Photographer Captures New York City In The Grips Of The Pandemic 1

Photographer Captures New York City In The Grips Of The Pandemic


Photographer Mark Seliger has released the new book 'The City That Finally Sleeps,' which is a collection of photographs taken during the coronavirus pandemic. All proceeds from the sale of this book will support New York Cares in their Covid-19 relief efforts. Seliger joins Morning Joe to discuss.

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Photographer Captures New York City In The Grips Of The Pandemic


    1. @William H Music 2021 So, supporting good things is…. a bad thing?
      Republicans support facism.

  1. The American people will NEVER forget what the shameful Democrats have done to America concerning the Shamdemic & stolen election

    1. @Whitney Mohrhauser
      Looks like little Willy is taking a break from playing with his Tiny url & back trolling again. Just ignore it and it’ll go back to the basement.

  2. *गलत का विरोध खुलकर किजिए* ,
    *चाहे ‘राजनिती’ हो या ‘समाज’*
    *’इतिहास’ आवाज उठाने वालो पर लिखा जाता है*
    *तलवे चाटने वालो पर नहीं* ®®

  3. He must have spent a month photoshopping out all of the BLM looters, street garbage, and boarded up windows.

  4. Since the start of 2021, China has sent vaccines to over 100 countries.
    Six months into 2021, the US is only now sending expiring J&J vaccines that Americans refused; to Mexico.
    “Thank you to all the Antivaxxers in America. The people of the world would not have these vaccines if it wasn’t
    for your commitment to believing what the dumbest guy in medical school had written on Facebook.” – T.Noah.

  5. I posted some 360 picture videos of San Francisco and the surrounding bay area starting in March of last year.

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