NYPD Detective: There’s No Simple Police Killing Case When It Involves Black People | The ReidOut 1

NYPD Detective: There’s No Simple Police Killing Case When It Involves Black People | The ReidOut


As Joy notes the difficulty in getting a conviction in previous trials involving police killings, Former NYPD Detective Marq Claxton says "There is no simple or straightforward police killing case when it involves Black people. And it really is a matter of race and the perceptions of race, the bias implicit in law enforcement, the toxic police culture itself, and the perceptions of those people who serve as the jurors.” Aired on 04/06/2021.
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NYPD Detective: There’s No Simple Police Killing Case When It Involves Black People | The ReidOut


    1. @Larry Nottingham Yeah your right I have little faith in the police, and that they get away with killing people all the time

    2. @Larry Nottingham I don’t want it to be true of course not, I am not going to go through all the killings the police have done just one Breonna Taylor


    1. That unfortunately is so true and can happen in this case. But I’m praying that the truth wins out this time.

  2. To the black community: Silence is violence!
    Speak out against the anti-Asian racism in the hearts of your black neighbors.

    1. @Dr. Jones by the way, everything you said is a perfect indictment of the typical blm member. Check your axioms buddy, that’s where the issue lies. You say in this case race doesn’t matter. It only matters to you if it benefits black people – then race becomes all that matters.

    2. @Dominick Blame other groups for racism using racist tactics to stop Asian hate. Anti-Asian activists and white supremacists use racial stereotypes to resolve their racists targeting of BLM.

    3. @Dr. Jones So the truth emerges. You’re just a mouthpiece and apologist for the BLM movement. Interesting to see how your type is so willing to throw Asians under the bus to preserve the illusion of your cult’s purity and infallibility. In your twisted mind, calling attention to the attacks on asians by blacks is white supremacy. That is simply insane and contemptable. I’ll ask once again: do you condemn the racist attacks on Asian-Americans by members of the black community or not? I would like a yes or no answer.

    4. @De’Andre Lacewell He will do anything to sway public opinion for the continuation of white fragility. Unfortunately, those now guilty of similar cowardness are now yelling anti-Asian rhetoric using blacks as a target.

  3. brilliantly said, ty both. this must be the time and the case, at long last, for real change, for justice to flow.

  4. Jesus loves and cares about you so much so repent so That we all make it to heaven.

    Like so more people can see this.

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