Mehdi: Why New Reporting On The FBI Jan. 6 Probe Undermines Trump Defense

“Maybe it is true that there was no grand conspiracy to send armed militias to disrupt the election certification. But that just means Donald Trump is even more responsible for everything that happened that day—and since,” says Mehdi Hasan. 
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    1. @Intentspunk19 imo that’s a matter of perspective, there is no if in god, there is no god. God is the oldest fairytale we ever told ourselves, as we crawled up from the filth of the wild.

    2. @Lex Ruptor agreed, just saying. I can’t 100% disprove the Tooth Fairy either. That’s why the if is big.

  1. The irony that all of these “patriots” are basically defending themselves by claiming that they didn’t think for themselves cannot be lost.

    1. @Just Say’n yeah, after I posted it I wanted to kick myself in the nuts!!! 🤣
      In the spirit of full disclosure, I was really stoned at the time… I do not take pharmaceuticals for pain, but rather I entertain the finest weed products available!

    2. @Don Hardcastle “finest weed products available”…….sounds all so sterile, so sad and predictable.

  2. Daily Reminder: On January 6, 2021, Impeached former President Trump attacked America during a joint session of congress certifying the 2020 Election

    1. @Ed Jones Are you sure it’s not sippy cup joe who’s not in a diaper? I mean the guy is almost 80 and can hardly remember his own name, nice try lefty.

    1. Donald was waiting to see if they’d success but since they’re all just cosplay revolutionaries it didn’t work… like the majority of people he hires to do a job…if they had, he would’ve walked in the capitol after the smoke cleared and they took hostages like Pence & Pelosi. Donald would’ve been talking about,…
      “Let’s negotiate.”

    2. @Abelis only sheep like you believe MSNBS tongue and cheek, you’d probably sign your life away to make Trump go to jail too huh? You lefties are getting more desperate by the day 🙂

    3. @Abelis you don’t say?! you mean to tell me that the ppl who came to a video where the FBI investigation exonerated orange man specifically to say “nuh uh, he’s still guilty! orange man bad! this investigation never even happened!” aren’t the trusting type of folks? omg get outta here

    4. @Thatcher2.0 well they’re running out of ways to corruptly place someone they’ve been told to hate into prison. Queen Pelosi’s fake investigation is their last hope to see an “orange man bad!” conclusion on any official report. they’re freaking out.

  3. Mehdi Hasan always impresses with cogent, logical, and irrefutable arguments. Give him his own show, prime time.

    1. @Tesfay Kiros the dudes supporters broke in to our capitol chanting to hang our vice president. is that not bad? Is it not worth dissecting so as to understand it in fullness? Hassan doesn’t always talk about trump, only when it’s worth commenting on. Why do you defend trump, why do you make excuses for him? Does he need excuses made for him? You guys seem so hurt, so sensitive. It’s really quite odd. it’s akin to when someone insults another’s father. Seriously, he’s a no good politician, you know that right? He’s not your friend, I’d bet he doesn’t even consider you his countrymen.

    2. @kingpest 13 I read and learned Marxism beyond the average person. But the boundary is crossed in this channel beyond the imagination . Since Obama’s second term, Marxist ideas and communism have become accepted in America. There is a huge difference between teaching Marxists as a legitimate Or illegitimate.

    3. @kingpest 13 it’s get to new religion this capital nonsense. Your template was impurity? It’s happen in large scale all over the world in human history we justified the crowd. I wonder why this event is not so.

    4. @V V guess what? No one cares what your brainwashed mind thinks, now go to your padded room and hush down lefty, let the clear minded and coherent thinking individuals discuss while you get reprogrammed for tomorrows scheduled propaganda sessions

    5. @Tesfay Kiros
      Oh brother…😅😅😅
      How do you know what “the average person” has read you fool?
      Do you know everyone and know what’s on their bookshelves???

  4. Just say it was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the REPUBLICAN Congressmen.
    – Donald Trump 2020

    1. @Teflon Tom that clown knows what the report said. Just trying to get 45’s butt out of the wringer.

    2. @Julius Robinson probably. But I have met dumber people in my 36 years of living, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s not comprehending this entirely

    3. Here WAS an organized plot to overturn the elections: All the GOP who went back into the Chamber AFTER the violence and voted to overturn the election results. Surely they could all be charged under Amendment 14 Section 3. Why is this not happening?

  5. Trump threw the insurrectionists under the bus, and the insurrectionists responded in kind. They should confront each other behind bars.

    1. so you psychotic leftists came to a video about the FBI investigating and finding that orange man and his allies played no part in the riot, specifically to say “nuh uh, doesn’t matter what this official investigation says, *I* say he’s still guilty, so that officially means he’s still guilty. CNN said so.” ???

