Biden Wants Action On Climate Change Citing Ida Floods And California Fires

The president is calling for action on climate change citing the unprecedented deadly floods from the aftermath of Hurricane Ida and the raging wildfires in California. We discuss that and more with Jacob Ward and Shannon Pettypiece of NBC News.
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  1. Thank goodness we have a President who at least acknowledges that this is an issue…. Instead of tweeting about snow in the winter…

    1. I gonna tell you something that is unfortunatelly not covered in the media when it comes to climate change. And believe me, it’s worth to read this entire comment to the end, even if it takes a few minutes. Internal documents of fossil fuel companies prove that they were already concerned in the 1950s about possible consequences of CO2 emissions for the Earth’s climate. Furthermore internal documents of fossil fuel companies from the 1970s prove that at this time these concerns have already become a certainty for them. That means that already in the 1970s the fossil fuel industry KNEW that CO2 emissions will cause a dramatic climate change. And now let’s take a look on what could have been done against it in the 1950s until the 1980s:

      The “Kværner process” is a technology originally developed in Norway in the 1980s to split hydrocarbons like gas & oil into clean CO2-free hydrogen and solid carbon which can be safely buried again as a waste product. It is a method which uses electricity and it takes 75 kilojoules of electric energy to convert 1 mole of methane into an amount of hydrogen with an energy content of 570 kilojoules. Currently it is in fact the most energy efficient way to produce hydrogen, 7.6 times more energy efficient than electrolysis of water and even more energy efficient than steam-reforming which today is the state-of-the-art method used in the industry. The start-up “Monolith Materials” and their partner Mitsubishi opened a commercial clean hydrogen plant this year in Nebraska which uses the “Kværner process” and they plan to open 30 more plants in the coming years. Hydrogen can be used as a clean CO2-free fuel for cars, trains, ships & airplanes, it is used in the production of ammonia for fertilizers, in Germany and Sweden it is already used to make steel without CO2 emissions and it can be used for heating.

      Another method called “Methane Pyrolysis” is known even earlier since the 1960s. “Methane Pyrolysis” does the same as the “Kværner process” but uses heat instead of electricity and has a similar energy efficiency. Although it contains “Methane” in its name it is as well perfectly suitable to process higher hydrocarbons like oil. In 2020 the german chemical company BASF has announced that they have developed “Methane Pyrolysis” to the point where it can be commercialized. In the future natural gas from Russia will be processed to clean CO2-free hydrogen which will be used in the german industry to produce CO2-free steel and for the heating of homes.

      Now these two technologies target hydrocarbons. However there also exists a technology called “Direct Carbon Fuel Cell”. A direct carbon fuel cell is a fuel cell which uses coal instead of hydrogen. The first patent for such a fuel cell was granted in 1896 to William W. Jacques, US Patent 555,511. Now a direct carbon fuel cell does produce CO2 because it oxidizes coal, however its efficiency is twice the efficiency of a conventional combustion based generator. This means that one can use only half as much coal for the same amount of power as in conventional coal power plants. Furthermore a direct carbon fuel cell produces a concentrated stream of 100% pure CO2 as exhaust. One can therefore capture the exhaust directly without any complicated & energy intensive additional steps. This CO2 can then be either pumped into empty oil & gas fields, so that it is not released to the atmosphere, or it can be used as an ingredient for carbon-negative concrete like “Carbicrete” from Canada.

      So what does all this means? Not only did the fossil fuel industry know about the disastrous consequences of their CO2 emissions, they also already had the technologies to fix this problem decades ago. The fossil fuel industry has spent billions and billions over the decades to influence politicians so that effective measures against climate change were not put into practice. They could have used the money for R&D instead so that the “Kværner process”, “Methane Pyrolysis” and “Direct Carbon Fuel Cells” could have been used already decades ago. This way they could have been able to continue their business, making money AND contribute to climate protection.

    2. @Kevin Santich Derek Billy is a Russian Troll who started his/her YouTube Account on Sep 2, 2021 ..which was just yesterday …. There are 100’s of these new pro Putin/Trump Troll accounts popping up here every week …so fyi just click on the user name and then click the about tab on their channel and you’ll be able to see most of these people who are lying about Biden and the Democrats are very new to YouTube … IE were seeing what is called a Troll army …back in 2016 Putin and Trump inundated Social Network sites ( including Youtube ) with automated bots … but social network sites can spot and remove them quickly these days … so Putin’s and Trumps people changed their tactics and are using real live Trolls now ..this is why were seeing them more and more on YouTube News related channels …

    1. @eternal_napalm what a clueless comment. Biden just airlifted over 120,000 people out of Afghanistan in a week, tell me again how many Trump got out?

    2. @Sniffy Walkaway Biden actually the taliban’s fault it’s not like he ordered them to die unlike trump on Jan 6th

  2. Then Biden needs to fully support the infrastructure plan by progressive Dems. He needs to get behind getting rid of the filibuster too, for climate change action, voting rights and now reproductive rights.

  3. Earth will repair itself regardless if we want to help or not. The question is will humans be around when it happens.

    1. Maybe Joe, Nancy and Chuck can go over to China and sit on smokestacks.😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  4. Mother Earth has always went through climate change. Sorry this is just a smoke screen of his failures. The lies he told us and sadly the loss of lives he’s responsible for.

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