Kinew explains why he called out new Indigenous relations minster at his first press conference 1

Kinew explains why he called out new Indigenous relations minster at his first press conference


Man. NDP Leader Wab Kinew explains why he called out the new Indigenous relations minister in his introductory press conference.

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  1. No longer interested in all the assumptions and virtue signaling. Let’s see some real forensic evidence. Let’s also stop judging 100 year old standards by today’s standards.

    1. @Leonard Dolha Also a dictionary is a book or source which provides definitions of words, not quotes.

    2. @Jonathan Edward I am 65 years old. I speak from experience transformed into wisdom. I lived and have one parent, my mother, who attend residential school. How old are you? And from what soapbox do you utter in darkness to your kind.

    3. @yin yang Nice. I am unfamiliar with the term ‘pos’. Can you give me your definition of ‘pos’?

    4. @Jason Payet let be get back to you if you can read he never said happened 100 years ago. Try to keep up.

  2. the state of emergency powers must be repealed. the province has clearly
    demonstrated they can not be trusted with such powers. the law must be
    repealed so we can end this once and for all.

    1. @Noella Rash if Kinew ever interupted me like that i’d tell him to shut his shameful mouth and wait his turn.

    1. President Trump won the election. The Arizona audit showed massive fraud. 72,000 fraudulent ballots were found.

    2. @Leafy Greens the fraudit was a joke and not even credible,,, but what does it have to do with this?

    3. @DajjaD not really, 80 million pissed off, heavily armed Americans would disagree with you. Gonna put on my stomping out sedition boots today, been waiting to.

  3. Hell yeah! Stand your ground and fight for what’s right. I like this guy. KINEW FOR PRIME MINISTER

  4. I agree with the Indigenous relations minster. He was 100 percent right get over it and get a haircut

    1. So you’re just going to ignore this guy beating his wife who is aboriginal? Some nice reconciliation there

  5. Mr.kinew, I have heard you speak before and enjoy your positive attitude and demeanor . You would make a great leader .

  6. The guy was definitely being way too passive naive about it, however he stood to finally reason he was wrong.

  7. We know residential schools were racist by their very nature and purpose. What the Premier said wasn’t racist except in the meaning I don’t like what you are saying. What he said was the colonists were here to build. Not exactly true either. They were here to take resources.

  8. Anything that stems from feelings of superiority, results in suffering of others. It is time for Canada to step up and act with integrity.

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