‘Bad Sign For Gaetz’: Feds Eye Obstruction In Sex Crime Probe

As investigators look into potential obstruction of justice charges for Rep. Matt Gaetz, the Republican Congressman is continuing to run for Congress and possibly floating the idea of running for president in 2024. MSNBC's Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber is joined by MSNBC's Dr. Jason Johnson and NYU law professor Melissa Murray to discuss.  (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. Congressman Matt Gaetz speaks volumes about Kevin McCarthy’s leadership capabilities. 🤣

    1. That is what he is being charged for isn’t it? “pressuring the vulnerable so he can get off”..

    1. They’ll find a place for Matt’s mouth in prison. Again, and again, and again. He’s about to be super famous!

  2. If you wonder why Conservatives need such a forgiving god it’s because they think and do the most unforgiveable things.

  3. Sadly it takes time to collect all the evidence. Then to put a court date. And the bad thing is that because of the Unmoral, money and power hungry Republicans leaders. Well Money talks , he could get away with it. Let’s see what’s gone happened

  4. I surely do think the “Feds” saw this coming…LOL..😂… Alot of people did of course! GAETZ is totally oblivious to how serious this matter truely is!!!

  5. Raising lots of money cannot buy him freedom if he is guilty. The fact that he raised so much money despite this ongoing investigation shows how “brained washed” his supporters are.


    2. Fake Media and Terrible Tabloid, Fox News, is Co-Conspirator #1 is Destroying United States Democracy. Today FOX MEDIA CEO, Lachlan Murdoch, whose Bestie is TUCKER CARLSON are Both ONLY CONCERNED about MONEY. TUCKER CARLSON DOES NOT CARE ABOUT ANY AMERICAN, THE US CONSTITUTION, US RULE OR LAW, US NATIONAL SECURITY, EQUALITY for ALL AMERICANS and US POLICE- MEN & ESPECIALLY WOMEN.

      Lachlan Murdoch is 100% Loyal to his “Besties”, His Boys- Sean Hannity, Tucki-Boy Carlson, Lou (Lost it long before he lost his job) Dobbs. The Women at Fox News, Sadly, He has No Respect for those “broads”, same as his daddy, Rupert, calls them. However, If and Only if they bring in money, those Broads are Ok, Cheers. Otherwise, they are Rubbish, trash. Maria Bartiromo, Judge “Less than Judy” Jeanine Pirro and the Ice Princess Wo(Man) Laura Ingram, Lachlan stated recently “are just ok”. Like Donald Trump recently stated, “they are just both Old Dogs”. Lachlan said, “doesn’t matter if I can live on my yacht, life is just fantastic, mate!”

      I am reasonably confident “All the Foxy Ladies” will have another great chapter in their tabloid journalistic careers, possibly RT TV.

  6. Pretty big assumption on Greenberg’s account that anyone would consider him to be a “reasonable person”.

    1. So your saying that the transactions that have been recovered for payments, for rent, college tuition, cars, etc., isn’t evidence of sexual payments? Seriously have you lost your mind?

  7. Such a rich, spoiled, repeated DUI offender does not have a brain to run the politics, and what he can do is shouting with a big mouth, repeating hypocrisies, repeating what Trump has done many times, “denial, defiance and attack”.


  9. Does it really take this long to do the investigation? Seriously, people are getting tired of hearing “Matt Gaetz is in trouble” same news over and over. They really better have something solid taking this long. Just give the ex-girlfriend immunity and get this over with.

    1. Even routine, low-profile federal cases can take years in the investigation phase, and years more before trial and sentencing.

  10. Gaetz isn’t the type that will pay for any of his crimes. He’ll get off, as so many criminals from the last five years will. And what a massive mistake that will prove to be.

    1. You would be surprised what snorting coke and dropping X will do to your decision making.
      What says it all to me is when MG went after Venmo for releasing his payment records to the feds under a legal subpoena.
      If he weren’t culpable then he would have kept his mouth shut.
      People will tell you what they’ve done if you just stop and listen.
      I know, impossible for most people but isn’t that why we have two ears and one mouth.

    2. He may get off from criminal charges but if me and him cross path he won’t get off from a life charge, I guarantee that!

  11. Remember, the charges against Greenberg include abusing his position in the tax office, for the creation of fake ID.

    The idea that he was unaware of the ages of anyone involved is unlikely.

    1. He probably got the girl that fake ID. He hasn’t denied it yet. Don’t know if anyone even asked. GOOD CALL SLUETH.

  12. With regard to Greenberg’s credibility as a witness, keep in mind that he has a *lot* to lose if he doesn’t come clean. Besides potential perjury or obstruction of charges, the 27 charges dropped in return for his 6 guilty pleas could all be reinstated. That’s a carrot and a *very* big stick.

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