Beto O’Rourke: For The People Act Is How We Get Our Democracy Back

The first For the People Act vote on Tuesday in the Senate is a chance for voters to push their senators on voting rights, Beto O'Rourke tells Joy Reid.
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  1. When given the option of either adopting policies that would appeal to more people or simply preventing people from voting against your unpopular policies, the GQP easily picked the latter. Way to stick up for American democracy! 🙄😅😂🤣

    1. It’s a zero sum game. A paradoxical win. Or is it called something else I forget.🤔 Where you win a small victory but their unpopularity grows and Texas turns blue forever when suppression no longer works.

    2. Either way it is a zero sum game. Any outcome Republicans can overturn or decide voting by their laws is not a free voting system. Therefore breaking our country.

  2. Texas needs to turn blue to send Republicans a real message! Join me this next governor’s race in ridding us of Abbott. Letting them know it’s not about red or blue but who will fight to save out country. Vote Abbott out. Vote out Ted Cruz.

    1. @Afi James so funny! Blaming Pelosi the speaker of the House what the Republican Bush did to the country! That’s giving this woman too much power! I think this is the joke of.the year if I understood this right

  3. I don’t know if anybody would believe the excuses Republicans use for the voter suppression law, Trump, McConnell and others said they’d never win another election without suppressing voter turnout…and that’s what they’re doing.
    Why aren’t they being thrown at with that statement ?
    It’s on video, just pull it up!

    1. Cheating Joe said we have come up with the biggest voter fraud organization! It’s on video just pull it up!

    2. Wait, kllng, injuring 1000s of people, burning, damaging private and government to the tune of $2,000,000,000.00, election fraud, election tampering on a mass scale, indicting innocent people, and making up fake crimes for political reasons, pretending that the media are the Free Press is a Christian Extremist problem?
      Can you even give me an example of Christian Extremism? No Cherry Picking now. (LOL!!!)
      I think what we have is a Hating Christians to the Extreme problem.
      No, really, go ahead. Give me an example.

    1. Laughable! Sometime the cutest pet is the most dangerous! The nicest chocolate in the box is the bitterest, the nicest neighbor in your new neighborhood may be drug dealer! I went for what gave me the idea of a person that cared and under the facade was the opposite!

    2. The key words in your concern is “as much”.. ask those who thought Hitler was not as much in the countries he invaded.

  4. Free and fair elections would spell the end of white christian dominance in America.

    And the Republican party knows it.


  6. who was it who said a picture is worth a thousand words? because it takes to have someone start talking or experience some sort of a relationship with to actually get an idea of how far the image we saw & found worth our interest goes. i mean if you too find good-lookin’ some kens & barbies but not anymore when you hear them 😷. other way around also happens 😇

  7. It’s far too late now, all the necessary power was given to and taken by the plutocrats long ago. They have more power now than at any time in history. It’s game over.

  8. Here they go hurting the people again how can you people stand still for these people stabbing you in the back I don’t get it and if you like being stabbed in the back well you voted for the right person to do that to you

  9. I’m as tired of hearing Republicans rationalize denying people the right to vote as I am hearing the phrase “tiny baby dolphin”.

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