    2. @morning glory ,,, tell that to the families of Police officers who lost their lives there , tell that to the black Capitol police officer who got spitted on and called racist names , but that’s ok with you , All that was , was a failed hail Mary , to stay in the white house …

    3. @Ana Bengalinha Is that how many insurrectionists Trump says were at the Capitol on Jan 6? The last number I heard from him was 1 million.

    4. @Mila Fonoti why don’t you have thus much passion towards the hundreds dead to blm riots to families that lost their business in the riots remember billions of dollars worth of damage and your stuck on a riot that achieved nothing and was never going to be able to achieve anything. The capitol riot had 1 death a rioter and few injured and no guns that is not an insurrection or take over of any kind you have to be completely deluded to think it was.

    1. @Ummm Nope, but anything over 4-5 days old doesn’t matter and it isn’t worth talking about.

    2. @Ghost OG 42 yes that is how they get the big guy or the one that is in charge by getting the small helpers & say they can get a lighter sentence anything to get them to talk & give up their head boss which here it’s going to be Trump. That’s what they do when they want the head of the drug dealers in certain situations, that’s what they did with the terrorists from 9/11 etc so it always will take a while to get to the main guy but if they do it right they will be prosecuted for along time too. Trump is so old now he won’t have much time in prison though, he should have been put in when he was younger knowing how corrupt he really is that he would have never been even thought of as becoming president so we get it now I guess bc people like that always will get Karma for what evil lying maniputive tyrants that they’re. Believe that!

    3. @Master Pooshi Ok let’s impeach him but guess who becomes the president oh yeah the Vice President Kamala Harris now I bet you would love that wouldn’t you bc she’s not as old & getting dementia or no it’s better that she will be the 1st black woman president & then what will you do then?? It sure won’t be Trump ever again! If you didn’t realize that then I understand why you support Trump then lol!

    1. Anyone who can’t see that Democrat cities are corruption and now the government is corrupt is a brainwashed Democrat who loved their extended unemployment


    2. @Bioniq Bob no one believes the President told people to drink bleach. No one intelligent . Light therapy is a thing tha Democrats pretend does ‘t exist or that Trump knew about it. Think about how stupid the entire thing is and how you believe something so ridiculous and untrue just because you have TDS.

    3. @dwreal “I see the disinfectant that knocks it out in a minute, one minute. And is there a way we can do something like that by injection inside”-Donald Trump

    4. @your nameAnd? Even if we were to pretend that what you are saying is true, that in no way excuses Trump and his little cult’s attack on our Capitol and on our democracy in general.

  6. The GOP tries to say the traitors didn’t have an objective. All of them knew what the objective was… Republicans have a very selective memory.

    1. A very selective memory they both have cmon man.
      Like blaming Republicans for slavery in America.
      Selective memory of the racist Bidden and his mentor Byrd holding a kkk rally in 1967

    1. @Gulf Marine if you were able to look at it from any other POV but your own, you may think differently.

    2. @Ohio Against The World Trump had four years to run a clean election. Instead of fixing perceived problems he just repeated “it’s rigged” over and over.

      He rigged your brain. He lost the presidency, the House and the Senate. He also did nothing to stop the spread of covid. Just pointed fingers. No responsibility.

    1. “Stand down and stand by”
      — Mango Mussolini during the debate to the nazis & proud boys

    2. yeah I was waiting for one of you idiots to pretend like the FBI are corrupt and let him walk away without consequences. only problem is, the FBI has made it pretty clear they absolutely HATE orange man. so, complaining that the FBI concluded this just to cover for a man they hate with all their being is….. pretty insane and stupid.

  7. If Drumpf had anything to do with the planning, encouragement, or execution of the attempted coup of Jan 6, he should be brought up on charges. Nobody is supposed to be above the law.

    1. Basically the Trump admin made the case that Hillary was right about everything. In fact she underplayed how horrible they are.

    2. how bout “I never received nor sent any material that was marked classified.” 😂😂 👌 or “We will make sure that the person who made that film is arrested and prosecuted” 🤣🤣👌👌

  8. One statement that is undeniable proof of his intentions, “it’s going to be wild”. Never said this at any of his other speeches.

    1. Linda Dbse… that was his last attempt to stay in the white house , more like hail Mary ; he just didn’t have enough proud boys 😜 and kkk to push thru

    2. @Mitch Pynn …hey now ; that is some funny analysis , but let me put my 2 cents in ; it was so loud he invited the Taliban in the white house to cover his income taxes 😅😅😅😅😅

    3. @Mitch Pynn u interpret things wrong I did not take it that way. So you FIGHT for anything in ur life?

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