Bennet: We Shouldn't Perpetuate McConnell's Bastardization Of Filibuster 1

Bennet: We Shouldn’t Perpetuate McConnell’s Bastardization Of Filibuster


Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colo.) with a cameo from Sen. John Hickenlooper (D-Colo.) discusses whether he will vote to get rid of the Senate filibuster. 
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  1. What’s most disturbing is that we knew this committee would be fillibustered away. Why don’t they expel Moscow Mitch for obstruction?? He’s admitted it many times.

    1. @Weston W That may all be true in some degree or another but still isn’t reason enough for not pulling McConnell out onto the mall and dropping a noose around his neck. Never Ever GOP Again

    2. @MTN17 quit sugar coating reality in order to deflect responsibility. that’s exactly what you guys are. why else do you think decades after MLK came BLM? Americans refusal to be held accountable is already a century long tradition. there’s no “some degree” it’s the literal truth about America. aside from civil rights you also have the profiting from genocide in Yemen, the invasion of the middle east to control their oil, enabling preexisting conditions to endanger the lives and livelihoods of your own citizens, uncontrolled sales of firearms leading to the highest gun violence in the world. we know you all want to conveniently ignore facts but the world literally watched you people brag about how great you are while you committed those acts over decades. the fact that you’re trying to minimize America’s hypocrisy is proof of why you’re all complicit in creating Trump. much like yourself, Trump too, doesn’t want to be held accountable for anything. think about that the next time you sugar coat reality to deflect responsibility, cause by doing so you’re acting exactly like Trump

    3. The democrats used filibuster 370+ times in last years congress for goodness sakes
      Do your research
      I bet ya they did

    4. @Carroll Sanders so did Nancy I woukd not for either one of them
      My God they both elite globalist
      Stealing tax payer money for years

    1. They don’t have 60 votes because Democrats fell asleep at the switch allowing the Republicans to infiltrate the Democratic party. Joe Manchin is a traitor. A RINO (Republican In Name Only).

      You can’t allow the complicit a vote in running the government. Stop these criminals NOW.

    2. Fascism loves to destroy systems that have worked well for hundreds of years and replace them with sham quick fixes that do not work and have never worked anywhere they have already been tried.

    3. Dems should end the filibuster now, and pass infrastructure, gun control, minimum wage, voting rights protections, marijuana decriminalization…Those issues have broad, popular support across the political spectrum. Dems should do it now so voters can base their choice next year on the results.

    1. @Juan Fortharoad the complet gop cult with the exception of six even Liz Cheney is a traitor

    2. Yes…the people that opened the doors should be questioned. The person that did not take trump serious and bring in ng. This is horrible we couldn’t get to the bottom of the people that were already at the capital b4 the speech was over. Yes…I agree there is a huge cover up…but it’s not the narrative this channel is pushing. There is footage and you still push insanity. Antifa burned down cities all summer…but that is acceptable? You could tell they were at the capital. Wow. Wake up.

    3. @kristie lannette
      The Democrat Bolshevik Party is still trying to figure out what life would be like if they would of had oxygen at birth.

  2. Racism is now Inshrinined in the United States Senate, as the main Platform Republican Party of the United States!

    1. @MTN17 You have a Political party without the notion of honor, they take advice from Racists and 9/11No Planers!
      What we need is a United Front to call out their Lies, we need to be one voice we need to be one Goal, we need to be One against all the Corupted Republican Leadership can throw at us!

    2. @Carroll Sanders Lincoln/ Franklin project is a pretty good cause in that direction. I would love to see a legal tribunal against gop. That ones going to be tougher. Never ever GOP Again!

    1. I’ve always preferred the version “The reason history repeats itself is that no one was paying attention the first time.”

  3. WTH *Mitch calls the caucus to do as a personal favor! Talk about corruption an collusion! They should all be voted 0UT…✓mate

    1. I said months ago that anyone that votes for any of these senators under Moscow Mitch are simply voting for Moscow Mitch because he’s one of the ringleaders that tells them what to do and then they do it. Paul McCartney and wings once sang about a rock show so add music to this Congress and sing about a cult show.

  4. It’s time!! Get rid of the filibuster or bring it back the way it once was!! It’s been used to block any kind of reform by Republicans and take Mitch at his word when he said he would block anything 100% that Biden wanted!!

  5. NO SURPRISE , I don’t know why they even bothered negotiating with the Republican party we always knew this would be the outcome just subpoena them and do it yourself, you will get more respect for taking it on.

    1. Go back to the original filibuster. No more negotiations with Moscow Mitch, it’s his same old delay tactic

  6. Can the Capital Police Strike? How can they continue to work for these people after that?

    1. Maybe they should just take care of the people that care about them and forget about the rest.

  7. The filibuster isn’t the only thing that needs to, McConnellneds to go also, and sooner rather than later!

    1. I’m a conservative and I couldn’t agree more
      The nanshee peloshi needs to go too

  8. Don’t let the Losers Hold Democracy
    Hostage. End Filibuster.

    They Lost the Senate for a Reason.

    1. Congress was held hostage for four hours thanks to Trump with his fans AND insider support in Congress, FBI, police, military who let the mob in, didn’t send rescue for four hours then let them walk away! This needs investigation!! Serious arrests! Call in the Hague and UN if you can’t get an honest US investigation.

    2. Many state’s vote initiatives were over ruled by rethuglican legislatures.
      They claimed that had voters known what they know these initiatives wouldn’t have passed.
      What they meant to say was had voters gotten some of their campaign contributions from anonymous donors they’d have felt differently

  9. If we had the popular vote like other democracies, we wouldn’t be in this mess.
    Get rid of the electoral vote and the filibuster.

    1. Wishing they had a love bottom for this . We are fuc(ed . Politics has destroyed the USA

  10. They are doing just what their master did, fighting for votes for political gain while completely abandoning their current political duties.

  11. He’s saying only ARREST those that were caught. Not those RESPONSIBLE. The LIE & OPPRESS REPUBLICAN PARTY!!!

  12. Horrific day for our democracy. “The country can’t endure another period of obstruction.” So true.

    1. easy cure …remove Two people and your problems will go away…..Trump and Moscow Mitch….DUH!

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