‘The Kite Runner’ Author: ‘My Heart Is Broken’ For The Afghan People

Khaled Hosseini, Afghan-American novelist of “The Kite Runner,” says his heart is broken for the Afghan people and the “millions of women and girls who now face the grim reality of living under a regime that has systematically brutalized and terrorized and deprived women of their rights since their inception.”
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  1. My son is reading this book in school right now. Amazing timing by his teacher, choosing this text. Thank you, educators everywhere.

  2. I’m a novelist and The Kite Runner is one of my favorite books, a level of writing I aspire to. As an American, it gave me a view of Afghanistan beyond what I ever would have imagined. I’m crushed by what’s happening there. (edited for typo)

    1. A great book, fine literature indeed, and for this Norwegian my first ever real insight of this tragically seemingly ill-fated country. What’s happening now is harrowing, heartbreaking, beyond words.

    2. I have read three of his books; “The kite runner”, “A thousand splendid suns” and “And the mountains echoed”. All wonderful books. Love from Norway.

    3. @Dawn Naomi Gad
      I’ve only read the first two. Thank you for making me aware of yet another one.
      Though it might be a while now, before I muster the… right mood. Sigh

    4. @Dawn Naomi Gad Hallo fra Amerika 🙂 I loaned The Kite Runner to my sister many years ago. I’ll have to get it back now and finally read it! lol. Jeg er så glad I came across this video. The best we can hope for is that the Taliban will keep its promises. Very sad 😞 Now I’m going to watch Scandinavian Cooking with Andreas Viestad. It’s on every Saturday morning here on public television. Heia Norge 🇳🇴 🧀🍰 👈🏼 Jarlsberg Swiss og bløtkake 🤠✌🏼

  3. I wish it was that way. I’ve heard the gardens and orchards were fabulous…that people went there for their honeymoons. The Russians weakened Afghanistan, the Taliban subjugated and abused her, and we gave her hope, and are now abandoning her, it seems. I pray for Afghanistan and that her people find the strength to overcome these unholy governors.❤️

  4. A Thousand Splendid Suns, by this author, depicts the horrific plight of Afghani women in their country at the time of the writing. Heart-shattering. The Kite Runner is tragic; A Thousand Splendid Sun can tear the heart apart.

  5. Why aren’t our children reading books like kite runner in schools. We could be so much better as humans if we learned of our struggles and loves.

  6. 5:00

    1. The USA created the Afghan situation. You don’t know your history. Taliban offered to completely give up arms and authority to UDA. Bush/Cheney refused so that the greedy arms manufacturers could make more profit. Trump signed Afghanistan away to the Taliban late last year (2020).

  7. The Afghan government that fled shouldn’t be allowed to have profited from the corruption without accountability.

  8. Afghans has to fight their own battles; they are responsible for themselves, but offered no resistance to this takeover. I’ll cry tomorrow..

  9. Yo, I am reading The Kite Runner in English class and I couldn’t help but wonder what the author thinks about the current situation when I read the news. Its an almost uncanny coincidence.

  10. Sen. Steve Daines demanded accountability for the $82 billion in U.S. military equipment left by Joe Biden to the Taliban

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