As U.S. Leaves Afghanistan, Congressman Advocates For Residual Force In Region

Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Il., discusses the end of the 20-year mission in Afghanistan, what his fears are for the region and why he would have kept a residual U.S. force in Afghanistan.

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As U.S. Leaves Afghanistan, Congressman Advocates For Residual Force In Region


  1. Kinzinger will grow up after he’s been out of the Air Force for a while and gains some perspective. We don’t need a “residual force” there. We can strike Afganistan any time we wish without having any residual force there. We’re out. Time to mind our own business.

    1. The question Kinzinger would need to answer is WHERE would the troops be stationed? We can’t stay in Afghanistan; they don’t want us. Let’s check the bordering states: Pakistan – nope. China – umm… not an option. Tajikistan – they don’t want us. Iran – seriously? The closest we could station anyone is India (which doesn’t want our troops there either), and we’d still have to fly over any one of those aforementioned nations’ airspace to get there.

  2. They don’t want us there and we have made a mess of it. We need to stay out but keep an eye on things.

    1. @El Coolio Magnifico The soldiers broke down most of the equipment and made it inoperable. I did not hear of service dogs left behind. The people left behind knew about this since Feb 2020 when Trump and the Taliban leaders forced the Afghan government to release 5000 prisoners, which included 400 murderers and ISIS leaders and bomb makers.

    2. @El Coolio Magnifico because the war is over but the money train is not who is Going to negotiate trade

    3. @El Coolio Magnifico they’re not Americans they have Duel Citizenship and have their homes and businesses in Afghanistan.

    4. @edmundo oliver to clarify: dual citizenship means that they are BOTH Americans AND Afghan citizens, so they have the right to come back to the US. But I get your point, you’re right, some individuals that remained probably had business dealings there and will hopefully come back to the US without being stopped by the Taliban,,,

    5. @cynthia flanigan yes, I ask myself to why did so many Jews hesitated to leave Nazi Germany only to be killed

    1. Democrat Joe Biden gave the Taliban 22,174 armor plated Humvee’s, 42,000 trucks, 8,000 six wheel trucks, 168 armored personal carriers with belt fed Machine guns on them, four C-130 transport planes, 43 fighter planes, 360,000 assault rifle machine, guns, 126,000 hand guns, 64,000 heavy machine guns, 36 Black hawk attack Helicopters…. Meanwhile Democrats Biden is pushing for Gun Crackdowns here in America.

    2. @David Cohen
      Also, the U.S. spent $28 billion on weapons, vehicles and other military equipment for the Afghan National Security Forces, which was all approved before Biden was ever President! The Biden administration did not “gift” that equipment to the Taliban – the Taliban recovered some U.S. given equipment from the retreating Afghan forces! Oh, and nobody is taking anyone’s guns away either, because President Biden has only “PROPOSED” a ban on the future manufacturing and sale of assault-style firearms and/or high-capacity magazines, there is no legislation proposed to seize civilian firearms!!! Biden said in 2019 at a town hall meeting, (paraphrasing) the idea civilians need weapons that have the ability to fire off 20, 30, 40, 50, 120 rounds, a weapon whether it’s a 9 mm pistol or a rifle is ridiculous. So what do you people do, you twist words and run around purposely creating unfounded fear and panic, always!!!

    3. @Kryptonarie 63 The Taliban also gets to keep everything the evacuated Afghans left behind. Their homes ,cars , all their personal belongings, everything.

    4. @Kryptonarie 63 He is a war criminal. If you thought Afghanistan was just another accident after Mogadishu, Benghazi, fast and furious and ISIS then you’re not very bright. This is what Democrats do. They aren’t accidents when they keep doing it over and over again!

    5. @David Cohen
      OMFG, D.T. negotiated and signed the deal to release 5000 Taliban prisoners and surrender to the Taliban, not the Democrats or Joe Biden!!!

  3. I like Adam, seems like a cool cat, but on this one he’s wrong. I’m happy to have a conversation, but its time to go!

    1. @Valerie Jean i’m speaking on this one issue of withdrawal from Afghanistan. Otherwise, there’s no other agreement with Adam K.

    2. @Brian Johnson I agree with you but my point….most don’t remember he is still a republicon and voted against voting rights. TC

  4. absolutely not…. NO… invading and occupying Afghanistan was a moronic lesson in futility from the start. was never going to happen. it was a flight of fancy done purely for big business at the cost of lives. get out, dont go back.

    1. So leave the hundreds of Americans and allies in the terrorist ran shithole that the Biden admin just enabled and equipped?

    2. @Udududh Jrfhhd if it didn’t bother you when trump pulled out of Syria and got zero Americans or allies out and handed our bases over to Russia, then gtfo.

  5. Here’s the thing; a residual force is what we just pulled out.

    If we wanted to scale back even more but still leave a presence, this was a decision that needed to be made months ago. Throwing troops back in at this point is going to just attract bullets now that the Afghan military has ceased to exist.

  6. A simple analogy for argument is the “majority” of Afghanistan’s must want to be as is because there sure are a lot of fit young men that didn’t didn’t take up arms against the taliban.

  7. No….No Rep Kinzinger.. The time for this has past. Also, does anyone really think that clandestine operations wont take place in this area without a public military base couldn’t or wouldn’t occur?

  8. Those letters sound like the same things anti-maskers say at school board meetings. We know who you are and where you live.siunds very familiar.

  9. love how no matter how much media pushes people saying we need to stay in Afghanistan, ALL THE COMMENTS AGREE WE NEED TO BE OUT OF THERE FOR GOOD

    1. In fact, it’s Pakistan that need to be watched and leveraged. After all, that’s where Bin Laden was caught.

    2. My Man. US just run with tail between the legs.. doesn’t make any Sense be Afghanistan.. just go home and help your own country and people’s.. if US start bombings and again try to go in Afghanistan.. it Will be another 9/11 or Worse!!! Let them be and solve their own problems… With your kind of thinking all world is going to attack US… Think Hard.. Why would that be ???? Because u invade other countries ???? Stop bullying!!!

  10. Rip the bandaid off.. every move is a political.. every move.. so at least this time it brings Americans home.

  11. kinzinger : “we left afghanistan… so… now it’s time to invade afghanistan again… because… weapons industry…”
    weapons industry : “kinzinger… no… you missed the point… you can invade any other country” 🙂

    1. Do not forget that many Republicans and these cable news channel Anchors have investments in weapon industries.

  12. Maybe these Republicans should have been irate when Trump was striking deals with the Taliban and shutting down the visa process.

  13. And……. Just like that I lost the small amount of respect I had gained for Adam Kinzinger for standing up to Trump.

  14. “The Taliban had no intention of entering Kabul. ” That’s and absurd claim that undercuts your credibility.

  15. You know I was expecting some negative comments but everyone agrees that this war should end. The thirteen lives of the American soldiers are unfortunate. But there is no need to sacrifice any more of our troops.

  16. American can become a stronger country with our military home to help rebuild our own country. AMERICA is a mess in our home land.

  17. I like the representative but he’s wrong on this one. Maybe he should have chosen him as secretary of defense if he’s so smart and knows better than our Commander in Chief President Joe Biden. Let’s move forward as a united country.

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