Biden and Pelosi Vow Action After Texas Abortion Ban

After the Supreme Court failed to block a controversial Texas law effectively banning abortions in that state, Democratic leaders including the president and the House Speaker are vowing to protect women's reproductive rights. We discuss with Shannon Pettypiece and Neal Katyal.
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    1. @Upper 90 Democrats were right wing conservatives back then, so don’t be calling or implying it was done by liberals. It says you are ignorantly foolish.

    2. @Peggy Mason coming from the party that wants to be Republican so bad that they change history saying they were Republicans 🤣😂 like I told all the other idiots show me the proof. Then to say that Democrats aren’t demanding vaccine on everyone was just truly hilarious, I mean the denial

    3. @Upper 90 believe me, we do not want to be fascist republicans. And if you think Democrats are forcing everyone to be vaccinated, show me the proof. Just like you that claim democrats want to take all your fricking compensaters (guns). If only! On both counts.

    4. @Peggy Mason that’s why you’re so ashamed of your Democrat history that you claim there was a platform switch 😂🤣 again Democrats founded the KKK and Democrats implemented the Jim Crow laws. Stay being a racist Democrat

    1. @goku kaioken lol..sometimes the the liberals nonsense left us with no choice but to laugh at it 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  1. Ahhhhhh still on the back foot and reacting.
    Gotta love the left.

    Self back patting for being so smart… gets dunked on continually by the inepts.

    By design, maybe?

  2. Well that’s why the Supreme Court is separate from the government, you don’t get to bypass their rulings when you don’t like them.

    1. @Ghost3 Delta who had the house under Obama??? DEMOCRATs.. Because REPUBLICANS in the SENATE asked him to
      Obama could have still done it anyway just like trump did it anyway

    2. @Syenna Watson Donald Trump had the best economy in history we all felt it, what you are witnessing right now is democrat policy. High taxes, massive spending, inflation, housing crisis, and unconstitutional acts left and right. You have no evidence because you seem to be forgetting major events in each of those terms. War. I’m not a fan of republicans much either so spare me the let’s pick sides thing.

      P.S. Every Democrat President besides Kennedy in recent memory helped build a system to enslave the citizens and push divide and hatred while they takes in trillions. Your jaded view of the world is the result of it.

    3. @BrasshoundFALSE the ECONOMIC policy that TRUMP PASSED that made him RESPONSIBLE for the economy…
      Just name the policy title that’s It

    4. @Syenna Watson “REPUBLICANS/CONSERVATIVE Absolutely DO NOT CARE about kids…under any circumstances… ever ” Proabortion policies led to the killing of 62 Million babies. You have no moral high ground to stand on, just an illusion.

    1. @Kathleen Wyatt
      “People say a Biden presidency means I’ll lose my guns-“

      “BINGO”- Joe “tato-tyrant” Biden

  3. Swatting – when people call the police and lie you committed a crime or a violent crime is currently happening in your house. Now you have a swat team around your house, kicking in your door weapons drawn. For Black families, this could be a death sentence.
    No qualified immunity for police and lying swatters. I’m suing everyone!!!

  4. Just another reason to vote ALL BLUE in ’22. Gilead, ah, I mean Texas, has declared war on a woman’s right to reproductive freedom and reproductive health.

    1. @Mossy horn Hunter your not very familiar with divorce and child court cases here in Texas are you ? Men get boned by the courts more than you could possibly imagine…

  5. We can all agree the abortions that should’ve taken place were: Biden Kamala, Pelosi’s and don’t forget Schiff to name a few!!

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