Women’s Health Law Draws Surge Of Support In Wake Of Texas Anti-Abortion Vigilante Law

Rep. Judy Chu talks with Rachel Maddow about the rush of support for her Women's Health Protection Act that would codify the protections of Roe v. Wade after the Supreme Court opened the door to those protections being eliminated, and whether that surge in support is enough to pass the bill even through the Senate.
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    1. What I think is absolutely Beyond hilarious women’s rights my body my choice works with abortion but when it comes to the vaccination and wearing a meth it’s not their body it’s not their choice🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. @lj Rebel an unmasked unvaxxed individual can infect anyone that is already an individual living being they walk past in a single day killing 2-4% percent of them and destroying the lifelong health of 60% they infect. that is a BIG difference from a woman getting a once in a lifetime abortion to rid herself of what scientifically is a parasite on her health and possible life before viability. YOU cannot compare the two

  1. This is a precedent to overturn the Constitution and create a paramilitary “enforcement” agency that is beyond the law.
    Suddenly Gilead seems less like fiction and more like the future goal of the Republicans…

    1. @annoyed aussie So your entire comment was just a disingenuous attempt to blame white people for something that was happening for 1000 years before they even landed….

    2. @Samuel Adams How so? It was a balanced comment noting both did it how on earth is that blaming one side? You have issues if you can’t see a balanced comment as a balanced comment and get triggered.

    3. @annoyed aussie You literally said this is just white men doing what they always and that was it….you can weasel it all you want…it was a biased comment based on anti white rhetoric that isnt true

    4. Abortion is not mentioned anywhere in the US Constitution, which is part of the reason Roe was such a poorly decided case.

    5. @Samuel Adams how on earth you interpreted my comment as saying white people doing what they always have is beyond me, the world was a brutal place 150 years ago and longer , lands of warring tribes and royalty oppressing and killing each other, everywhere. I happen to be of English/Scottish descent with apparently some Norwegian and Swedish going way back according to my brothers results Ancestry DNA test , so pretty good chance I have some brutal killers in my family tree somewhere, whether they be raping and pillaging Vikings or English scalpers and one of my ancestors the first to arrive in Australia was female and arrived in 1810, so pretty early on, don’t know why she came here but given the time period maybe she was a convict. Everyone has a brutal past that’s just how it is , nothing to be ashamed about. Anyway my original comment was only pointing out where governments have put bounties on people just like Texas has now done nothing more or less. You have a good day and try not to be hypersensitive for your own sake.

    1. @bearlytraincot every time a man thinks he’s going to decide the reproductive rights, freedoms and complete disposition of same of a woman he doesn’t even know~or even if he does know her~ and thinks he can sign his name and have dominion over her body… God laughs. Sometimes even God can’t help but laugh at a fool.

    2. I know what you sayinn Joe,,!!,,,,,your comment went way over their heads,and NOW they ARE TRIGGERED!!–LOL☆☆☆

  2. We need a law that forbids states from making laws about women period. How many state laws are there that target men? ZERO. WTAF?

    1. For one as a man you are required to sign up for the draft. You can also be arrested for not paying child support which also targets men as they arent seen as equals when it comes to parenting.

    2. Did you know there’s a reason it has been called the “heartbeat law”? Did you think they were referring to the mother’s heartbeat?

    3. @Animae Infinitus the “heartbeat law” is a deliberate misnomer. At six weeks – the time that such laws ban abortion – the embryo doesn’t even have a heart, and therefore does not have a heartbeat.

  3. Oh, is this a “my body my choice” kinda thing? Why isn’t this being applied to certain illegal mandates right now?

    1. Noone if forcing a vaxx on you. you are choosing not to get vaxxed and suffer the social stigmatization as a consequence of that choice.
      vs forcing a woman to be a walking incubator based on your belief that life begins at conception, vs the science that a fetus cannot survive without its host until 24 weeks. a heart doesnt even develop until 10 weeks a flutter in a vein is not a heart. at 22 weeks they get a nerve system.

  4. That’s right. Don’t wait for later to do everything you can in order to reverse this law. Not to act quickly and decisively will send republicans in other states the message that the death of roe vs wade is near if they follow Texas lead.

  5. Because you can’t have a constitution amendment for only half of the country excluding half of the country because of their gender

  6. “Women Health Law”… Just as long as we are not talking about injecting women with experiments. They don’t count.

    1. @Mickey Thomas Go meet with some of the conservative Evangelical and Mormon women who have had late-term abortions. They can describe the gut-wrenching decision to terminate a pregnancy for medical needs. One example: a Mormon anti-abortionist who had a late-term pregnancy with a baby who was in agonizing pain due to birth defects. She chose to terminate rather than prolong her child’s suffering and mitigate the very high risk of her own death. If she had died, her other children would have been without a mother.

      Too many of you buy into the political sound bites without really understanding the pain of the decision. You paint all women as promiscuous baby killers rather than taking time to understand. And frankly, if you don’t have a womb, you will never fully understand the responsibility that comes with growing another life within your body. Sometimes, painfully hard decisions must be made. Ignorant shaming and restricting healthcare only compounds the problem.

    2. @Mickey Thomas supporting that child is a right that not even pro life are ready to assume. Then what is pro life about ???

    3. @Sophia Wilson lmao pretty much nobody is saying a woman shouldn’t get an abortion if her life is in danger because of the pregnancy. take your own advice and meet a conservative because you clearly don’t even know what they believe about abortion.

    1. If you believe it’s wrong to get an abortion don’t get one. If you believe it’s wrong to get a vaccine don’t get it. Your body, your choice. I consider myself to be a Christian and I’ve known a lot of people who profess Christ to be their savior but I’ve never met a one who has any business forcing the law on anybody.

    2. @Todd Rampage its called Delivery and yes i have lived in NYC. yes people who got the jab can still spread it but the studies show at a Much lower rate.

    3. @Llynnyia THat’s a lie- colleges have rejected students who will not take the shot as have businesses and the government. If you leftists didn’t have hypocrisy you would have no ideology at all.

    4. @bearlytraincot So you believe its OK to murder innocent babies and no one has a right to oppose this abomination?? . No Christian advocates the murder of innocent life.

  7. I just can’t wrap my mind around the hypocrisy 🤯
    Anti maskers/maskers: “We have a right to say what’s good for our bodies and we don’t care about the lives of others”
    Also Anti maskers/maskers: “Women have no right to say what’s good for their bodies, we don’t care about the emotional or mental strain we’re putting on them, and we want to save the life of fetuses that aren’t legally considered a life yet, but we don’t care if we give them the virus after they’re born.” 🤦🏽‍♀️

    1. Killing babies in the womb is evil. Making the comparison of killing babies in the womb to the flu is dumb 🤦🏻‍♂️

    2. If every Covid infection ended in the termination of the one infected, then you might have a valid point. There is a reason why an abortion is called a termination…

  8. We could do the same thing in California with guns. You can have a gun but if anyone sells you a gun or bullets. They can be fined $10,000. Put that into your gun and smoke it! See how long that the SC lets that fly.

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