Barrie, Ont. hit by sudden tornado, damage and injuries reported 1

Barrie, Ont. hit by sudden tornado, damage and injuries reported


A tornado touched down in a Barrie neighbourhood flipping cars and destroying homes. Rob Cooper reports.

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  1. The young boy who described this experience is very articulate and calm, considering what happened. Hope those injured will make a quick recovery.

  2. Omg, thoughts and prayers with all those affected in Barrie. . Some reassurance no loss of life. Wishing speedy recovery to all those injured.

  3. In the clip of the actual tornado coming. You can hear the panic in buddy’s voice. I get it because I’d be hyperventilating. I’d Probably pass TF in pure terror to be honest.

    1. I had dreams of torando’s as a kid, live in Nova Scotia. Was told since a kid that it’s fine we never get tornado’s. Ofc when Canada gets tornados again it’s 2021. Love that my nightmare is coming to life this and that self driving Tesla🙃

  4. The young boy should be a reporter in his future, the way he spoke with his sentence…bravo!
    I pray for all of you there!

    1. Barrie had a far bigger and more devastating tornado in 1985. This is not something new. There will likely be another one in 30-50 years.

  5. the tornado went through my street and it was absolutely terrifying. we didn’t have much damage compared to some of my friends and neighbours who lost their homes. it is absolutely devastating.

  6. 100 km away in Bowmanville, the storm cloud was so huge that we faced the heavy rainstorm that was from the cloud.

  7. Police rep called it “a tornadic type event…” lmfao couldn’t simply have been a tornado!

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