Florida Rep. Demings Not Surprised Trump DOJ Seized Records Of House Dems 1

Florida Rep. Demings Not Surprised Trump DOJ Seized Records Of House Dems


Rep. Val Demings, who announced she’s challenging Marco Rubio for his Senate seat, says that Congress needs to investigate the “lawless” actions by Donald Trump and his Justice Dept. for subpoenaing data of some House Democrats and hold those accountable, even if that means “cleaning house” at the Justice Department: “America should be angry about it and we have an obligation to get to the bottom of it and we will.”
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    1. @Crimdor Then why the gag order? Why did Trump’s DOJ feel the need to hide the charges and the lead into the investigation?

    2. @Leonie Dejong I had that thought too. Harry Weinstein ended up in a wheelchair by the time he went to court. Trufmp is trying to make it look like he’s not capable to stand trial now. He’s an actor, not a very good one either

    3. They should. Just more evidence of the never-ending corruption-ridden administration that was Trufmp’s

    1. @Crimdor Certain reporters perhaps. But going after members of congress, their staff, and even family members is unacceptable. Not even Nixon went that far, and he wiretapped a number of journalists.

    2. @Crimdor we’re not talking about subpoenas of a news organization’s records to investigate leaks.

      We are taking issue with Trump improperly pressuring and threatening the jobs of the AG’s Sessions/Barr and Assistant AG Rosenstein if they didn’t investigate members of the House Intelligence Committee that were investigating HIM. It reeks of a political hit job on a separate branch of govt. and members of Congress, particularly Chairman Schiff and Swalwell and their staff’s records.

      The DOJ is ALSO supposed to act as a separate branch of govt from the Presidency (Executive) and not make decisions based on the threats from the President.

      The DOJ isn’t supposed to issue subpoenas, especially for members of Congress that perform investigations and oversight, unless they have probable cause and that bar must be VERY high, especially in this case considering the sitting members of the Intelligence Committee have high clearance to classified material.

      This is just another example of how Trump interfered in and obstructed investigations, used the DOJ as his own personal law firm and how he rigged the systems of government in his own favor, ignoring the Constitutional precedents about the separation of powers of the branches of government.

      This is how authoritarians rule. They corrupt the checks & balances and sow distrust in the workings of the systems of government.

      The DOJ must be held accountable for this stunt and he must NEVER have the ability to hold office again.

    3. @Anti Factoid GOP wasn’t as brazen as they were when the Imposter was in Our White House. (Imposter, i.e. Trufmp, my nickname for him. I refuse to ever say the title of President with his name).

    1. Yes she is chief of police man she can clean house point blank, never turn your back on black and never bet on black. Lock him up he is not for our country he is a failed business man.

    2. We need her for Florida. Our current DOJ is DJT’s and Moscow Mitch’s worst nightmare. The heat isn’t even on yet but it’s going to roast a butch pretty soon.

    3. I understand why she is running for Senate and against Marco Rubio. He needs to go. I believe she will do much for Florida

    1. Trump never fell down (4) times coming down Air Force one steps.. oh ! What was I thinking , it was the wind.

    1. She’ll win (even with massive GQP voter suppression)…whether or not the GQP state officials recognize that win is a whole other problem.

    2. @Progressive Humanist Yeeeaaa, a certain orange Fascist is going to be wandering the beaches with a literal megaphone this time, screeching incohorently about more voter fraud.

    1. @Gary Mcdermott The decision was for another reason (the reps blocking Obama), but I thought the same thing here.

    2. @Gary Mcdermott – Supreme Court Justice is what he was denied a hearing for. He was already a federal judge. There may be some reason why he does not choose to open a particular can of worms. Reasons the public may not be privy to, that have far reaching consequences. He was certainly never going to be a left-leaning sort of judge because Obama selected him knowing he ought to be acceptable to right-wingers too. Only the right-wingers were too busy hating on and blocking ANYTHING Obama tried to do, no matter how conciliatory towards them he tried to be.

    3. @redbulls2 – Absolutely agree with you. Bill Barr is to Justice what COVID19 is to a healthy human body.

    4. @Crimdor spamming this comment is making it look more and more NOT true.

      Show the investigation or you’re a liar?

    1. We really may not need the official hearing for January 6,its coming out anyway..and the way it’s coming probably better than the formal hearings..

    2. The democrats got the stage to themselves…..it’s gonna get so bad for the republicans, they’re going to start begging for hearings…

    1. WHEREisTHEbalance – nice 2020 private account made for social discord.
      You aren’t fooling anyone buddy.

    2. @Crimdor i see you all over multiple pages saying the same thing. you got exposed buddy. you will be dealt with.

    3. @Crimdor real Americans do not watch faux news or Newsmaxipad for the same reason why they don’t eat or drink from the toilet… But if YOU DO… Bon Appétit

  1. Yes absolutely.He needs to be charged. His followers were charged. We seen it with our own eyes.

    1. Charge with what? Please tell us all , that when a judge signs off on the doj investigations, how trump as President will be charge. Please show us all evidence.

    1. Yes yes yes
      Praying in Missouri for Val…. We love her, she full of strength, so so strong, Lord knows we need one just like her in every state in this country

    2. Yes, remember the battle between David and goliath??? Be strong, Val; it is the Lord’s battle!

    1. @Snipe Woods oh but Florida is Rising, check the website out. We all have to get involved any way we can. She has a website too

    2. @Marcos Juarez and that’s a shame! Yeah, they are making it seem Florida can’t be tipped. But I live in NC and I’m hopeful you guys.

    3. @Snipe Woods theres a number of organizations popping up aall over the country. Go see Brian Tyler Cohen’s channel on YouTube, he’s organizing. There may be one in your state

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