Beto O’Rourke: ‘Virus Is Out Of Control,’ No Leadership From TX Governor | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

Beto O’Rourke: ‘Virus Is Out Of Control,’ No Leadership From TX Governor | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC 1


Former Texas Democratic Congressman and presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke joins Andrea Mitchell, criticizing the leadership of Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) and President Trump as cases surge in his home state, and cautioning against moving forward with reopening local schools in El Paso, saying "we are not prepared to do that. This virus is transmitting at a rate that is out of control." Aired on 07/13/2020.
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Beto O’Rourke: ‘Virus Is Out Of Control,’ No Leadership From TX Governor | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

77 Comments on "Beto O’Rourke: ‘Virus Is Out Of Control,’ No Leadership From TX Governor | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC"

  1. Walter Godsoe | July 13, 2020 at 2:34 PM | Reply

    There will be no monuments, plaques, remembrances of Trump other than smutty limericks.

  2. Trump is killing the United States.

    • UC Vibes. It’s you…yeah it’s you. Such a flabby retort. UTI Vibes …you are an insipid twit. You make me laugh tho…and that is OK.

    • John DiGiacomo | July 14, 2020 at 2:14 PM | Reply

      R. L.T, the FBI confirmed that internet posts attributed to ANTIFA encouraging violence and rioting were actually posted by white supremacist groups intent on discrediting ANTIFA, the vandals and looters weren’t peaceful protesters, several people arrested were right wing agitators. Several times protesters prevented looting at risk to themselves. Trump is destroying this country, and I believe you’re just a bot, because you took an opposite position on another line.

    • @John DiGiacomo Please provide links to the sources for ALL of your assertions. Until that is received (all of them) ….your comment is unsupported and thus fictional (fake news if you like). We will wait for your follow up.

    • John DiGiacomo | July 14, 2020 at 4:31 PM | Reply

      Apparently all the notices were deleted. I guess when comment is deleted the notice is also, good to know.

    • Trump is not single handedly killing the United States. If you think he is, you are brainwashed beyond belief. I’ll pray for you 🙏❤️🇺🇸

  3. Texans should consider these things when casting their votes. 🙂

  4. Now the virus is mutating in the US is it time to all it the TRUMP VIRUS!!

  5. Quintus Horatius Flaccus | July 13, 2020 at 2:46 PM | Reply

    The tree of knownothingism in full bloom—and we’re all forced to feast on its fruits.

  6. As long as Trump is in office………NO ONE IS SAFE IN AMERICA

    • anne-marie Andrews | July 13, 2020 at 10:35 PM | Reply

      @Mueller Time who would do something hitler like? trump would!

    • @anne-marie Andrews I notice that most, if not all, the female commenters here, would be worth more to society if they took up knitting.

    • @William H DELETED

    • John DiGiacomo | July 14, 2020 at 9:22 PM | Reply

      Mueller time, you think Biden’s losing, and you think others are delusional? Give it a few weeks, Florida, Texas, and Arizona may not believe in masks or Covid, but Covid apparently believes in them. The Democrats will be O.K. because they believe in masks and science. You may criticize other people’s language skills, but it’s your logic circuits that aren’t wired.

    • John DiGiacomo | July 14, 2020 at 9:36 PM | Reply

      Mueller time, you’re talking about Nazis in comparison to Democrats? Let’s look at Trump versus Hitler. Hitler, had newsreels, Trump has Twitter, Hitler had “lying press” Trump has “fake news” Hitler had Jews, Gypsies, communists, socialists, homosexuals, trade unionists, Trump has Hispanics, BLM, Muslims, communists, socialists, gays, and trade unions. Hitler was supported by industrialists, Trump by multinational corporations. Hitler had Kristalnacht, Trump has Charlottesville. Hitler’s speeches were rants against Jews and his enemies, Trump’s speeches are about immigrants and his enemies. Hitler used a Nazi minority to seize power, Trump has the Republican Senate. Hitler declared himself Chancellor, Trump declared he can do whatever he wants. Hitler sacrificed his people for his glory they lost because they were unworthy of him, Trump is sacrificing hundreds of thousands of Americans for the economy for his re-election. You want to talk about Nazis, please continue.

