B.C. declares state of emergency as wildfires spread | "Have an evacuation plan ready" 1

B.C. declares state of emergency as wildfires spread | “Have an evacuation plan ready”

B.C. officials have declared a provincial state of emergency as wildfires spread, with residents being told to be ready to evacuate.

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  1. Cutting the sign language interpreter half out of frame isn’t helpful for an emergency broadcast.

    1. @Jackie Paper they are no longer conspiracy theories, at this point they’re called spoiler alerts.

  2. DEW is rounding up small towns and villages and herding them to the cities . This is only going to get worse.

  3. they have to move the Sign language interpreter, the news ticker almost covers him and he just looks like a troll on screen…

    1. Yeah that’s true, it looks like we don’t have much summer in Ontario and definitely not much sun as well…lol

  4. Don’t think of doing something to avert an expected disaster, get a suitcase ready to evacuate to a shelter when that disaster hits?

    All during the pandemic, has no one at the federal, provincial, or local governments thought of establishing fire-breaks around rural communities that are prone to wildfires? No need to provide jobs? They learned nothing from the 2016 Fort McMurray fire!

  5. why at twelve at night the need is here!! why wait you know the worst is happening!! stop waiting!! the time here not at twelve!!

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