What Happens Next For An Investigation Into Jan. 6 Capitol Attack 1

What Happens Next For An Investigation Into Jan. 6 Capitol Attack


Punchbowl News founder Jake Sherman explains what happens next for an investigation into the January 6th Capitol attack after GOP Senators vote to block the creation of an independent commission. 
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    1. @Weston W It was always going to be this way. Even if the Dems had made the entire commission Republicans, the Republicans were 100% going to vote this down.

    2. @Chris Thomas you have way too much faith in the American public. this is what the American public is capable of doing; electing Trump, reelecting McConnell, defending Barr and MTG. those Americans don’t care about your pursuit of justice cause in their minds you’re the criminals and what McConnell did in the senate is only going to reinforce their “We’re under attack by the left” mentality. actually the whole point of McConnell’s actions was to reinforce that sentiment and he succeeded.

    3. @Weston W You are not exactly sharp, the investigation was going to be independent, not

  1. The investigation is still going to happen. It was Senators like Joe Manchin and Sherrod Brown that insisted republicans at least be offered a seat at the table first. And it’s better this way, now any republican cries of partisan witch hunt will fall on deaf ears.

    1. “Deaf ears?” Biden and his teleprompter are destroying the country. In just 100 days: Homicide rates have skyrocketed in all Democrat controlled cities – Chicago, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles. Disastrous Unemployment Numbers – Highest Gas Prices – Inflation – Border Crisis – Middle East Crisis – Cancel Culture – Slurring – Gaffing – wandering off.

  2. Trumpanzees climbing the walls of the capitol building reminds me of the film ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’. Reminder: Caesar dies in the final installment.

    1. @Truth To Power One fascinating aspect of Trump is the exquisite control he exerts over his base. A constellation of empty vessels circulating him waiting to be fed. He lifts his baton and they genuflect on cue and in unison. The perfect waltz of happy servility.

    2. I Like….. TRUMPLICANS for the new GOP fools …Trumpanzees is great name for his followers!…….but I lovingly refer to him as DRUMPH or THE CHEETOE JESUS….

  3. Relitigating? No. It’s to figure out what happened and prevent it happening again. Odd that he says the right words for the wrong thing.

    1. They just don’t want to let the truth out the Repuicons were behind it all the time.Cmon as if they didn’t know what Trump was up to on that Jan 6th speech.

    2. @Ahmad Abdullah Not like a coin. There’s an element of chance involved with a coin. Let’s call it turning from a nice southern wind to a chilly north gale.

    3. @Lincoln’s Ghost with the opening of doors, and lack of weapons, seems like nothing but a distraction

  4. I wonder if the GQP has JUST shot themselves in the foot.
    This seems very rumpian short sightedness.

    1. @Davis Miller agreed, I do think this ultimately smells like rump!
      I think his base believes what they’re told to believe…sad

    2. @Edge Valmond I do agree with you..but they also can use this to drive the wedge deeper. More gas for the anger fire, that’s my fear.

    3. @michael holtzman True, and I agree there. Democrats better start organizing now, since the best way to tackle misinformation is to present facts. Even if it takes a while, at least some should wisen up.

      Then there is Texas passing the no permit to carry a handgun thing. If I am correct, eight to twelve years, Texas should flip.

      Then they have actions like the Cancun fleeing by Cruz. The problem comes in with Democrats playing Republicans at their own game. Like it or not, the time for playing clean has long passed.

      So, they better organize now, and start planning for 2022. Since if that margin tips in Republican favor, expect nothing to get done. A lot of Americans do not realize that the president cannot do anything without the House/Senate. Hence, educating the voter in any little way can help.

      Much like 2021 runoffs. They gotta be clear and precise on what they can provide. As well as hammering down on the Republicans for their obstruction.

    4. @Edge Valmond on everything you just stated, couldn’t agree more.
      Now Gaetz iz out on his bonkers tour with the Q queen telling people, they have the right to take up arms on the government?! ( 2nd amendment).

  5. McConnell gives a BS answer which escapes legislating against this from ever happening again.

    1. The way he so casually judged the true intent of an investigation made me want to throw a brick at him. McConAll has been in power way too long and it’s gone to his head.

    2. He can’t have his cake and eat it too! You can’t choose NOT Participate and then turn around and say look they’re setting up a Partisan Committee without us!!

    1. It suck’s that it got turned into a political flag, like come on nobody thinks about what it was created for.

  6. Old Mitch did as he was told to do. Most of the other Republican Senators dare not go against their leader Trump.

    1. @Callum Matias The Republican Party can now also be called the Party of Trump. One man in control. Trumps way.

    2. McConnell HATES Trump. I think all of this is his strategy to take down Trump and the Q-nuts in congress. He was asking for “personal favors” from GOP senators to vote against it. Bring on the select special committee. The Q-nuts and crooks will not be able to object to subpoenas now. Could have been McConnell’s and Pelosi’s plan against Trump, we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors with these people.
      The enemy of my enemy is my friend

    3. @Hat Bpto No Mitch fears Trump and his followers. 9 Republican senators did not show up to vote. A select committee by only democrats can be sold by Republicans as democrats playing partisan politics. Trump said no the Senate Republicans obeyed. The Republicans can thumb their nose at Pelosi forming a select committee of democrats.

