Berman calls out Kevin McCarthy’s response to Trump’s dinner with White nationalist

CNN’s John Berman breaks down the response from GOP leadership following former President Trump’s dinner with White nationalist Nick Fuentes and Ye. He’s then joined by CNN analysts David Axelrod and Scott Jennings for their perspectives.


  1. The idea that Trump did not know that Nick Fuentes would be attending dinner and that he didn’t know who he was is absolutely ridiculous and should be used only with the most gullible in our society.

    1. @Krissykriss  are the Kremlins paying in rubles still these days for trolling 3? or 4?..or is it mandatory clean licking Trump’s butt crack neck?
      Of course any two years ago the same time Trump was evicted and many russian bots opened YouTube accounts wouldn’t know.

    2. @Coreena Burke again, for the learning impaired his security detail should have vetted him , if you idiots don’t understand that you are proving there are far too many safety labels

    3. @Krissykriss
      I didnt know who the hell he was

      Even if that was true, why has Trump NOT condemned Fuentes? It would be so easy for a normal person to do so. Three words: I condemn Fuentes. But Trump can’t even do that.

  2. Expecting the GQP to change and confess that they’re wrong is the definition of insane. As if they are going to let complete strangers come around the orange clown.

    1. @Chiclet yep. Im not a drinker but the day he faces justice i will get drunk in celebration! 🎉 🍹 🎉 🍹

  3. Perhaps if the people Trump has deceived actually saw him before a judge, and being charged with every crime, where he would then plead not guilty to every charge, one at a time, just like he pled the fifth 440 times in NewYork recently, they might begin to understand just how far from the norm that he has taken them.

    1. @Krissykriss Learn how to read a warrant. Or better yet, listen to the hour long conversation with Brad Raffensperger. If you can’t read or hear, I don’t know what to tell you……

    2. @Krissykriss  👈 YouTube account started the sametime Trump got tossed out of office and the russian bots opened accounts…

  4. McConnell “let me say it again, because if I say something meaningless twice, you might believe me when I am lying to you. “

    1. @Krissykriss On this occasion. he said something meaningless that sounded positive, so that WHEN HE DOES LIE, people might believe him. Do you understand now?

      Example: “There should be no Supreme Court Justice nominations in an election year”.

    2. @Krissykriss  YouTube account is 2yrs ago the same time many of those wittle russian bots opened accounts…

  5. If the Republican party had not given them a home, these are the people screaming in the grocery store parking lot that we would walk by shaking our heads and thinking “How Sad”

    1. @Krissykriss  something obviously any 2yrs ago YouTube account wouldn’t understand, especially when it’s the same time many of those wittle russian bots opened accounts after Buttneck Trumpy was evicted…

    1. Really trump grand kids are jewish agaa as in the lies they know trump isnot a Jew hater these devils know it.😂

    2. Ivanka is- a. Kushner Kushner Family History
      Kushner Name Meaning

      Jewish (eastern Ashkenazic): occupational name from Belorussian kushner ‘furrier’ a word of German origin (see Kurschner ).

      Source: Dictionary of American Family Names 2nd edition, 2022

    3. @Lora Larose  sure 1yr ago YouTube account…that’s why Ivanka doesn’t want anything to do with her father anymore… he already has her involved with NY tax evasion charges…

  6. McConnell is trying to walk around the egg shells and not disturbing it! Forget about McCarthy he is afraid to say anything at all.

    1. @Krissykriss But McCarthy clearly did NOT denounce Trump’s having dinner with white supremacists and anti-semites. He lid about Trump doing something he didn’t. Why do you think he did that?

    1. Kevin McCarthy is absolutely FOS. He is giving Trump a run for his money as the biggest liar in the GQP. Such a sad sycophantic bootlicker.

    2. @Krissykriss  2yrs ago this account started. At the same time, many of those wittle russian bots opened accounts when Buttneck Trump finally got evicted…

    3. @Krissykriss Jesus! McCarthy is lying. Come on! Where has Trump ever condemned Fuentes? You got a link or quote from Trump?

  7. It is refreshing to see you taking a stand and responding to the dancing that is going on with GOP leaders. More need to do exactly this! We are tired of watching talking heads allow them to deflect from stating clearly and unequivically that hate, white nationalism, and anti- semitism are totally unacceptable in this beautiful diverse nation!

    1. Trump grandkids are Jewish trump is north a racist Biden called a kkk recruiter Dem congressman in 2010 his mentor and guide Robert byrd

  8. I can’t imagine ANYBODY would want to sit down with those two unless they have similar views. I would find it unbearable.

  9. Hey Trump, so the next time I visit Florida, can I just sit down and have a diner with you? Seem like you’re an easy going guy, just sitting and eating diner with strangers, or person you have absolutely no idea who’s that person was. Wow… Wow … wow!

    Also, I was just wondering what happened to your secret service guys? Are they now there with you?

    1. Why would he know him trump doesn’t hang out with people like that trumps grandkids are Jewish t who know people views I see my coworkers everyday don’t kno there views

  10. I wish the reporters in front of traitor Mccarthy would call him out when he lies, it makes them as bad as him then!!! Come on news outlets, you’re really not helping….. Most of the time.

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