Biden Celebrates Progress Made In Fight Against Covid Pandemic 1

Biden Celebrates Progress Made In Fight Against Covid Pandemic


President Biden delivered remarks during a visit to Alexandria, Va. and celebrated the progress that has been made in the country to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.
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    1. @THE ANGRY QUAD Obama brought America out of the 07/08 financial crisis caused by Trump and his Wall Street friends when they stole $14 trillion from Americans (nice of them right?) and it took years to do that. Trump did nothing except strip out regulations from the stock exchange, again allow excessive profit taking and to line rich Americans pockets with trillions more $$ that rightfully belonged to average Americans. And operation warp speed was a laughable joke with no substance whatsoever. He just made that stuff up to dupe his gullible followers. Trump was a terrible President only capable of a game of smoke and mirrors. Biden has instituted huge policy changes and fiscally responsible spending changes that have given the American economy new life. And he has focused sharply on the Covid-19 pandemic which was something Trump first denied then ignored.

    2. @Paul Copland

      I checked the star chart, and I don’t see that anywhere on there. It’s almost like it’s a figment of your imagination, or something.

      …oh, wait…

      What would a gutless little commie piece of vomit like you know about ‘pride’?

      …oh, wait…

    3. @Mark Fiutem Trump supporters like you always resort to pointless, moronic and infantile insults because you don’t actually have anything to say. It’s the most pathetic thing. You should lay off the meth, it’s messing you up. Once you’re clean maybe you can return to reality and discuss things. Until then, good luck with it.

  1. Joe Biden walked through a searing hot rattle snake infested desert to get to the laboratory so he could personally develop and distribute the vaccine in record time.

    1. @Harvard Chickie Biden didn’t invent the vaccines, everybody knows, and neither did Trump, but Biden get the distribution rolling so that people actually get them. Developing would mean little if the vaccines were still sitting in the factories.

    2. But you don’t dispute that Biden treked across the desert wearing only a mask to get to the lab and develop the mRNA treatment . ok

  2. Thank you President Trump for getting this vaccine ready so Biden could pretend he did not hide in his basement and do nothing but criticize.

    1. Not a vaccine. It is MRNA therapy. Call it what it is. It doesn’t fit definition of a vaccine.

  3. cause he had so much to do with it. it doesn’t matter who was in the seat, it was going to be done regardless.

  4. What has he done against COVID???? He took office right when the vaccine was releasing and COVID was on a downturn lol

    1. Joe Biden does even know what fema does how he doing better he lies about his sons buisness and you think spending more money than we can afford is doing better you shout leave this country

    2. @Dylan Snyder What is the point of debating , u can’t change my mind and I can’t change yours

    3. Yeah, tell republicans to either vote on the stimulus checks or not take credit for passing it when they clearly voted against them.

    4. @Connor Mumford but didn’t trump make Canada join the n America trade agreement??? So a clown was able to strong arm your country. What does that make your country???… a joke?

  5. Being that close to all those high school girls, I bet his secret service detail was considering him ‘the threat’.

  6. He’s good at taking credit for achievements of others as well as plagiarizing speeches…he doesn’t have any ideas of his own…

    1. Thank you REAL President Joe Biden for looking
      after the American people. And not trying to sell
      your efforts by requesting to put your name on the
      vaccine vials.

  7. yay for dropping the PCR CT from 40+ which is 100% to 28 CT causing less positives…. yyyayyy

    1. Exactly. Who would have thought the American people would be so weak and lazy they’d allow their own government to override their votes and install this puppet? Stunning. The “man” didn’t win. And I use man loosely.

      Never let it be said Americans aren’t stupid.

    2. @u/UrOverlord Says the man that doesn’t understand that farther is a perfectly correct word in that context. Is English just your second language? It is for me, but I still too often find that I know it better than natives…

  8. Can someone explain to me what Biden is taking credit for?
    It sounds like the news station taking credit for the nice weather.

    1. @Zakuzelo Hey, news is out that a Wuhan lab workers wife died from covid19 in 2019. Now you don’t have to take my word for it. But just for kicks, I told ya so! Lolz

  9. Just think about a 120 days ago he was a “anti-vaxxer” about the very same vaccine. But now that his side is peddling the same vaccine it is mysteriously OK!

  10. Four months after he took office we’re in a recession the Biden recession he needs to fix that before it gets worse prepare yourself America

    1. @Equality For All when you must have your head in the sand everything’s up across the board gas Lumber food Home Goods you must be a rich Democrat

  11. thank you president Biden it’s good to finally hear from a president that’s helping all people regardless of background or political affiliation instead of insults and name calling tantrums

  12. What have you done lately there’s a lot that needs to get done . You can take your bow’s later!

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