Hayes: GOP Tantrums Over Vaccine Mandates Are Ridiculous—And Getting People Killed 1

Hayes: GOP Tantrums Over Vaccine Mandates Are Ridiculous—And Getting People Killed

"666,000 American lives lost. Another 1,500 will die today," says Chris Hayes. "I have yet to see a single conservative leader muster one-tenth of the sincere emotion about that loss that they will muster to rail against any attempt to mitigate that loss."
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    1. @Chrissy Just a reminder that it was the orange one, whom with practically no notice pulled out US troops from Syria and abandoned Syrian and Kurdish US-backed troops.

    2. @Lang Bo last I checked Lang Bo there are over 250 house of representatives and 100 senators. House only needs a majority and senate needs 60 of them to get any real change through. Tell me, WHICH side is trying to do something to improve our lives? Which party has voted down practically EVERYTHING on the agenda this year?

    3. @common_sense Sigh…ya know how many times I have posted on youtube the FRONT PAGE DISCLAIMER of the VAERS website. Seriously, you are REALLY gonna make me post it AGAIN??? Anyone and their UNCLE can make a report on that site. It doesn’t even have to be a direct correlation between getting the vaccine and the “adverse event” to make it on the website. The only thing that MIGHT make you pause is that DOCTORS HAVE TO REPORT ON IT. But ANYONE can make a report. That is how the J and J pause happened. Because REAL MEDICAL PEOPLE made a report. Of 6 cases out of 7 million doses at that time had gotten blood clots. And all they did is look at more report and decided to add it as a possibility to look for if it happens.

  1. Also want to add that the old saying “leopards don’t change their spots” applies here. Selfish people will never have empathy, period. So the take away lesson is never allow selfish people to hold positions of power, period.

    1. @Chuck Schenck and it’s the wrong party leader ship that has been lying to him and if they don’t believe they need to take it so what don’t take it what happens after that decision it’s strictly on you

  2. Okay this is so off topic but I love his hair I swear everytime I see him I want to run my fingers through it.

  3. Something is deeply broken with them, right. So get a psychologist on the show to explain the death instinct so we can all deal with the REAL problem here.

    1. K Matsu – the irony of those words on a t shirt is astounding. The orcs and “pro-covid faction” aren’t able to understand that irony.

    2. I do not wish to be demeaning or derogatory but looking at the T-shirt photo, simply noticing the shoulder width to waistline ratio would put the wearer into the non survivor category. Maybe they will get their wish ? Will hospitals have to start triage eliminating non entrance for non vaccinated? Will the less likely to survive be syphoned off into palliative care? Looking on from overseas one could build a conspiracy theory around the virus as a means to rid the States of the low IQ and gullible!

  4. Statistically speaking the percentage of the population that is effectively vaccined (and a single shot isn’t enough for that, mind you, so the US is far from 75% even at this point) goes up each and every day, even without additional people getting vaccinated. Yes, I’m cynical here.

  5. The most effective incentive is for medical and life insurers to withhold cover and payouts to those who have engaged in a personal choice of reckless endangerment via their refusal to coöperate with the CDC.

    1. Or to raise premiums for the unvaccinated the same way they do for smokers, and for the same reason: they are willingly doing something that will cost the insurers vast amounts in health care claims.

    1. They’re still alive n not brainwashed by the msm liar’s n globalists puppets pushing experimental guinea pig tests and vax that don’t cure or prevent coup 19

    2. @Dr RobertMalone yeah, that’s only 78 million people. no big deal right. Sure, 1000 people a day are dying of this one disease but it’s not bad.

    3. @Nicole Powers i agree. i would also like to add that the world is overpopulated and i cant wait for those that got the jab to start dropping like flies as well.

  6. Thank you for the reasonable and rational presentation. Facts are facts. You have done a superb job of presenting facts that tie together what we need to know and do to stop the pandemic. The anti vaccination/anti mask people are seriously emotionally disturbed.

  7. Chris fails badly in his final assumption tho; there may be something fundamentally wrong with a small percentage of these people, but the biggest problem is their disillusion in government, brought on by their own votes in many cases, but fueled by the failed GOP policies that have put all the wealth in the hands of a few.

  8. Chris, when I close my eyes listening to this segment, I hear Tucker Carlson, but he’s not advancing white nationalist theories, and he’s making sense. Thank you for being the anti-Tucker.

  9. I share your passionate reasoning and the pain for the senseless of it all. Thank you for eloquently expressing the feelings a lot of us share.

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