As American As Apple Pie: Vaccine Requirements Aren't New—And They Work 1

As American As Apple Pie: Vaccine Requirements Aren’t New—And They Work


Chris Hayes breaks down just how widespread vaccine requirements have been: “It is almost not hyperbole to say that getting your population vaccinated and safe from disease is the foundation of modern governance.”
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    1. @Some Guy the nurse in the Drs office told me if he had it to do over again he wouldn’t. There are so many things that make my mind itch and when that happens I ask questions. The thing about questions about this vaccine are not tolerated and immediately banned you cannot ask questions take it and shut up. Not for me at this time.

    2. @Boris Probotkin The vaccine is so strong that you gotta take a 3rd shot to make sure the 1st 2 work I’ll take my own immune system, it works every time

    3. I have no wish to infect others in fact I wear my mask without complaint do social distancing and avoid crowds all this without coughing on someone or shaming them. All this to keep myself and others safe but I draw the line at my skin this medication could have long-term problems not currently known or foreseen because it’s relatively new. I’m not an anti vaxxers as far as I know they don’t want anyone to take them that’s not me have at it Haus take it twice if you like I respect your decision to take it respect mine when I say no thanks. I don’t take the flu vaccine every year even though I’m advised too either.

    4. @Anonymous User It DOES , it reduces the chance of infection , reduces the severity of infection , reduces the chance of hospitalization and serious life long health problems , reduces the chance of dying , reduces the chance and severity of transmission and less infections means less chances for the virus to mutate .

    1. @Michael Shigetani still waiting for the proof of trump rescuing kids from underground tunnels supposedly like did he kidnap these kids and have them locked up in a hidden facility not one qanon trash can tell me where these supposed kids are being held that trump rescued like where is the paperwork for them to be with cps to get foster care or the orphanages so since there is no proof no kids were rescued and no kids live in cages in tunnels that is such a stupid conspiracy like 99% of qanon trash call conspiracies

    2. @xiaoka Even with all those numbers that you want to put out, it still a 99.7% survival rate if you get covid, I’ll take my chances with that number

  1. Decent report. Its true but if he wanted to this segment would be as old as medicine. Because medicine exists specifically because disease degeneration and injury does. Unless the anti message is they are immortal, they should just stop.

  2. Got mmr vax scars on my arm & ty God 4 them. Ppl resist & die ing God will save them but he says..”why, when I gave you a vaccine? Trust in me, after all, I was human 2 once!”

    1. Name 2 ingredients in the vaccine…I’ll wait…… funny how you lecture people on something you know absolutely nothing about. Your media owned mind has failed you.

    2. @Oppressed Speaker of truth and which qualifications or scientific evidence do you have to base your opinion on, qanon or trumpsollini university?

    3. @Oppressed Speaker of truth Acetic acid, Tromethamine, cholesterol, sodium chloride…is that enough? most of the items you find in standard drinking water, or a bottle of soda. There’s actually deadlier ingredients in that bottle of soda. Pretty sure my media owned mind isn’t media owned, and I guarantee you don’t know half the crap you put in your body.

    4. @Oppressed Speaker of truth name 2 ingredients in cheetos…. or mountain dew. Or, now wait for it…. horse dewormer

  3. A few years ago, I reminded my health provider that I had no spleen. As a then 63 year old, I already was scheduled to receive a few recommended vaccinations appropriate for my age. Without a spleen, my healthcare provider immediately made sure I would receive vaccines that would normally be given to younger people, such as the vaccination for meningitis. That summer, I had so many vaccines over a three month period, I lost count. I don’t regret getting any of them. And I certainly didn’t hesitate getting my COVID shots.

  4. Not too long ago there was a hue and cry about measles vaccines in schools, and one of the only states who kept requiring them was Mississippi, and it was a state not inundated with kids getting measlea. What happened?
    This has nothing to do with vaccines against Covid,. It has to do with the perception that it is anti-trump, even though it was under his administration that began the search for the vaccine. Somewhere along the line, things got whacked and now it has become a poltical “own the libs” agenda.

    1. Not to mention Trump himself got the vaccine (secretly!). And I’ll bet almost ALL of the Republican leadership have been vaccinated too! The fact they are using this as a political definer just proves they care NOTHING for the lives of their followers…

    1. You really can’t fix stupid. They get their information from face book. Elvis joined the military in 1958. Korean war was in 1950 to 1953.

