As More DOJ Abuses Are Exposed, Demands For Answers Grow

Michael Schmidt, Washington correspondent for the New York Times, talks with Rachel Maddow about new reporting that the DOJ seized private data on members of Congress and their staff members and families, and still fresh revelations that the data of reporters was also subpoenaed in other investigations. 
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    1. But, as Michael Schmidt pointed out, this policy continued into June, which places it under Merrick Garland’s watch. Given very recent decisions by this post-Trump DOJ, I find my enthusiasm for Judge Garland diminishing.

    2. @Gary Mcdermott I wholly agree, mate. Four recent DOJ decisions that continue policies from Trump’s DOJ, and were made under Judge Garland’s watch, have dimmed the shine on the campaign to paint him as a saviour, a no-nonsense reformer of a department brought low by the venality of Trump and his parade of puppet Attorneys General.

      AG Garland clearly has further explaining to do.

    3. @Sven With all due respect, had AG Garland merely failed to disclose that spying–that violated the doctrine of “separation of powers”–had occurred during his predecessors’ tenure, that would be one kettle of fish.

      However, the fact that Garland’s DOJ both failed to inform the targets of the spying even after the gag order was lifted and continued the program till caught in act, does not demonstrate a sound legal strategy, nor a clear departure from the corrupt practices of the Trump DOJ.

    1. @Crimdor Sooooo, you still haven’t answered the question – what leaks? Thanks for proving that you are just a troll with no self-respect.

  1. These lawyers at the DOJ, that acceded to sTRUMPid, when they could have refused, should be reported to their respective bar associations; to have their licences pulled.

    1. @Mark Ray it’s funny how you say you and your side are so awake and how the Dems and the corrupt GOP are robbing us blind yet you Worship Trump who brags about giving all of them the biggest tax cuts ever and also brags about helping them make so much money. He also added trillions to the swamp and deficit every yr. I could go on but like you said you are woke. LMAO you’re just another Sheep following the Shepherd

    2. @American Truth I’m in the higher tax bracket. Why would I not want what i worked for BACK? Duh!

      Average American family got 7500.00 more per year under trump, that includes you dummy! I’ve never seen people vote against their own self interest and then their proud of it. That is full blown retardation there my friend.

      Under Bush and O it went up only 1600.00 in 16 years.

      Consumer prices just went up 6.3% highest rise since 1982, gas has doubled. You’re making 15%-20% less now and are too dumb to know it.

      They have you good and brain washed. You’re getting your pocket picked, too brain washed to know it and believe I’m the one that is a sheep. How many business do you own? How many houses do you own?

      O double the US debt in just 8 years of every previous potus COMBINED and I never heard you communist say a word.

    3. @Mark Ray Average American family. That’s a misleading statistic. Break it down by poor, working class, middle class, wealthy and see where the money goes.

    1. @Kevin shields You people are pathetic fools. You have nothing of value to add and I’m not sure how Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder are part of this discussion. Shall we also bring Senior administration officials from George W and shall we also include those from the Reagan era (if they’re still alive) for their illegal abuse of power. Something about Reagan and his senior officials facilitating the sale of arms to the Khomeini government of Iran. They then turned around and used the profits from the sale of arms to fund the Contras in Nicaragua. Their actions basically ensured a civil war in Nicaragua that got worse from 1981 – 1990. I’m sure you’re familiar with the Iran-Contra scandal. You’re probably wondering what this has to do with the current topic… absolutely nothing but we can play the same game if your goal is to change the subject. As an Independent I am okay holding people accountable from either party but you know that the Republicans take the cake when it comes to lying, cheating and abusing power. That’s why you people love using whataboutism because it’s the only pathetic excuse you have because you know your base haven’t picked up a U.S. government history book ever.

      By the way, this is off topic as well but not really… guess who the world renowned architect of the instability in Latin America is and why there is a high number of people fleeing their countries and coming to our borders. I’ll give you a small clue by giving you a couple of letters; U S A – it might be a little difficult to figure out. Good luck.

    2. @Kevin shields Nothing fake about Russia Russia Russia, I own Donny dotard and many of the Republicans 🤣

  2. I am way in the level of this discussion and the ones at Fox it’s easy to understand why most of the trumpers can’t simply even follow this kind of discussion
    Really sad

    1. Sounds like it also happened with the other two… The Rosenstein and the first guy…! Wow, so easy to cheat at the DOJ! What have they got againt Michael Schmidt? Adam Schiff looks angry. And he should be! This is horrible. But, who is surprised?

  3. Its time to act to act NOW against Trump and others. What are the prosecuters waitin for ? Better weater ?

    1. Why the FBI got hunters laptop officially for so long and still wont make a official remark how nothing is on it.

    2. @Eddy Jimenez is confused.

      Lolz. Nah, that’s you boys. Always worried about it too so you carry weapons to protect your ego.

    3. @Y Hh is confused.

