1. Everywhere I look, I see that Qrazy woman. The mayor is a breath of fresh air. I wish her the best.

  2. That job too small for her … The 911 commission and FBI insurrection inquiry.. once they done (inside job confirmation)..the rogues will be identified officially , people need to start getting treated the same,in handcuffs like any other citizen , governor or whoever ,If they have violated law ,and betrayed their oath hen things can hopefully calm down and it will be clear to move forward , plus all this nasty behavior gotta be addressed to all at the same time ..

  3. That’s too bad. She’s an awesome, smart, super sharp lady. Government needs more people like her.

  4. This beautiful young lady is as good looking as her mom. Even the voice is the same. I hope she sings as good.

  5. Ms. Bottoms took the high road responding to the former mayor’s pot shot. I commend her for not shooting back below the belt.

  6. Daaag gonna miss her. Truly a blessing. Wish them old clowns in Washington would think like that.🙄

  7. I said I liked this video, but I am sad to hear that Mayor Bottoms won’t run again. I don’t live in Atlanta, but her being in that office showed such strength. I am certain she will be sorely missed even if the baton is passed to an equally bastion of justice.

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