FEMA Preparing For Power Outage Of ‘Several Weeks’ In Louisiana

FEMA administrator Deanne Criswell talks with Rachel Maddow about responding to simultaneous nationwide emergencies from fires to floods to a situation in southeastern Louisiana that has actually become more dire since Hurricane Ida knocked out power for millions of people.
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  1. 300 million dollars a day, seven days a week, spent in Afghanistan for 20 long years, most went into purses of military industrial complex corporations.

    Of course, no funds for the aging, rusting and decaying U. S. infrastructures

    1. @Sniffy Walkaway Biden Deathsentence and Abort are causing preventable deaths of HUNDREDS of Americans DAILY. But you are silent on that.

    2. @Waryaa Wariiri trump is so old – he might die by 2024 – or probably be looking for a new running mate – hey, who better than one of these inspiring dopes?

  2. That is a red state. They will just be happy if you throw them some rolls of paper towels. I mean they cheered it before.

    1. @Florida Man You thought about that comment, I mean you really thought about it. And you still posted it. That’s pathetic – I see why you named yourself ‘Florida Man’

  3. Another Red state sucking up Fed money that the Blue states provide. In this instance, however, I’m happy to have paid my share.

  4. SEVERAL WEEKS without power??!! WTF! The remotest parts of Mogadishu or Monrovia have better utility service! America’s infrastructure is a complete joke …

  5. Time to have that hard discussion about relocation from these dangerous places. The Cycle of rebuild/destruction/rebuild/destruction must end in these dangerous places like the coast of La. where I suppose it is cheap to buy land. But…

    1. I have seen the same thing in Laguna Beach, CA and Malibu, CA. The canyons have both repeatedly burned and then flooded/landslide. They just keep rebuilding. Maybe they can do like Biden and Build Back Better. 😉

  6. Retool and retrain the military thatʻs just been withdrawn from Afghanistan and put them to peaceful use here, helping their fellow citizens.

    1. EXACTLY!! Did you see that Linkin Park music video of what SHOULD have happened during Katrina. The Saints are Coming. Would like to finally see that for real.

    1. Evacuate them to closed military bases or convention centers with hotels and restaurants.
      Set them up in military tents. Certainly it is warm enough. First move them 100 miles or more to dry land and have the National Guard feed them and attend to their other needs.

    1. Certainly no person with any brains wants to vacation on these virus incubators, but as temporary housing until these people can be moved to viable land, cruise ship could work. Goodness knows they have plenty of water to keep them afloat.

    2. @ruth depew These climate victims have no water, shelter, electricity etc…. Cruise ships can house up to 6,000 people. And while we ‘re at it ,naval hospital ships. Glad you see this as an option. Blessings

  7. Thank you President Biden for everything you’re doing. Can you imagine if that orange joke was in charge. I shudder to even think about it.

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  9. Really need to build up some infrastructure junctions that can be restarted quickly after hurricanes, or in the case of Texas cold weather, or hot weather.

  10. I’d be moving. Doesn’t seem like there’s many safe places whether due to a states politics or climate impact.
    Might be time to immigrate.

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