AZ GOP Abruptly End Debate On Voter Suppression Bill | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. It should be a federal crime against those who are responsible for voting suppression.
    Arizona and Georgia GOP are poised to take voting suppression to a whole new corruption level this nation haven’t seen.

    1. They are just trying to make our constitutional right and duty more difficult. No GOOD can come from this. 🇺🇸

    2. We diidnt see it but it’s been here before ask any black person trying to vote after they got the right to vote it was scary…this will be scarier

  2. How many different way’s will they use to purge an already registered voter. The US government need to step in to stop this mess. Restore the registered voters now!!!

    1. ​@S Shan Ballots require a chain of custody to protect our elections. There was no evidence of widespread fraud but there was plenty of evidence of ballots mailed out to wrong addresses, dead people, addresses that weren’t physical residences, etc. Some of those ballots were filled out anyway and sent back in. Requesting an absentee ballot ensures someone is waiting to receive it who is eligible to vote. We can’t really gauge how much fraud did take place because all safeguards were deliberately removed. It leaves fertile ground for anyone wanting to contest the election. Democracy relies on faith in election outcomes.

  3. Hi,
    What happened to all the Chumpettes?
    Are they tired of the ridicule?
    A few words to them.
    Love you. See you. Bye!

    1. Ya, their golden shower idol for 4 years made them Feel Safe too Support A KKK
      Supported Hateful GOVERMENT ! Now the same REPUBLICANS sad that there’s NO MORE OF : 🦰’s 👶 🎪 ,
      Are Agreeing with the REPUBLICANS LIES (as usual) but Slowly Crawling Back under their Rocks if their golden shower idol is Mentioned . TOO LATE!!
      It IS SAD, we now know WHO YOU REALLY ARE ! TREASONOUS RACIST SNAKES ! it’s sad for us DEMOCRATS because.. we found out some were…
      People we work beside !
      FRIENDS?? !
      And worst of ALL??
      Right in our own FAMILIES ! 🙄
      THATS the one that Hurts the most !🙄
      The Hate! Agreed with by Loved ONES. 🙄 . NEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN !
      I don’t think they understood completely how this HIDDEN INTERNAL HATE NOW EXPOSED Would now Follow them for the rest of their life’s ! There’s NO CRAWLING BACK UNDER, ONCE EXPOSED !

  4. This is an outrage!! I can’t believe what is happening. A total war on voting. I’m a hot potato…

    1. They think we fell off a Turnip Truck!
      We Understand… There are NO HEROES in the REPUBLICAN PARTY ! They WILL BE VOTED OUT !

  5. I remember South Africa , voter suppression won’t work . This reminds me of “What’s going on?”

    1. Please, tell us more about the voter suppression in South Africa. How does it compare?
      I mean, seriously. PLEASE tell us all about how we are in the middle of American “Apartheid”.

    2. @Idonthigh5 Maybe that’s what it should be called from this point on, American Apartheid.

  6. The harder the GOP keep trying to make it to vote to MORE they lose their own voting block and it makes people want to vote.. This is going to backfire on them really badly in 2022.. Republican voters, why are you guys not speaking up about this??

    1. @Ringadingding Ok, but just like anywhere, there are realities here that people in other countries aren’t aware of, because it doesn’t make their news. All other democratic countries are way smaller than the US. Democracy is just plainly easier in a smaller population, because each person has more direct representation. It’s not easy to get 328 million people on the same page. It’s unrealistic to judge the people of any country, just by their government’s actions. It’s even less realistic when that country is so diverse. How many other countries have large populations of every race, religion, ethnicity, national origin, etc? Our cities are all “blue”, our rural areas are all “red”. Which group should we be judged by? Biden won by 8 million votes, so talking about us all, as if Trump voters/ Republicans are the majority is misguided. Voter suppression is a long time effort by Republicans. They’re only now taking it to such extremes, because they’re increasingly a minority. Rodger Ailes started FOX, to protect Republicans from being exposed the way Nixon was. Rupert Murdoch’s trashy brand of journalism, already wreaked havoc in Australia & Britain, so he was the perfect match. Ending the Fairness Doctrine, led to right wing shows like Limbaugh. Trump & Russia capitalized on that misinformation. Right wing media tells conservatives the last election was full of fraud & the new laws will prevent more. They don’t list what the laws would actually do. That makes me mad at voters who consume the propaganda, but I won’t condemn my whole country for their poor judgment.
      Grassroots progressive organizations, Democratic politicians & now large corporations are fighting back. If your news isn’t covering that equally, they’re not giving you a clear picture of what’s happening. Generations of Americans have fought to expand civil rights, including voting rights. It’s been a struggle, (often a violent & long one), but we keep progressing, despite all our differences & despite the hold that corporations have on our government.

