Sen. Wyden Wants To Pass Infrastructure Package Through Reconciliation

Senate Finance Committee Chair Ron Wyden (D-OR) joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss why it’s time to abandon bipartisan negotiations and pass the infrastructure bill through reconciliation. Sen. Wyden tells Lawrence that a bipartisan deal is a “nonstarter.”
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  1. Thank you for having someone on that tells us the truth about what is happening with Finance and someone that has a true heart for the American people. Thanks for all you do, and thank you to Sen. Wyden, as well.

    1. According to the U.N., Alabama is one of the LEAST developed areas in the entire first world. I mean, we’re talking third world bad. And yet America is the wealthiest country in the world…honestly, we deserve EVERY catastrophe that hits us, after all the crimes against humanity we’ve unleashed on the world for decades. Karma I guess

    2. @Ellie B. Mississippi and Louisiana both have higher rates of poverty than Alabama. Almost all of the states with the highest poverty rates are red states. Without the federal taxes paid by blue states, they wouldn’t be able to survive.

    3. @Lotta Sunshine 100%. we Californians, along with New York, have been funding all that red state socialist welfare and all that dole their farmers have been on for decades. Our blue dollars pay for their annual hurricane and tornado FEMA help and even Covid emergency services. Our taxes even covered Florida’s Covid unemployment funds after Ron Death Santis asked Trump to throw him a bone once it came out that the state’s unemployment funds had mysteriously….disappeared.

    4. @Ellie B. “100%. we Californians, along with New York, have been funding all that red state socialist welfare and all that dole their farmers have been on for decades.”

      Yep, you funded them back when they were blue states 10-20 years ago. Want a pat on the back for paying taxes? Also for a state with such high taxes, how come California has such a large homeless population? How come most people in California can’t afford a home?

      The average home price in California is near $670,000 dollars and whilst the average household income is only around $75,235 (in 2019 dollars). It would take nearly 9 years for total income to equal the price a house costs in California.

      Compared to a state like North Carolina, the average household in come there is a smaller $54,602 (in 2019 dollars), yet the average house costs around $243,319. It would take half the time it does in California for the total income to equal the price of house in NC. And before you say anything, this is not a state that does not take more than it gives back to the federal government. If NC can do it with lower taxes, what’s California’s excuse?

      “Our blue dollars pay for their annual hurricane and tornado FEMA help and even Covid emergency services.”

      And their taxes pay for California’s wildfires and earthquakes. Again, do you want a pat on the back for paying taxes?

      “Our taxes even covered Florida’s Covid unemployment funds after Ron Death Santis asked Trump to throw him a bone once it came out that the state’s unemployment funds had mysteriously….disappeared.”

      As a Californian, I know you are not talking about other states struggling with unemployment. Not only does California have the second highest unemployment rate, but aren’t they facing a billon dollar unemployment fraud scandal? Hmm….

    5. @Lotta Sunshine It’s true that red states have higher levels of poverty (on average, though not always) than blue states. However, it’s not like blue states are entirely self-reliant either.

      A lot of these states (although not all) already struggle with debt. Illinois is probably the worst one out of all fifty states, and New York and California have more liabilities than assets.

      Furthermore, a lot of blue states simply aren’t big states (like Vermont, Delaware, and Maine, Rhode Island). Not a lot of money would be coming in from these states.

    1. It wasn’t “bs” except from the right of the aisle! But when the senate MINORITY comes straight out and says his sole mission is to ‘block everything Biden!’ Well, we shouldn’t have given them any heartbeat whatsoever, which frankly, just helped the repugs slow things down for longer ……

    1. @Elaine Barker so much for “no taxation without representation” and “all men are created equal.” I’m clearly not equal to Bezos, who is getting taxed ZER0.

    2. @Ellie B. All we’ve got is voice and vote. They are expected to pay their 28%. They use our utilities/facilities, et al and yes, must pay. It’s up to us to push. Keep voicing, keep saying..this is what I want #1 Clean air and the mass employment succeeding in the same; #2 Senior care – savings in social services w/care given by those who love; #3 $15 hr min wage a social services savings; #4 Employers must pay for full time employment to avoid 401K and health benefits a huge savings to social services – just a tibit

    3. @Elaine Barker so much to do, yet so many billionaires in the way… well, we overthrew the
      monarchy once before, and we will overthrow this tyranny by CEOs too

    4. @Ellie B. Yep. Just greed upon greed. How much can you take with you? We must provide for each other and future

  2. Senator Wyden, one of Oregon’s awesome Democratic Duo in the US Senate! Don’t take any crap from those Republicans!!!

    1. @Ellie B. Me too! Oregon is so lucky to have the two Senators that we currently have serving in Congress for us. Both of them are bulldogs, with impeccable reputations, incredible integrity, empathy, determination, focus and authenticity. They embody all that is good and right in a leader!

    2. Well, EN, etal; sans even seeing yours or the others – i just finished adding my own 3cents as to how exceptional Wyden and Merkley are, for the State of Oregon! We have been so fortunate for so many years, and hopefully counting! I’ll tell you this much, if either were to lose their next re-elections, then it would be absolutely obvious, that Voter Suppression had taken place here, as well!!!

    3. @Ellie B.- for sure Ellie! I mean, there are even alot of democratic senators that i wouldn’t trust further than i could throw them (ahem, manchin… cough … sinema … etc; but i’ve always felt that both Merkley and Wyden are genuine caring People who do their absolute best, not only for us in Oregon, but for the country as a whole!! and can’t say that about many of them!

    4. Meanwhile we Californians have nominal placeholders Feinstein and Padilla 😡 and also that freakin skunk Rep Kevin McCarthy!!!!

  3. Thank you Sen. Ron Wyden thank you for your service sir, you are a hard worker for Oregon and the country. Running into you a few times in the grocery store the last two years has been a “pleasure”. The way you listened to my concerns and thoughts and treated me so respectfully and the way you were impressed with my knowledge made me feel like you do care about the people you represent here in Oregon!

  4. Your guest Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) will not overlook climate change, knowing it is a catastrophe. Brilliant guest, thanks Lawrence.

  5. Democrats should just do it on their own.
    Republicans won’t be able to take any credit for it.
    Maybe Republican voters will figure out why conservativism is illogical in an existence where time only moves in one direction, and it doesn’t stop.

  6. Corporate tax cut? Remember, trump got a tax cut for himself. He wasn’t worried about corporations. Back in the day, minimum wage wasn’t required. Unions were on their way out with new labor laws. Then… The GOP introduced trickle down. So, minimum wage was required again. And unions came back into power fighting for their members.

  7. Sure, let’s get started with a fair election first. Saying it wasn’t means your the problem.

  8. They seem to have some sort of deal. Whatever they have, it should be the last chance saloon for McConnell and his ten year history of obstruction. He should either have what’s left of his caucus pass it, or lose the filibuster and see reconciliation and majority government actually doing proper work for the American people.

  9. Good luck with that. Ain’t gonna pass. Not even your own fellow Democrats agree with you. Bipartisan bill submitted had 10 Democrat Senators, not just Manchin.

  10. Love how Democrats love to use the phrase “fair share”. What the heck does that mean? What’s anyone’s “fair share”. I do believe those with more wealth need to contribute a lot more.

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