‘Audacious Lie’: Chris Hayes Debunks GOP’s False Claims On Colorado Voting Access | All In | MSNBC

Chris Hayes: “The new audacious Trumpian lie from Republicans is that Colorado, where the MLB All-Star game was moved, actually has more restrictive voting laws than Georgia.” Aired on 04/06/2021.
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‘Audacious Lie’: Chris Hayes Debunks GOP’s False Claims On Colorado Voting Access | All In | MSNBC


    1. @Jeffrey Xu ok you did not read any of it wish we could have a conversation about it. Your either too lazy to read it or you believe what you hear.

    2. @Jeffrey Xu drop off boxes were only invented for covid so that’s not even an arguement. See previous statement .

  1. Lived in Colorado my whole life. And THANK YOU for mail-in voting. It’s been a blessing. ❤️❤️❤️

    1. SourDoughBill no there isn’t a mass mailed out ball out doesn’t require you to prove that you are who you say you are even Tim pool proved he got wrong ballots

    2. Sydni VanGundy correct but a mass mailed out vote harms other legitimate votes would you be alright if a state made it illegal for minorities to vote anywhere except a certain place in the state

    3. @dylan willson there is no difference between absentee ballots and mass mailed out ballots fraud. There was no significant fraud anywhere in 2020

  2. I lived in Colorado, it was extremely easy to vote, I dropped off my ballot on the way to work and never had to get out of my car. I could have dropped it in the mail, but it wasn’t that far out of my way to drop it in the official pickup box, and man I wish it was that convenient to vote everywhere.

    1. @Kevs2good You democrats sound like al Capone talking to Elliott Ness when you say that…enjoy your theft.

    2. @Hans Jeffrey 😂😂😂😂 what’s it gonna take for you to realize there was no voter fraud

  3. Since i moved to Denver it has been very easy to vote, they have it set so that people in the truly rural areas in the mountains can vote. America we are getting too silly.

    1. @E E I’m not sure where the hostility comes from good buddy? Georgia isn’t saying you can’t do absentee ballots. Informing someone they’re wrong isn’t trolling. It’s telling you you’re ignorant. Consider yourself enlightened.

    2. @James I’ve seen people wait hours to vote in Georgia I have know Idea what your talking about

    3. @《Joaquin Jr 》 I’ve waited for hours in Michigan. And i live in a town of 50,000. Not very big.

  4. One of the rules that was changed by Georgia is that you have to present a driver’s license in order to vote. If that’s not across the board in all 50 states that’s a problem in itself. I’ve lived in Georgia I’ve lived in Illinois and I’ve lived in Florida every time I have voted I have had to show my ID no matter what state I voted in.

    1. @Leigh Weston nope. The PRECEPTION (both side have used it as a tool now) of voter fraud will NEVER go away now unless we have tighter voting regulations. Read that slowly.

    2. I have no issue with presenting ID, but there’s a lot more going on here – and if you don’t think that suppressing the vote in one place doesn’t affect all of us, in one way or another, you’re deluded. Suppression of any part of the electorate is like a cancer. If YOU haven’t been negatively affected by restrictive voting laws…just give it time.

    3. @Butch Wormuth Oh please. This only became an issue after Trump lost. What was the percentage of fraudulent votes in the 2020 election? And Trumpy’s little chat to get just the right number of votes needed to flip Georgia. Come on smart people. You realize what would have happened if he did win? No talk about voter fraud.

  5. Ingenious, Chris!
    If Colorado’s voting laws are so restrictive, GQP should have no problem with making it the Law of the Land.

    1. @The Beach We don’t have voter ID rules in Colorado. Every registered voter recieves a ballot in the mail weeks before election. We can leave in a drop box, of which there are multiple in my town. We can mail in or vote in person with early voting. Almost no one votes in person because It’s so easy to do drop off or mail in. This is the easiest and fairest place to vote of any state I have lived in.

    2. @Gina Mazyck Do you live here in Colorado? I do. It’s far easier than any of the other states I have lived in.

    3. @Janet French i do. I agree.
      Should of said that to register or receive a ballot where they check everything to get registered
      2 people I know were upset they registered on line and didn’t receive anything back but i told them there address and drivers license had to match there address they gave to the register to vote. And because we are a blue state tried to say that is why they didn’t receive information in mail.
      Live in a more Replubician city i told them.
      They had not updated there information.
      Someone was trying to say anybody could vote illegals and all. That is not true. Yes i agree love the way we can vote no lines drop boxes track our ballot.

  6. under 21 states including DC have same the voter which is less than half of the U.S. it also requires same day voting states also require that voters who register and vote on Election Day present documentation to verify their identity. Some states require a photo ID; others accept IDs without a photo.

    1. It is so cute you think you can get a ballot without a State ID or SS number BAHAHAHA
      That isn’t what this law does sugar.

  7. I haven’t watched MLB in years, haven’t drank coca-cola in years, or flown Delta in years. I think I will continue all three of those trends.

    1. @William Kimmons Yah it is really easy to see pal. You do know the members of congress are a documented record right? I can look up exactly who was in congress at the time and exactly what party they supported… It is a well documented fact for a reason.

    2. @banjax80 Funny, the cancel culture Republican GA legislature using their power to punish an independent company for their stance. Sounds democratic to me.

    3. @banjax80 You have just joined the woke cancel culture mob. You are just in the fascist demographic. Enjoy your hypocrisy!

    4. @Corn Pop was a Bad Dude driving is a privilege not a right… there are some who do not have DL licenses

  8. What does it feel like to sell your soul? You’ll be begging for mercy some day, sooner than you may think. What a spectacle that’ll be.

    1. You have a soul? If i recall that means you should be forgiving and understanding.
      Not vengeful and vindictive.

    2. @John snow calling something out for what it is is not vindictive…..its just the truth. If I’ve learned anything in this life it’s that some people hate the truth and confuse truth with judgement. I never said I wished this on him….that would be vidictive. I was staying what I believe to be true. There’s a difference.

  9. I live in Colorado. I love early in-person voting. This year I used a drop box and even got a confirmation email when my ballot was counted. I’m in my late 30’s and have never had to wait more than 10 minutes to vote in person.

  10. Oh man when I read this headline about lies I thought they were going to tell the truth about the new Georgia law.

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