that we don’t have anyone with conservative views on our team. BTW, what’s with the “hammer and sickle” reference? Not even (R)ussians pay attention to those symbols anymore.

  3. America needs more leaders like General Milley and not just in the military. We need more leaders with the open-mindedness to really listen and make real informed decisions. Not just acting blindly along party lines.

    1. Pretty much all generals I’ve met with stars will call it right down the middle; They see the stupidity on both sides.

    1. @S Wavey What’s your point? Four more years of DJT and a Mitch McConnell, Matt Pizza Gaetz, and Marjorie Taylor Green majority? It’s clear the people chose the lesser of two evils in American politics.

    2. @K. Guillaume talking about his “racist base” whilst you cheer in the streets when joe Biden got elected… the same man who voted in favour of segregation. You’ve lost your mind.

    3. @S Wavey Cheering in the streets? Really? Like I said before – not sure if you read it. Joe Biden was not a fan favorite but *People chose the lesser of two evils on November 3, 2020* !!! Now move on

    1. Milley is making a straw man argument. No one is saying soldiers can’t read whatever they please. What the American People are objecting to is the Department of Defense forcing a political ideology down the soldiers’ throats.

    2. @C Cato That,s ridiculous. Have you ever served? Nobody gives a dam about your ideology. Soldiers learn their trade. That,s it. The officer,s Corp get an education that teaches them how to think. Not what to think. The US military have many non commissioned officers with degrees.

    3. Fear of what they don’t understand, more like, either because they don’t want to understand or simply because they’re not grown up enough to grasp those concepts yet.

      (I mean grown up as in maturity, by the way, not age. Children can be more grown up than their parents… especially those that are more educated.)

    4. @C Cole To be accurate, the Marxist, Leninists saw the intelligentsia as being the real threat to change. They were seen as the power brokers because only the upper classes had access to universities. Same with Marxism. In modern class conflicts the students were the agents of change. The Vietnam war protests began on campuses throughout the country. Tianemen square was a student protest in China. The Jan. 6 insurrection was a whole new animal, that defies description, in my opinion.

    1. @Michael D You seem to be so threatened by this. Are you just trying to run cover for your own prejudice? Anything can be taught its up to the individual to makeup their own mind. But your afraid of that. Its scary to you.

    2. @C Cato Science, education, and an open mind are the best weapons to defeat any enemy foreign and domestic.

    3. @C Cato But they AREN’T forcing an ideology down their throats, so there’s that! They’re teaching people how to recognize domestic terrorists and how to neutralize them. Are you afraid you’ll get caught up in the net? Sounds like it!!!

    1. Gaetz thought he was going to “get” the General with that question. The General was far better prepared than Gaets expected.

    2. @Luke Monsensey << Look what this one is trying to do. This one wants you to think that one of our more decorated generals, who has proven themselves consistently for decades, is motivated by "self-hatred" - which, let's not mince words, is a white-supremacist dog-whistle. The General doesn't need to fear education, because he's not insecure - take the lesson, and learn to spot corrupting agents like "Luke" here.

    3. Thanks ​@David Hoffnung <3 Yes, I think we see that tactic often coming from out-of-country/fake propaganda accounts that wish to do our nation harm in dividing us against each other. It’s quite a shame to see real people do their work for them when their goals are clearly to harm our citizens, country, and others. Agreed, "learn to spot" this <3

    4. @David Hoffnung in the army there is 1 color and 1 color alone. GREEN!!!!

      The general is part of the swamp.

  4. At least one white man has the balls to speak his mind and address real issues that are set to keep America divided.

    1. @ArgentumEmperio CRT is not history, it’s a “theory”. It is an attempt at explaining why there is inequity right now, and in doing so it claims that black people are oppressed because white people are inherently racist. It does not explicitly say this because it uses a bunch of bs terms to sound intellectual, but if you actually read closely, there is literally no insight into humanity or society. It’s literally pure stupidity with no substance, and essentially it’s people making money of off telling people what they want to hear, which is that they are oppressed. If you can explain to me exactly what is true about CRT, without using a bunch of made up terms and digressing into irrelevant instances of racism that have nothing to do with white people today, then I’ll change my opinion, but until then, I’m gonna call it how I see it.

    1. @DarkPrime I bet you believe Jan 6th was the worst thing since 9/11. The FBI confinscated zero guns. Who’s overthrown a country using words? We know the pipe bomber wasn’t a Trump guy. He was wearing $700 limited run nikes. Trump fans don’t buy $700 pair of nikes and you know this.

    2. @G Money trump fans can’t have nice shoes? What? You realize you just insulted your own base right? Also, all of the arrests from the insurrection have been republicans.

    3. @covfefe ​ @covfefe There is no point in dealing with his kind. He tries to smear people for potential sexual crimes due to association (I actually share some concerns about along the same lines) but then ignores the same crimes as those on his side. But I guess in his defense I did insult his orange god

  5. America refused to address or even acknowledge its Christian extremist problem.

    Now it no longer has a politically stable government or a functioning election system.

    1. And they should they some .,some of those supposed to be ‘M Christians.,Beware of the Golden Cow worshipers.Such as the ones that are looking toward trump.I’t is so sad.!!!.

  6. Gaetz shaking his head at an answer he DIDN”T want to hear ….brings to mind the noted Nicholson line ” the truth … can’t handle the truth ” !!!!!

    1. @Italjute No, you’re just another troll, a China troll with nothing else better to do.

    2. @Leo The Nomad Exactly, lately people run of at the mouth and just have no idea what they’re talking about… wasn’t a trial, not at all….

  7. Matt shakes his empty head when he was getting a answer he didn’t like.
    I’m willing to bet that’s the same thing he did as a kid when he didn’t get his own way.
    He absolutely makes me sick.

    1. Yes! He is sickening. Who shakes their head at a 4 Star General?? Another “patriot” showing just how disrespectful the GOP are towards the military.

  8. Speaking of history, General Milley’s rebuke of Gaetz reminded me of when Joseph Welch (the special counsel for the US army) called out Senator Joseph McCarthy : “Have you no sense of decency, sir?”

    1. I agree. That had the feel of breathtaking honesty. Kudos to the general, respect. He did the country proud.

  9. Gaetz is used to being the oldest person in the room, but here-he needs to just listen. The actual adults are talking now.

    1. @ralph cholez You should be shaking it at your blindness to what I just told you.

      There is a saying “don’t caste your pearls before swine”.

      I will save my analysis for people who want to think. Your not one of them.

  10. General Milley’s response should be played on EVERY television news source plus all forms of media. 👏To see Gaetz’s reaction to it reminded me of an adolescent school student who hears why it’s important to learn something they don’t want to.

    1. @S Wavey the military should not have to touch race theory – it should be teaching one force for the greater good. Too many victim cards being played.

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