  7. Donald is the #1 reason I am voting for Biden and blue all the way down!

  8. Alvin Waldon | July 13, 2020 at 2:54 PM | Reply

    Mr. Evil is slowly creating a Covin-19 Graveyard throughout America. He aware what he doing.

    • Alvin Waldon | July 13, 2020 at 5:03 PM | Reply

      Stop the Injections. You better wear your mask and practices 6 ft social distance is the bottom line. Stop embarrassing yourself. Bye

    • Mueller Time | July 13, 2020 at 5:29 PM | Reply

      @Shana Young Loser: 1: someone who cries for 4 years straight because Hillary isn’t appointing scotus justices.

      2: someone who loots, riots and burns ones own community to the ground so that they are forced to live in a 3rd world $h1t hole like Africa.

      3: you

    • Mueller Time | July 13, 2020 at 5:29 PM | Reply

      @anne-marie Andrews check new York death rates. Check how much money it is to move from new York to a peaceful area.

    • Mueller Time | July 13, 2020 at 5:30 PM | Reply

      @Herb Liptow ummmmmmmm planned Parenthood murdered 80 thousand black babies last year. What do you call that? Crime prevention? We call it genocide

    • Satya Richburg Ju | July 13, 2020 at 7:54 PM | Reply

      Trump is a DIABOLICAL drama queen,improvising the greatest evil …

  9. Alfred Basurto | July 13, 2020 at 2:57 PM | Reply

    We are being run like a reality TV show. These guys arent listening to scientists. They are making up stats. Running all over anyone who questions them or gives them advice. Forcing things for election purposes. It’s out of control.

  10. Laura Lafauve | July 13, 2020 at 2:58 PM | Reply

    For our doctors and nurses,
    For our children and communities
    We need

    • Laura, almost every country in the world has universal health care- I just hope Americans are not too selfish, and can want medical care for all.

    • Laura Lafauve | July 13, 2020 at 10:13 PM | Reply

      @Fozzy Bear most regular Americans do want it. But they have been given a plethora of lies and disinformation. Big business pays off politicians and hide facts. Which is why I go to mainstream media sites where health issues are discussed and add in my two bits.

      You know, any time you can bare to leave a comment somewhere on YouTube in support of Healthcare, it really helps us out. The majority of Americans have been told that healthcare in CANADA, etc. Is expensive, of poor quality and you must wait long periods of time before you are seen. And the majority of Americans believe it. However, you can get some really nasty comments from people who are trolls or just don’t know better if you do try to tell them the truth.

    • @Laura Lafauve Hey Laura. 🙂 Well, in Australia, it works like this: if you earn nothing- say the homeless, you pay nothing, and you get full medical care, including ambulance. Same as if you are unemployed and on a benefit, or on any kind of pension. If you earn 50,000, you pay $20 a week, for all public care, including seeing any bulk-billing Doctor in Australia (most bulk bill, others are too selfish and you have to pay them). There are Doctors all over the place, and you can go to any of them- no-one asks what you do for a living, and no-one cares about your income. The thing about universal medicare is you can be in a hospital and be homeless, and the person in the bed next to you can be a barrister, and no-one- not medical staff- will know who is who. So, we can go to any public hospital if we need hospitalisation, and no cash or card will ever change hands. If you choose to take out private insurance, you will probably have to pay a “gap fee”, but on public universal health care, you pay nothing ever to the hospital. On $60,000 income, you pay $1200 a year. Cheap as chips for all of this. It includes X-rays and all manner of things. Here’s a link and youu can put in income to see how much Medicare money people have to pay on different incomes.

