Justice Sotomayor: ‘Stunning’ SCOTUS Decision Creates ‘Citizen Bounty Hunters’ In TX

Lawrence O'Donnell talks to Harvard Law professor Laurence Tribe about the Texas anti-abortion bill that the Supreme Court refused to block.
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  1. the Military Airlifted some woman from the Taliban State of Afghanistan, now they must Rescue woman from the Taliban State of Texas.

    1. Maxine Water’s :”If you see a Trump appointee, you surround them and get in their faces and let them know that they are not welcome!”~totally acceptable speech from elected representatives

    2. Jessica Doty Whitaker was shot in the back of the head for saying ALL LIVE MATTER at a protest BLACK LIVES MATTER.

      Not one DEMOCRAT OWNED news source other than a very few YouTube channels have covered this.

    3. We must stop this the conservatives now they are running amuck! We must boycott Texas and Florida in every way possible.. We must wake up now it is a small thing but I have now refused to help anyone from Texas or Florida with computer stuff I have boycotted all products from thies states I can I will not do any business with Texas or Florida if at all possible. Texas and Florida are states in the old confederacy attempting to flout the constitution again We need to crush this conservative rebellion before we become North Korea!

    4. @Jonathan Kovacs Socialism has killed over 150 Million people in My lifetime. They have always loved killing off their own populations. Never give up your guns.

    1. Putin did too, and Trump let him. Considering that, perhaps bounties are the new hot thing among Republicans.

    2. @Johan Nilsson Trump stopped Putin to build the Nord Stream2 but Biden colluded with Putin for Nord Stream2. It’s real Biden Russian Collusion.

    3. @Will Payne I doubt you will answer thus honestly but do u think hitker was right,center,or left on the political spectrum ???

    4. @VanGiai Do you should expand your critical thinking skills a little bit and ask yourself strategically WHY . And get back to me

    5. @Joe Well Trump is insane, responsible for hundred of thousands deaths, and if he is elected again, he might get the chance to break the record.

    1. ​@Miriam Bonnet So? More than 2000 military died during trump’s time in office, and trump didn’t even go to the transfers.

    2. You mean Kagan and Sewermayor lied to get their seat. But, FDR and Hugo Black lied to get Hugo’s seat, because he was a KKK Grand Wizard.

      How many KKK leaders have been Democrat congressmen or appointed by a Democrat for Supreme Court justices? Over 1,000. How many have been Republican congressmen or appointed to SCOTUS by Republicans. ZERO.

    3. I felt that Barrett should not have been accepted because her life style was proff that she would be partial to her own beliefs

    1. @Noneya Bidness What you think you remember and what you actually do are quite different, science has demonstrated this even on a fully developed brain. Higher functioning brain activity is not present until the 13 to 16 weeks on a fetus, so what you are claiming is an impossibility regardless of what you believe.

    2. @Isaac Not sure what your referring to but if you mean abortion I thinks it’s been going on a fair bit longer than that…

    3. @Xela somar science also proved it was impossible for a human to run a sub 4 minute mile. Currently, 3:56 is Olympic qualifying time and the world record is 3:43.

      Science had also stated it was impossible for a human to run the 100 meter in under 10 seconds. Even women are breaching 10 second 100m.

      Science also said it is impossible for human reaction time to be lower than 150 milliseconds…current professional gamers AVERAGE under 100 millisecond reaction times…top gamers achieve 20 millisecond reaction times. And even top sprinters obtain reaction times of 87ms.

      Dear, science doesn’t know what is possible.

      But my memory remains. 😉

    1. @JOYA MAHAN the former guy wanted to punished his political opponents and requested his terrorist group to attack the Capitol that’s what third world country does so thanks to the Republicans.

  2. Whatever happened to “personal freedom to choose?” I guess that only applies to the things conservatives agree on.

    1. You mean, like the personal freedom of the father to choose or the personal freedom of the baby to choose to be born?

      Of course it only applies to the things that we conservative agree on. Why should it be any different than the way you liberals think. You think that here are 500 genders and that a woman can be a them and be 500 different people. You think that a man can think he is a woman and not be mentally ill.

    2. @Rick Karsan It is very arrogant from you to decide that the whole American nation is a “Christian” and “God fearing nation”. Not religious myself, but I am pretty sure that many people do not consider their God as being a fearful entity, but rather as a comforting and benevolent one. But again people like you always pretend to surmise, for your own self-serving opinion and bias, how other people feel. Typical and evil.

    1. @keir farnum you are so racist and homophobic for assuming that I can have a goodfaithful relationship with my wife just because I’m a black trans woman. You are canceled.

    2. All the big corporations are moving there! Tesla, Oracle, Google, etc, ETC! So I guess they could care less what you think!

    1. @Will Payne …and all conservatives are sheep. Think about that the next time you talk to the ‘ shepherd of men’.

    2. @Terry S Actually, not all conservatives are sheep, only the ones who follow Christ. And because we follow Christ we don’t like man or liberal media nonsense.

