Bag Man Book Excerpt: How To Smear A Legitimate Investigation | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Bag Man Book Excerpt: How To Smear A Legitimate Investigation | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


  1. Wanna know why corrupt politicians hate newspapers and the press?
    Because it’s their job to call out corruption.

    Maybe one day, you t’rump supporters will figure this out. 🙄

    1. They’re too busy chasing their own tails and barking at shadows. They confuse “journalism” with media punditry, and think that each side has a duty to defend the actions of their chosen party, and not try to uncover deceit and dispel lies from the people who tell them. Global events and political news can be confusing and complicated, so there’s always a need to have someone to dumb down the topic and spell out what that could mean for “regular” people. But the opinions of select pundits on the right become less like a font of information and are treated as religious doctrine, elevating them to the same status and respect as a pastor, or reverend, or a priest – they watch these shows with the same fervent attitude as someone attending mass. They have warped the optics of what real journalism is, what journalists do, and as with their faith, they do not challenge orthodoxy or party lines – to do so is heresy, and the challenger is excommunicated. This approach is antithetical to the institution of journalism and the free press, and the people enabling this kind of programming, the executives and editors, know that it will deliberately undermine the fair-minded practices of respected publications.

    2. @Margaret Nicol Joe will def keep out of it. He knows the DoJ should be independent. And there’s plenty of state crimes to go after t’rump for, without the need for the federal executive branch to lean on the DoJ to pursue.
      Remember, Joe when asked if he’s the opposite of t’rump said, “God willing, yes.”

    3. Keep in mind that Canadians gave all their citizens another $2,000 in stimulus a couple of days ago. See how screwed up our country really is. 😬 😷

    1. He tossed out Obama’s pandemic playbook and decided to follow this one instead. Choices have consequences and this one is literally killing us….Poor choice

    2. @just another thought Keep in mind that Canadians gave all their citizens another $2,000 in stimulus a couple of days ago. See how screwed up our country really is. 😬 😷

  2. One would think Trump studied Agnew’s tactics … but we all know he can’t read. But somebody around him did and helped direct his insidious take over of the WH.

    1. @Ash Roskell
      Well I can’t think of a single thing he’s accused his opponents of that he hasn’t done himself in spades so….yeah.

    2. @Sea of Tranquility : In Donny’s case, that would have to be Moscow then? . . . Maybe they’ll launch a sitcom about Donny sharing a Dacha with Edward Snowden? On Netflix? Call it Breaking Vlad? 😁

  3. Knowing what he (Donald) knows… The debt he is in, & the care for Americans he has shown… Should his Passport not be taken on 20th Jan 2021 (12:01pm) ?

    1. Keep in mind that Canadians gave all their citizens another $2,000 in stimulus a couple of days ago. See how screwed up our country really is. 😬 😷

  4. Thank you for writing the book. You Ms. Maddow you are so clever ans smart. Can not wait to get the book Always thank you for your great reporting.

  5. Love to read the book 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
    Love your shows, but since Covid you showed so many new sides of yourself, it was a pleasure to see.
    Bless you (and Susan, hope she is feeling much better). 💚💚💚

    1. You mean unless the Democrats bring these Republicon criminals to justice because they are the only ones who can. The GOP is corrupt and very happy with it.

    2. @initiall : Well, if they are all dug out, made to answer for their crimes, betrayals and failures (every last one of them) the GOP will get the message and stop fielding criminals for candidates. They’ve only been doing this because we let them. Politicians on both sides are listening to their voters, because they turn out in record numbers now, and they are powerful. So, if we keep demanding the GOP faces justice, regularly, we’ll get some justice. If we don’t, it will be business as usual. And the next Donald Trump will be a bit more charming, and a bit more psychopathic, and the Republic will have only bought itself a 4 year reprieve. Our deterrent for that is JUSTICE. And it’s up to YOU to keep demanding it. Regularly ✌️

    3. @initiall I am afraid that the democrats will not succeed, because there is something fundamentally wrong in your democracy. I am from the Netherlands and honestly, what is going on in your country right now, is unthinkable in our country. Freedrom of speech is absolute in the USA and that is wrong. Of course freedom of speech is the greatest good and we must protect it by all means, but is long as it is possible that Mr. Trump is trying to bribe state officials without somebody can bring that behaviour to justice, then there is little hope that things will change in America. Nobody is above the law and still your president is. How on earth is that possible? So, an amendment to your constitution is needed. Also a senate minority should have the power to present this case to the supreme court and ask for a verdict. One man in the senate, the majority leader, can block everything and that is dead wrong. We in the Netherlands have a great democracy (one of the oldest in Europe) and here political parties work together for the interest of the country. Most unfortunately that is not happening right now in the US. And that impacts the whole world. Really worrying times!

    4. @AFG – Thanks for your perspective. The Republican Party, post World War II, was conservative financially and religiously. It was easy for Americans to identify themselves in a “tribal” way. After all, the great General Eisenhower had returned successfully from Europe to lead our country as a Republican President. It was only the extreme criminality of the Nixon/Agnew Presidency that showed just how badly things could go if we elected people of poor character. Nixon’s resignation cut short his Senate Impeachment Trial so some of what he had done has only recently come to light. I, personally, am one of those people that believe we have been foolish to allow an unnamed writer of an unofficial “memo” to have such a huge control over our future. At the very least, it’s premise should have been tested in the courts. “Watergate” was an insult. More important to me was the fact that thousands of young men were being drafted to fight in Vietnam. Young men who would have worked in the trades, ran off to live in Canada or enrolled in college (psychology, history, english, and social work). Nixon had decided that Americans would keep a President in office in the middle of a “hot war” so behind-the-scenes he contacted the South Vietnamese and later Henry Kissinger in order to sabotage the Peace Talks twice. That was the end of my being a Republican. In theory, after the election these guys are supposed to be able to set aside their partisan politics and work for the good of all. That has not been happening for 45-50 years. The Trump presidency did a great job of demonstrating exactly where the weak spots are when our democracy is under criminal attack. Now, we just need enough control of the Senate to begin the long process of putting things back together again. Again, thanks for your input. We have become a global community, and we must learn from each other.

  6. Yes, attack everyone and everything, but you will still lose in the end. Still. How exhausting for the corrupt creature clinging to power. Laughable too.

  7. God Bless and Protect the FREE PRESS,
    There is no free press in Russia, China or North Korea.
    Do the Math, if you can!

  8. Crazy how history repeats itself.
    Trump has NEVER been an original. Hes too much of plagiarist, too un-original and just too fake

  9. Oh, they use the Pee Wee defense: “I know you are but what am I?” Except, Pee Wee was smart and sweet in his self-defense.

  10. These tactics must have been passed down in Republican circles like a family tradition so that even a not-so-bright con man instinctively knew exactly what to do.

  11. They created him now they’re making money off him while he destroys our country. Sorry, I won’t be buying anyone’s book about it.

    1. Wow that is a lie upon a lie. It is clear that Trump accuses others of doing what he is doing specifically trying to steal an election. Yet here you claim the Democrats are doing this. It’s like a dog chasing it’s tail then again maybe that is the point of your spurious post.

    2. Correction, whatever Trump accuses someone he is doing, he has done, is doing, or will do in the future. Or all of the above.

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