    • Laura Lafauve | July 13, 2020 at 11:35 PM | Reply

      @Fozzy Bear wow. That is really cool. Thank you!

    • John DiGiacomo | July 14, 2020 at 2:18 PM | Reply

      Mueller time, if we had a universal healthcare system, the testing, and early detection as well as track and trace might have prevented a significant number of cases and deaths.

  11. Eva Martinez | July 13, 2020 at 3:01 PM | Reply


  12. We made a grave mistake in Texas by not getting Beto over Cruz. Now we out here suffering

  13. Trump has blown this completely and we are not going to get on top of this pandemic until trump is out of office. The sooner the better

  14. Vote blue or PERISH. Trump’s lack of leadership is literally KILLING AMERICA.

    • Janice Harper | July 13, 2020 at 4:35 PM | Reply

      I think it’s trumps lack of reality that is killing America.

    • Trump 2Q2Q The Library | July 13, 2020 at 4:37 PM | Reply

      @Janice Harper i think its your lack of brain cells rubbing together that killing america

    • I will vote red like my life depends on it. Because it does. I refuse to be a slave to the mindless totalitarian leftists. I look forward to Antifa meeting Bikers for Trump. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    • As was just stated in the White House briefing, the CVC19 numbers are going down. This pathetic MSM outlet never covers the briefing, but send reporters to harass the poor Press secretary. Infected “CASES” are growing with the increased testing! If we can believe the numbers on CNN * 3.2 Mil “cases” of 220 Mil people is 1% of the population. CNN touts 135,000 deaths of 3.2 Million “CASES” , that is 4.2% of those infected dies or 0.042 % of the population dies. In Florida, today 4,276 deaths in 282,000 Cases that is 1.51% of Fla cases dies (way down from national avg) and 4,276 deaths in Florida population 21.48 Mil = 0.02% of the Florida population is dying. Texas is lower yet! 4, 276 dead in 265,000 “CASES” = 1.22% of cases dying, Population is 29 Mil = 0.112% of the Texas population is dying. These Numbers are going way down, despite the Fear Mongering by the MSM! I personally think the death numbers reported are high* The hospitalization numbers due to CV19 are lower than they say, that is why they try to use a % increase or never say, well only 20 % of all new hospital admittance is due to Virus. They don’t tell U that the hospitals are full of people getting long over due care for other that Cv19! Same for the ICU beds. This fear mongering needs to stop!!

    • @Pam Deshane Spot on. And to further prove that Covid 19 is a hoax, I heard that George Floyd’s death is listed as Covid 19. No one is listening to fake news CNN anymore. They have been caught lying too many times.

  15. The crazy part is, its the US President himself than are killing Americans, and Americans are just letting it happen.

  16. No way kids, especially elementary kids, should go back to school until this virus is under control with a well test and distributed vaccine that works… Until then everyone stay home!!!!

  17. ღSwnsasyღ _ | July 13, 2020 at 4:48 PM | Reply

    Texas picked a guy to be Senator that couldn’t stand up to a man that degraded his wife and father over this guy??

  18. buddhastaxi666 | July 13, 2020 at 6:08 PM | Reply

    When an impoverished African country had an Ebola outbreak the US stepped in and prevented a global pandemic. Now the US is a risk to the world.

    • What’s the difference…..? The Leadership…..Obama v Trump…….Leadership. Action vs. Blame.

  19. sheila winston | July 13, 2020 at 6:09 PM | Reply

    Dead people statues = important; dead and dying Americans =not so much

    • Right….all his Executive orders about defacing Confederate (of Traitors_ statues but won’t sign the Defense bill in to protect the people of the County….What’s wrong with this picture….I will tell you… Narcissism & Racism Trump has his priorities all Wrong.

  20. Conspiracynutsmakemechuckle outloud | July 13, 2020 at 6:36 PM | Reply

    This overall is the worst administration the US has ever had, the timing of this fact is an unfortunate situation during a pandemic

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