    4. Repubs can still be a no show and Dems will just go around them !! Yelling No Bipartisan..as they refuse to cooperate..!!!

  7. How about the DOJ assign law enforcement career individuals to investigate all the documents. Findings and Interviews and then subsequently issue warrants and subpoenas. Plain and simple. Why do we need to let the criminals investigate themselves

    1. @foosgoalie Hope Merrick Garland takes charge and doesn’t save anyone’s reputation except perhaps his own by being the most honest and dedicated to justice Attorney General we’ve had! After Will Barr (Any Justice )we need that!

  8. McConnell is at the end of his political career and is leaving his legacy as the evil turtle who opposed everything offered by the Democratic Party without rhyme or reason and at the expense of the country.

    1. The Dems are the patriots. There needs to be an investigation into all of the far right and defective Republicants starting with Margie Green and her boyfriend Grotty Gaetz.

  9. The DOJ should set up a special prosecutor’s office to issue criminal indictments against Trump and his cohorts in Congress. Because justice … matters.

    1. @Bonnie Price NY State and the SDNY are investigating Trump’s financial crimes, but I was suggesting that Merrick Garland should set up an office to nail Trump, his administration, and his flunkies in Congress as regards their parts in fomenting the insurrection, among other crimes. This hasn’t happened, as far as I know, but when and if it does, there will be a lot to do.

    2. Yes do it through justice system..in a police way not political. Must work your way up to the truth and to the leaders. Need to call in Trump, Pence, Congress one by one for questions, all present including Capitol police and all officials who should respond in a Capitol take over and hostage taking of Congress for four hours. Who investigates domestic terrorists? If honest people in USA can’t do it hire Canadians.

  10. Biden NEEDS to do an Executive Order OR a Special Council put together by Pelosi.. This can NOT be swept under the RUG… ALL those republicans are TRAITORS..

    1. No, we’re patriots. Look through a history book. They didn’t sit around and watch a tyrannical government. That’s how we have our country today.

  11. Now no Republicans will have a hand or voice in the investigation. They seceded all investigative power to Speaker Pelosi. The GOP just played themselves…

    1. They unerstand that their base are low IQ and have very short attention spans. When the investigation starts and results made public, GOP will rant with outrage that they were not included. They will repeat over and over on Fox ‘News” that the left is taking over and the results are purely partison, and not to be trusted. We’ve seen this happen before with the GOP. They obstruct, then play the victim because they chose not to participate, and blame the Dems. The usual circus continues. The problem is that the DEM leadership always let the GOP get away with such tactics and bend over backwards for the GOP. When ever the DEMs win, they never behave like winners. SMH. The fillabuster needs to be gotten rid of, or at a minimum, revert the fillabuster back to a standing fillabuster.

    2. It was McConnell’s strategy. He knew the select special committee would have the best chance of taking down the man he hates: Donald Trump.
      This was planned. Wonder why he was asking GOP senators to vote against it as a “personal favor”?

    3. Democrats are working hard for Americans meanwhile ReTrumplicons can keep themselves with Mr potato head and Dr Seuss. Their poorly educated voters don’t mind wasting money on their useless and shameless representatives. SHAME. RIH GQP.

    1. @THE ANGRY QUAD The insurection was exactly like bengazi,only run by “Americans”(I use that term loosely,why I didn’t capitalize), if the attrocities were of 1/6 were committed by “foreigners”, you’d be screaming for an enquiry .

    2. @THE ANGRY QUAD you are correcting asserting that the two are “not even close”.

      There was no neglect on 1/6, it was by deliberate and by design. An brazenly open attempt to overthrow the government by (so-called) Americans, committed on American soil, in full view of the world.

      If you refuse to believe a;l of the video footage with your own eyes, then it might be time to try a new optician.

    1. Biden has been in power a long time too. Why didn’t he quit and gone to work in the private sector?

    2. Mitch doesn’t have any kids – turtles don’t reproduce until they’re 100 years old

    1. @Alan Smith – I would not be so sure. After four years of Trump, the 2020 election was still too close for democrats to be confident about the next elections.

    2. @Willard Chi don’t know what political isle you stand on, but THANK YOU for saying something logical here. Trump is the 2nd most voted for candidate in history. Democrats lost several house seats, some thought were to be Democrat landslides. Sure Republicans didn’t hold the senate seats but ALOT of democrat races for both House/Senate won barely. The fact that poles show disapproval for Democrats right now is NOT a good sign for midterms.

  12. From here and on, Democrats have to shine a light on the Republicans and their irresponsibilities.

    1. @Phil_AR Like what? Why didn’t McConnell or Barr start an investigation on the democrats? Because the republicans are worse.

    2. @Phil_AR There have been more republicans than democrats doing wrong for the past four years, and currently. From Trump to Cruz, to McConnell, all corrupt cowards.

    3. @Robert Whatever man you can put on whatever jersey you want and root for whatever team you like. Meanwhile they’re all getting richer while pitting us against each other.

    4. @Phil_AR I don’t see how the democrats are about Americans fighting each other. They tried with republicans to try and investigate the January 6th attack at the capital, and the republicans are blocking the investigation for political reasons instead of getting the truth. Trumps rallies were all about hate and insults. You didn’t hear him talking about policies, health care, legislation. The republicans are now part of the Trump circus.

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