  7. Here’s a crazy idea. How about getting elected to serve average Americans instead of lying to them for votes so you can serve the greediest among our wealthy?

  8. You know that your doing something RIGHT when you get the GQP scared enough in almost every state to try to change the voting RIGHTS! Vote Blue 🗳🌊🌊🌊

    1. I don’t really know what’s wrong with requiring id, 2020 was a safe election but why not make it safer with some id and signature laws. I mean every us citizen has access to an id

    2. @Ryan Gott – This is where you are mistaken. NOT every registered voter has easy access to getting an identification card. There are also MANY, MANY other fail-safes to protect voting integrity that the GOP does not seem to want folks to know about. Seems like a simple enough request at first, but the analogy is more like putting a Masterlock AND a combination lock on your front door when it already has the simple lock, deadbolt lock and a chain-lock on the door already! Fact is, it just makes it harder to get out the door and vote for some. Suggest you research electoral college, and how republicans manipulate that as well. Connected issue.

      Long story short. When you start to connect the dots, you see a clear republican agenda that is thoroughly tied to suppression – end of story! I won’t go into crazy detail here, but when you realize that Trump could have actually won the 2020 election for real if he had managed just 65,000 more votes in only two key states, even tho Biden received 8 million more popular votes, you start to see the big picture. Also: if you didn’t know, key republicans have already gone on the record to explain to the Supreme Court that more voters puts them at a competitive disadvantage, basically admitting their reliance on cheating to even compete! The more you know!

    3. Not too mention limiting voting drop boxes to make it MORE DIFFICULT to get to one, even the one Kemp himself used in the last election and cutting off early voting times at 5pm when alot of people just get off of work and so on…..LOOK, we just had The most SAFEST and most PARTICIPATED election in HISTORY, so WHY start making it harder and more restricted? Oh it couldn’t be because a beautiful thing like DEMOCRACY happened is it? Or is it cause your guy didn’t win? And you GQP don’t want democracy anymore because your out of ideas on helping people and therefore winning is not looking good for you anymore 🙄🤔🌊

    4. @Ryan Gott yah lets keep fixing problems that don’t exist. I showed my ID when i registered.

    5. @The Dani Do’s its different living in wichita kansas than philadelphia.. which of course its democrat..but i dont expect you to understand

  9. I seem to recall a certain president who told his supporters to vote by mail and show up in person to vote again. Now what was his name??🤣🤣

    1. To use Kenneth’s if I may, ” I love the uneducated” – donald bleachovich, twice impeached former president of the United States. 🤣

  10. If they were being honest:
    “We’ll knock you off the rolls for not voting but we’ll never make it mandatory”

    But honesty is not to be expected.

  11. The Devil went down to Georgia and decided he loved it there! “These are my kind of people!”, he exclaimed about their politicians.

  12. The GOP have put their cards on the table: they stand for an oligarchic authoritarian state. Their supporters need to be saved from what they want.

  13. NEWSFLASH: Major League Baseball has just announced the relocation of this summer’s all-star game out of Atlanta GEORGIA!. The all-star festivities usually prove to be a huge economic boom to local economies that host the game. (Does this decision have anything to do with Georgia’s new voter restriction law?)🤔

  14. I live in Arizona. This is good news. Calling, emailing, etc local representatives is working!

  15. I have to have a ID to vote!!!!! How dare you!! If I want to take time out of my busy day to vote once, twice, or even three times, who are you to tell me I can’t!!!!

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