Barbara Comstock Speaks Urgency Of Subpoenas To Investigate 1/6 1

Barbara Comstock Speaks Urgency Of Subpoenas To Investigate 1/6


Former Republican Congresswoman from Virginia Barbara Comstock suggests that Democrats should be more aggressive in obtaining information about what was going on at the White House and among Trump allies on January 6th  
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  1. Its very telling how little power WE the People actually have. We should not rely on Democrats nor Republicans to oust these blatantly obvious criminals…as they sit with thumbs up their rears begging for bipartisanship What a joke

    1. @enigma194 how ironic you speak of tyrants when your party was willing to pack the supreme court, is using non political agencies like the fbi and military as their own personal goon squad and now wants to end the fillabuster so they have unlimited power to pass any law. your either purposely ignoring the real tyrants or just willfully stupid and easy to manipulate.

    2. @eltorocal Didn’t Mitch McConnell reassert that his main objective is to block any and all Biden and Democratic bills or proposals? Remember the self professed Grimm Reapor??? The one who blocked all of Obama’s judicial appointments and legislation?

    1. @Mean Bean Comedy Someone who would make a comment like the 1st comment you made… I maintain…. TROLL, Go waste your time on someone else….

    2. @Kevin Santich No, that’s actually true. Unfortunate fact. It’s why most of the founders of modern leftism and postmodernism kept trying to abolish age of consent laws.

  2. Not too long ago, the Republican Party here in Oregon ran out of state to avoid taking care of the business of the people. Highly doubt they are capable of doing the right thing.

    1. It’s a revolving door, our corporatocratic globalist system is just soft fascism draped in a rainbow flag

  3. Yes!!!!! We need to save our democracy!!!! Get rid of the corruption in Congress!!! It’s not about the left or right, lets stand together….they work for us!!!!! Nebraska & friends….

    1. Absolutely right! America is in a world changing moment, similar to the 1930s. 100% of eligible citizens who love their country & Democracy, needs to vote to save both.

    2. Unless they fix election theft, politicians will govern in their SELF interest instead of our interest.

  4. They have 14 thousand hours of video tape of that day inside the capital and will not release them. The truth will come out soon.

    1. @NoChance WithoutPasta So you have zero facts. Thanks for spewing nothing but stupidity. You’re not a smart person are you.

    2. @ALovelyTsundere 2000 *volunteers?* You don’t live in the U.S., do you?

      ” . . . most well-funded . . .” – 20th most populous city in the country with extraordinarily more visitors/protests than any other. I would sure hope it was among the most well-funded. Perspective, pal, perspective.

    3. @Cognitive Supreme The guy who recorded the only one murdered that day was a guy from blm. He was released on bail then did several interviews on MSM. Just recently the DOJ took the money he gained back. He was a speaker at blm rallies and there is video.

    4. @EJ John Sullivan? I know he was paid by CNN to be there. He also organized a blm protest in Utah that shot a 60 yr old man that drove by.

    1. Yeah its almost like a 3000 mile wall in the desert is different than a wall around a few buildings. Do you people even think before typing ??

    2. @Dustin Crawford The southern border is less than 2,000 miles long. Do you people even think before typing??

    3. @forty two it’s 3145 kilometers, i miss read it as miles, but it doesn’t matter you know what my point was, you just chose to point out something meaningless because you have no answer.

  5. “I think it will be ‘fascinating’ to get it” (the phone and text records), no, it will be INCRIMINATING!

    1. Lock the Traitors up. I bet the ‘patriot’ who let them in is also REAL fond of incarcerated POCs. Probably his favorite denomination of people.

  6. If they actually did any investigating at all, they would find out that it was ANTIFA trashing the Capitol…

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