Pete's Primer: Breaking Down The 3 Major Upcoming SCOTUS Decisions 1

Pete’s Primer: Breaking Down The 3 Major Upcoming SCOTUS Decisions


Pete Williams breaks down the three major upcoming Supreme Court decisions that may be decided in the coming weeks.
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  1. Every single Republican needs to be kicked out of the government for spreading all these lies before they can destroy this country

    1. @Josef I don’t need a crystal ball to see through the Republican lies Donald Trump told his supporters to overthrow the government by attacking the Capitol building and then when they did it he turned his back on them and let them rot in jail. If Republicans don’t like our government their are a lot of other countries in this world

    2. @Josef okay I’ll give you that both parties do lie but Republicans do it just a little bit more than should be but tell me the last time the Republicans passed a bill that help the American people

  2. Really, scotus, really, you are still talking about ACA from last decade, really? What century are you all living in that you have to litigate the past, Again?

    1. @Todd It’s not in the Constitution that this country was founded on the Judeo-Christianity religion, so that can also be up for debate.

    2. @Todd We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. ——

      US Bill of Rights

    1. @Eric V The Republicans in Congress, Trump’s fate as a traitor will be with prosecutors in NY and Georgia.

  3. The fact the US still doesn’t have universal healthcare like the rest of the modern world shows how backwards the country is.

    1. Lol, don’t worry. Once the supreme court is done with their republicunt devoute members a large portion of our population just won’t be able to get insurance. I lived most of my life not being able to get it because of how insurance companies are a fraud looking for no accountability to their subscribers.

    2. 1. Universal Health Care,,,= total govt control. it will justify laws dictating what you can eat, drink. Outlaw activities that are to risky. Do you want the government telling you you can’t have cancer treatment or a new hip because your too old?

  4. All of these issues have a chance at setting our country back by many years instead of propelling forward.

  5. When Biden gets over winning, He needs to put his foot down and move on the GOT, or they’re not going to have a country to govern over.

  6. All look like RepubliKKKlan cases … Freedom to take away your health care … Freedom to discriminate against LGBTQ and maybe Muslims & Jews (all they are saying is they want to ACT based on THEIR religion … a lot of stuff can go in that envelope) … Freedom to say and do what they want ‘off campus’ … remember, they say they are being canceled.

  7. Biden needs to unpack the federal bench…immediately would be nice, but public acceptance might require letting these radical religious corporation loving judges overturn hundreds of years of jurisprudence first

  8. Does anyone know what Biden is waiting for on policy??? The Qpubs and their leader Moscow Mitch have made it clear where they stand!! The Pres has only a very short window to get America back on track and he act like he doesn’t get IT!!

  9. We’ve pretty much the only country does not have health free healthcare we must Preserve life future in steak it’s about Humanity everyone has the right to live any good Society the hate will go away We Are the World we are God’s children

  10. We Are the World make everyday a brighter day for you and me. Compromise understanding respect one another there’s nothing we cannot accomplish

  11. Take Back The Future.
    Join The Sundance
    For A Constitutional Convention
    And Renovate The Republic.

  12. Yes the mystery tramp and all the pretenders to the throne. Bonnie parker and the devil’s brand, heart like a wheel and the devil’s deal, is the pot right are ain’t it shiny Irish republican boys? What is the difference between a republican and an Irish republican, of pure Rose beantown gold?

  13. Funny how the courts are life time appointments and they die in office clinging to power.

  14. Can you legalise discrimination, and at the same time criminalise it? Anyway, I refuse to serve squirrels, turkeys, and evangelicals.

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