1. ”Reimagining” is a term marxist anti-Americans use. Fabian Socialist academia has created a couple of partial generations of ”New NAZI’s” using the Hegelian Dialectic to make indoctrination easier by REMOVING the most notorious marxist mass murderer, Adolf Hitler, FROM the ideology. Marxism AND fascism are in fact ”two sides of the same ‘leftist’ coin”. Just read the Communist Manifesto paying close attention to its stated ”goals”, and then go and read the NAZI 25 Point Political Platform of the NSDAP, you’ll find them to be almost identical. Hitler was a PROUD ”socialist/marxist” as his quotes prove, and true ”far right” ideology is in fact Anarchy due to the steady progression to the ”right” of political ”center” being for LESS government until you arrive at Anarchy. Marxism/fascism repeatedly fail and murder the people either one governs due to these ideologies use of lies, coercion, projection, fear tactics, election fraud and force. That’s the undeniable ”history” of both. He’ll make a ”difference” alright, law abiding citizens will be targeted by removal of their firearms, and marxist criminals will thrive. Mark my words, this has only been tried umpteen times in the past 100 years and 100 MILLION dead bodies prove I’m right.

    1. This black dude msnbc is interviewing reminds me of a crack head too. Certainly not qualified to make any decisions like this.

    1. Baltimore, Chicago, they are all the same. You could make a Batman movie in these places. All of these would be great for Gotham City.

  1. I can’t wait for one of those social worker to be put in a situation with an unstable person what happens when the person goes for a weapon 🙃

    1. @Public Enemy #1 True, he might just have a family member put in that type of situation.
      What will say ?

    2. @DarkLight no doubt, coz if they were able to see reason they wouldn’t be using violence in the first place. these steps being taken to “combat” violence can totally be thought out and understood to be the wrong solution without actually attempting to solve the problem at the expense of whoever’s lives are wasted in this idiotic attempt to bring peace into an area full of people who don’t want peace. they want easy money not peace; essentially they are bullies and are no different than the people in the pentagon and their counter-parts around the entire world who bring the same problems to everyone around the globe who aren’t in a position to free themselves from the insanity brought to their area by immoral thugs. there is zero effort to fix the actual problems that exist. their answers for these problems are nothing more than the weakest possible attempts to help the people by throwing money at it. money by the way that will need to pass through the hands of corrupt people who are actually the very same corrupt people that are responsible for the problems in the first place; responsible because they do not do the job they are hired for; therefore making it all possible. believe it. greedy black leaders who despite their claims to the contrary, do not care about the public. they only care about their own bank accounts, and not the bank accounts of their constituents. I’ve just spent more time writing this paragraph than the politicians spent over the past 5 years while supposedly fixing these problems. unfortunately life takes hard work, but these people want to avoid that at all costs and the only answer to their problems they’ll even consider is to have EVERYTHING given to them as a young child is given snacks. sounds stupid? that’s coz these people are

  2. It’ll be interesting to see how his ideas work.
    It’s ballsy to say “I grew up in one of the most violent cities in America and I’m gonna scale back the police force.”
    As long as his ideas put the constitutional rights of citizens first, I say good luck to him and I hope it works.

  3. I am willing to give this young mayor a chance, his ideas seem reasonable and common sense based. I hope that he can effectively inact some or perhaps all of these ideas and plans to help better Baltimore and good law abiding citizens of that city. Of course at the same time not sacrificing quality and effective police work and public safety. I wish him and his administration well and good luck. God bless America 🇺🇸 🙏❤

  4. What’s going to be awesome is, when every social worker and mental health professional IMMEDIATELY requests weapons training and qualified immunity after the FIRST WEEK. 🤷🏿‍♂️

    1. Day one, bulletproof vests and pepper spray.
      Within a month, requests for advanced self defense training.
      Before the year is out, requests for side arms and authorization to use lethal force.
      Then they’re basically cops. 😂

  5. Newark, NJ just made it through a year without killing anyone. It’s almost like if you try to make the world better with genuine effort it just might work.

  6. They want to metaphorically put police in handcuffs then take away your right to defend yourself. All while they’re sitting in the capital behind fences with armed guards. 🤔

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