'Astonishing': The GOP Double Standard For D.C. Terror Suspect 1

‘Astonishing’: The GOP Double Standard For D.C. Terror Suspect


“While everyday Muslims have been demonized for decades despite condemning terrorism with our every breath, everyday Republicans are openly excusing, apologizing for, defending, and even praising domestic terror attacks,” says Mehdi Hasan.
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    1. @eric hoppe What does MSNBC being a dishonest, gaslighting News Network have to do with Trump? Other than these lying POS reporter’s wouldn’t have a career without Trump.

  1. Let’s be very clear what happened on Jan 6 was a terrorist attack period the terrorists that attacked that day needs and should be dealt with accordingly

    1. I expect that in the tradition of the “Red Army Faction” next time we will see an “Action Squad Ashli Babbitt”

    2. Absolutely %. If this happened in any other country everyone would say the same.. but so many Har brainwashed by the gold toilet cult leader they can’t see facts.. they hang on every word and lie that trump and the GQP spread.. they rewrite history to fit their narrative

  2. The fact that we are still seeing justice and politicians as split as they are on January 6 proves one thing: America is screwed and not in a nice way

    1. I expect that in the tradition of the “Red Army Faction” next time we will see an “Action Squad Ashli Babbitt”

    1. @Kathleen Martin Do you mean democratic sosialism as they have in china or sosial democratic as in scandinavia.
      The reason i ask is beacause it is a lot of confusion about the different terms between communism,democratic sosialism and sosial democrat.
      I am from norway where we are sosial democratic wile in china they are democratic sosialists and no country in the world are actually communists.

  3. The same guys who run around around with their hair on fire screaming “socialists are coming, socialists are coming|” are the real threat to us all.

    1. @Bruh Give one example.

      Russia was a monarchy before it went communist.

      China was controlled by warlords before it went communist.

      Cuba was run by a right wing dictator before it went communist, the same with Nicaragua.

      North Korea didn’t even exist until Stalin created it.

      North Vietnam was part of the French empire before it went communist.

      Give one example of a socialist country that went communist.

      Socialist nations like Norway and Sweden. They aren’t communist and they function in many ways better than we do.

    2. @Bruh not even close to being true, capitalism exploits the working class to make the the rich even richer. Capitalism is why CEOs make 850% more than their average worker.

    3. @Bruh In part ANY nation that uses capital is capitalistic to some degree.

      You could also easily argue that for a true free market capitalist system then money itself should be a free part of the market and not owned and controlled by a government.

      There are no absolutes.

    4. @Bruh I only laugh at people like you from my “[democratic] socialist hellhole” here in Canada. You fear becoming more like us…it’s a joke.

  4. Part of the problem is that the insurrectionists are still being referred to as rioters by the media instead of the terrorists that they are.

  5. At least these so called Patriots aren’t saying antifa did those things and acknowledge it was in fact the maga

    1. You are exactly correct and now we have a president in the White House who has left Americans behind in a war zone. We now have a president who gave a News conference that was filled with incorrect statements that had to be walked back later by members of his administration. We see the administration in Afghanistan crumble and now we see the administration that we work so hard to put into office crumble as well.

  6. He’s nailed it…. remember the donald saying their are good guys on both sides…. if you don’t condemn evil you are complicit

  7. This is so true and the rest of the world sees it. The religious zealots are worse in the USA than Iran by miles

  8. I was thinking yesterday…: “If this guy would have been black, he would probably have been shot before being able to park at this exact spot with his vehicle.”

  9. “He’s just a tourist. Now shut up and take your horse dewormer!”

    This message brought to you by Fox News and the GOP.

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