    2. Ok so he got a war date wrong. That is indeed nitpicking and digressing from the relevant part: Elvis still got the vaccines when this video correctly says he got them.

  5. All of these fools think they’re smarter than the doctors and scientists who went to college and studied these things. It will be the death of them. Not political it’s common sense.

    1. wait hang on , trump knows more about medicine and medical research than all the doctors and scientists in the world and the wait time for doctors to have the opportunity to confer with trump for 15 minutes is 8 years . they say it could be 4,000 years before another medical mind like trumps will be seen again !!!!! , or was that an abnormal mind and the doctors just want to study how nuts he is

    2. @Anne6621 and that’s funny, but all the jokes in the world aren’t going to save anyone’s lives. But I can’t help it , you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.

    3. @Edward Roche’ Ed , i am so so so so done with this conservative republicans that i cut ties with them be it friend or family , i want nothing to do with them they are way to toxic for me and that in essence is a Civil War , so it already started

  6. As a military dependent, I had my first set of vaccinations that let me travel abroad before I was six months old. Last summer when there was no COVID vaccine, I went to my pharmacy and got vaccinated for everything they would give me, because I did not want to have COVID along with some other virus. As soon as I qualify, I will get my third COVID shot. Over 73 years of being a patriotic vaccinated American…

  7. My older sister brought home chicken pox, we both have the scars to remind us. We contracted mumps and measles. It was not a joy to itch, hurt and lay in a darken room for days, sometimes weeks. No one had to force my parents to take us to get the new polio vaccine or to be immunized against small pox. We stood in line for hours to receive them and said thank you.

    1. I listen to 12 virologist yesterday tell us that they’re only going to be making vaccines specifically for each variant so as long as there’s a new variant that will be a new vaccine so get ready for months if not years about once every two or three months getting another vaccine for that specific variant and let’s see what those vaccines start to do to you over a. Of time

    2. @Billy Pardew If we were not a selfish, willingly ignorant species, there would be no need, the virus would be gone. What took decades, even a couple of hundred years to occur to eradicate small pox and polio, could be done in months.

    3. Remember those days as well. Younger people now have no comprehension of the fear everytime a virus made its rounds of the community.

    4. @Billy Pardew Really Billy, really? Yesterday you listen(ed) to 12 whole virologist(s) eh? Not 10, not 11, but 12 actual virologists! Where did you listen to these 12 virologists yesterday Billy? On Facebook, on TikTok, on Twitter? How do you know they were virologists and not just people posing as virologists Billy?

      No offence Billy, but with your seemingly limited grasp of the English prose, I highly doubt that you listened to, and more importantly, understood 12 virologists speak yesterday. I’m guessing that you read 12 posts on your pro-virus Facebook page and now think you’re an expert on vaccines, and/or watched 12 short videos on Tik Tok from people claiming to be something they’re not. For example, did you know that the highly discredited Robert F Kennedy Jr, one of the biggest anti-vaxxer, anti-masker, pro-virus voices out there, is in fact not a doctor, or a scientist, or a virologist, or anything of the sort, he’s a goddamned environmental lawyer of all things.

    1. They’d rather die in a puddle of their own diarrhea from overdosing on horse dewormer than take a man-made vaccine specifically designed to keep them alive in the face of Coronavirus.

  8. I remember watching a commercial in the 70’s that featured Muhammad Ali advising everyone, especially children who are going to school, to get their shots before they go. Muhammad Ali said at the end, “No shots. No school.”

    I remember coming down with the mumps and both my sister and my younger brother were given shots in the doctor’s office.

    1. I remember getting polio shots…my mother wouldn’t let us do the sugar cubes because she had had polio and didn’t trust that a sugar cube was going to work.

  9. Elvis loved serving his country…and showing how important rules are made for a good reason! This one….save the people!

  10. Apparently, to some, “medical science” is only “science” and/or “medical” when you personally understand it and agree with it…

    Problem is, those refusing and refuting the Covid vaccine do not understand, science or medicine …

    Education may be suggested to as to clear up this problem however, it is hard to educate a “rock” or a “bag of rocks”… They are “rocks and will always be “rocks” until the become “gravel, dirt and dust”…

  11. I would love to see these “science deniers” stripped of all of their “technology”. Cell phones, electricity, cars, the wheel, etc.

  12. When you point this out, they say, “Yeah but this is new”. All vaccines were new once! The parents & grandparents of the people currently freaking out, were eager to get them for their kids, as soon as they were available.

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