    3. @Will Payne “because we follow Christ we don’t like man”. I don’t follow Christ, but that’s a pretty big departure from the Christ I’ve always heard about.

  3. Aren’t the Republican anti-maskers, anti-vaccers claiming “my body, my choice” the hypocrisy is abominable

    1. @Kai Huang Thank you so much. As soon as she is done, I will send you her photo in exchange of your kindness.

    2. @TrumpHITLERJesus Christ Oh ! He looks a so handsome man. Thanks. I’m sure my girlfriend will stick to his words.

    1. @Hayle Seyton I was refering to msnbc who gives out left wing news. Insults are a fools refuge. Abortion, what happened to personal responsibility? If you don’t want to get preg then take precautions. I said what I think. You sure didn’t say anything

    2. @omik redarhcs can you please show me where I insulted you? I was literally saying if you have something to say say it because you said nothing. So in your response to me you didn’t just noticed just now that you had to add a lot more that you didn’t say in order for anything to make sense? Didn’t insult you I just told you if you had something to say say it because you were the one who just dropped by with a random comment that didn’t make sense. Is there anything you were the one who insulted me. Are you like five? Now you see that was an insult.
      Not here to fight but I’m certainly not going to take crap from anybody either. Oh, and also you can’t figure out my name apparently because I’m a dude.

    1. @wade stanton cause I live in a city of Americans not left wing commies. We’ve had zero restrictions on our liberties and it’s been awesome.

    2. @Dominique Brasseur Doctor could be compelled to disclose by court order/warrant. It would override “confidentiality”. Also any attempt to TERMINATE a pregnancy, after 6 weeks, could be considered murder. Legal precedence has already been set, like Scott Peterson in California being convicted of murder of an unborn child! Maybe you should keep your legs closed Dominique! I just want to know…can I come from out of state to ‘hunt’ baby killers in Texas?

    3. @Tyler Durden Is it in america? Eastern MT is like that, no leash laws in towns, records of dogs rabies vaccinations are PRIVATE (meaning none). Dawson county can never figure out why they have to be in rabies quarantine every summer ( nobody honors guarinteen in MT. Ooops except when the old folks homes deny visitors every winter because flu virus. Why do they put old folks homes so far from hospitals in eastern MT?). The State covers the cost when whole classrooms need rabies vaccination So all the parents take advantage of the free Rabies vaccinations. Kinda’ like anti-vax till they really need one for themselves

    1. @Will Payne The parties switched positions in matters of race in the 1920 when Hoover ingratiated himself with the segregationists for votes, and cemented when Nixon opted for Goldwater’s Southern Strategy. Now the GOP is the party of Neo Nazi, racist and white supremacists.

    2. You do understand abortion is taking the life of living human being –just like biden did with the 13 servicemen.

  4. Sounds like the old Soviet Union where people ratted out their friends and neighbors who weren’t good comrades.

    1. @John Langevin
      ✝️Bishop Thomas Tobin
      Texas has implemented its “heartbeat ❤️bill” that prohibits abortion after six weeks of pregnancy. The law provides important protection for unborn children. Let’s work and pray for the day when every state in the nation, including Rhode Island, does the same.

    2. @David R. StoneCriminalizing abortion doesn’t stop it. It doesn’t even slow it down. It just makes it dangerous.

      Countries where abortions are illegal have the highest rates of abortion.

      But I’m sure you know that.

    1. @Will Payne
      Then how was Mueller able to hand down 37 indictments? 5 who have been pardoned by trump to cover his criminality.

      All the Intelligence Agencies said there was Russian interference in 2016. ALL. And this with trump appointed heads.

      “Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross section of a lot of our assets” Trump Jr. on an investor conference. Also “We have all the funding we need out of Russia” Eric Trump in 2015.

    2. @Will Payne The cons had a opportunity for a bipartisan 1/6 commission, they turned it down. So the speaker created her own and even appointed 2 Republican to it when she didn’t have to.

    3. @Will Payne  There is NO mass voters fraud. NONE. >60 court cases have already attested to that, most of them presided by Republican judges, some appointed by trump himself. >Trump’s own AG and DOJ has already attested to that; >The head of NSA Cybersecurity has already attested to that; >All the Republican Governors that certified the votes have attested to that; >the FBI has attested to that; > All the Boards of Electors have attested to that; >All the Intelligence Agencies have attested to that; >The SCOTUS has attested to that; >The Senate led by McConnell who accepted and counted the votes on Dec 14 attested to that; >A joint session of Congress on Jan 6 attested to that; > Chump’s own VP attested to that; >And even Chump knew that when he allowed the transition to begin back in Nov. The only ones who don’t know that is his dumb cult whom he needs to keep on grifting for money.

  5. We must fight this politically and ECONOMICALLY by never vacationing or doing business in red states ever again! Biden needs to expand and balance the courts and apply term limits also.

  6. Sotemayor
    A woman who has more balls and empathy than the Texas GOP’s or those in the SC who voted to uphold the Texas law on abortion

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