      They Don’t do that and you know it. If the laptop were real or his then Tr×mp would have done something about it. Get over the lies and start looking for the truth. 🍻

  4. Never voting Republican again. This is what they endorse and work towards. I’ll hope for more Independent candidates as well as a new, truly conservative party. This is too much.

    1. The term “conservative” has been twisted and corrupted by the GOP. “Conservative” in the new GOP is nothing other than radical right, intolerant, populist, fundamentalist Christian anti-science, elitist, old white boys club. Lots of people who don’t fit the mold label themselves conservatives, not realizing that those who hold the reigns of power look down on them too.

    2. Look up the origins of the use conservative in politics and you’ll never vote for another conservative again. Democrats used to be conservative when they were fighting to keep slavery. It’s not actually used to describe economic policies

    3. @Burma Jones conservative isn’t an economic thing. In politics it means they like it as is . Don’t like change. Not frugal with money. That’s a lie.

    4. @Robert Smith The only way to get a true progressive government is to elect a majority of progressives at every level of Government. And get rid if the filibuster and Jerry meandering. Both are archaic holdovers from Jim Crow, and promote the will of a minority over the will of the majority.

  5. we need
    1. the names of ANYONE at D.O.J. involved in this
    2. identity of any judge signing off and this and who appointed them

    1. Exactly, why aren’t there names attached?! There definitely should be more transparency and outrage! Wake up Dems, straighten your spines!

    2. I’m betting there was no judge involved. It was Bill Barr for sure and Jeffy boy to I bet.

    3. That’s why trump can’t be thrown under the bus 🚌..thinking these are cronies of trump..jejeje

  6. OK folks – it’s time for us to put pressure on Garland/DOJ to REMOVE those who went along with TRUMP’S corruption and abuse of power and to charge them accordingly!

    1. Absolutely agree! Remove the cowards. The traitors that went along with him need to be held accountable.

    2. If only it was that easy…. The damage to the US reputation as the country of law and order would be devastating. Can you imagine the government ACTUALLY PROSECUTING that many of its own personnel!??? I can’t. Even if they should I don’t think Democrats have the courage to pull the trigger

    3. @A. Warren Kelly If our DOJ does not prosecute those who are involved in these criminal activities, it sends a clear message that the rich and powerful are above the law. The DOJ better do its job and start prosecuting!

  7. And if desantis or cuz ever becoming president they will do the same, trust NO rEpublicans.

    1. @RiverRockPhotos it is imperative that we continue to vote like Citrus Caligula is running everywhere every time, because in one carnage or another he is. Proud UnAmerican doesn’t know his days are numbered.

    2. Vote vote vote! We control who is elected dont forget that. Vote vote cote blue all the way.
      Remove all of these people-!!

    3. God help us all if Cruz becomes president. Luckily, he’s so slimy that I can’t imagine him gaining that much support.

  8. Blame it to those who voted him into power. After full four years into power, nothing make America great again happen.

    1. even that fist Impeachment should have worked if not for all of Barr’s obstruction. Like seriously how much sleaze and slime do you need to “officially” uncover before he’s held accountable??

    2. “Those who voted him into power” will be happy about this new revelation. They wanted – and got – an authoritarian leader (and would likely vote for him again).

    3. @Ken Howard They want voting to be abolished. If outcome suits you then fine voting works. If it doesn’t then its a farce. Yet people who where VOTED into office seem to not understand it now. I would say puzzling but we all know why.

  9. This confirms the obvious, in every aspect of Trump’s life he’s always been a cheater ! 🦇💩🤪

    1. He always points the finger at people for doing what he is doing and his base believes him…he is shameless and his base follows him blindly.

    2. @Rene Rigney I’ve always said when Trump accuses others of wrongdoing Trump himself is committing the crime in plain sight!” Do as I say not as I do. Again, 🦇💩🤪

    3. Anyone that gave trump millions of dollars for his inauguration were promised jobs … trump fired educated qualified personnel to higher all his crooks … And as we know there are millions of dollars missing now … trump has been fleecing the American ppl for five years… make him and his crooks accountable

  10. Isn’t it time to clean out the Justice Department to remove any remaining shred of Trump supporters hiding inside masquerading as good guys..

  11. Impossible as it may seem, with Дурак Дон, the ex-Mob-Boss-in-Chief, the truth is always infinitely worse than what is reported.

  12. If you don’t think tTump tried to investigate and blackmail every person that ever crossed him, then you haven’t been paying attention.
    You know who he found dirt on, by how quickly they reverse criticizing him. Looking at you, Miss Lindsay.

  13. Worse than Watergate, good grief! Richard Nixon had to be pardoned in order to avoid arrest. Biden hasn’t pardoned Trump, so why isn’t Trump getting arrested?

    1. Nixon did make a lot of stupid mistakes and had no class but he served in the military during WW, was qualified to be president and was NO TRAITOR.
      He resigned before he was impeached. I’ll hand it to Gerald Ford, he sacrificed his political career for the good of the country.

    1. Give it time slick. It’s way too early to be jumping to conclusions. 4 years of Agolf Twittler and his ReTrumplican cultist minions will take time to undo.

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