AZ Secy. Of State Hobbs: ‘We Have No Confidence’ In Audit Results 1

AZ Secy. Of State Hobbs: ‘We Have No Confidence’ In Audit Results


Arizona Secretary of State and Democratic candidate for Governor, Katie Hobbs joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss the surge in new restrictive voting laws and the ongoing state GOP backed audit of the 2020 election, the results of which she says that she has "no confidence" in. Hobbs argues that “everything is tied to the 2020 election and the big lie.”

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AZ Secy. Of State Hobbs: ‘We Have No Confidence’ In Audit Results


    1. Yes! Restricted to living, breathing citizens with photo ID! If you’re not a legal voter, then you should be restricted from voting and charged with voter fraud and hopefully will end up in jail where you belong! What’s wrong with THAT? People want fair and free elections, not fixed and fraudulent elections!
      Come on, man!

    2. @Ken Goodman Can you find any examples of illegal immigrants voting? People spent months looking for even a single example and none were found. They did find a guy who murdered his wife, then sent her ballot in for Trump, but that’s sorta it.

  1. The people are responsible for election.—not bureaucrats. Let the voice of the people be heard.!

    1. All I hear is lie lie lie.
      All she did in the beginning of the forensic audit was cause trouble and try to stop it. Why would she do that if the results show everything was legit?

    2. @Joe B. Fun protip for the future. People who use “proof” and “evidence” as synonyms look stupid to everyone reading.

    3. @Julie Bee The election was so free & fair,the democrats sent over a 100 lawyers to try & stop the forensic…I love seeing the panik..

    1. You refused to believe it the many times it was told, so, the sane rest of society just moved on without you. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  2. What are these people afraid off? It’s just an audit of the most secure election ever. They won’t find anything……. :-p

    1. @Jock Young if they have 9 camera on 24/7, a detailed procedural submit to the court with bipartisan team. I think we would be okay

    2. It’s the most unsecured audit of the most secure election in history. Get your facts straight.

    3. @T Boned
      The results of all 3 official audits were totally transparent. Those weren’t Democrat audits, they were state audits done in full view of both Democrats and REPUBLICANS. God, facts mean nothing to you people.

    4. @peter blood for one second I thought you were trolling ? Are you being serious or just trolling?

    5. @Jock Young Don’t even argue with idiots like that Who don’t have a thought process.

    1. You get a solid F for sentence structure. Your drivel is a disgrace (and an indictment) of the American education system.

  3. I despise UnProfessionalIsm in OMITTING TRUTH to people. If YOU PEOPLE knew what Integrity and Truth meant, your RATINGS would go sky high…

  4. I’m beginning to worry. We were told by our leadership that there was no voter fraud but now it looks like we are starting to make excuses if they do find a great deal of voter inaccuracy.

    1. I think that if the CyberNinjas don’t find voter fraud, then they haven’t done their job. They are being paid to “find” it so they will even if it has to be manufactured.

    2. “IF”???? This sham of an audit is supposed to find voter inaccuracy. That’s the entire reason it is being conducted by a bunch of sore losers who have allowed the quest for power to obscure their duty to the people of Arizona and by extension, the people of America.

    3. @Sam Huff btw , there is already voter fraud as recorded by thousands of swore affidavits. The audit is to solidify the claim to support the other evidences so they all jibe at the end.

    4. @Sam Huff Vote counting is easy. Two for Joe, One for Trump, Three for Joe, One for Trump. At the end of the count, they add up the totals. Not rocket science. The issue might be, the number of ballots per District. In Wisconsin, there was a precinct that counted more ballots that there were registered voters.
      We had a friend in GA who received four ballots for the GA run off election.

  5. Meanwhile back in the real world Trump lost in a Landslide not once but several times after Bipartisan audits after audits including matching signatures and hand recounts against machine count.

  6. And this woman is supposed to be representing every resident of the whole
    State of Arizona. Has she even visited the Audit for an insight or just relying on her handler’s so called advice or maybe she is just a very evil ignorant person that doesn’t want the voters to know they have been cheated out of their rightfull Presidential pick , Donald J Trump the true Elected President of the USA.

    1. And she’s doing a great job.

      Meanwhile, Trump’s OWN AG, DHS and VP have said otherwise.
      blink twice if you need help escaping your cult…

    2. She wants them to know, and rightly so, that they are being cheated by the tRumpublican Senate of Arizona at this very moment with this stupid parlor trick. It’ll all come out and, in the meantime, there could be some election interference charges coming down the pike.

    1. Yup, 1/3 of Americans don’t. Fortunately 2/3 do have confidence in the results. So, there’s that.

    2. @peter blood 1/3 believe the election was STOLEN. That signals the beginning of the END of our republic. So, there’s that.

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