‘This Is A Courts Problem’: Supreme Court Flop On Abortion Law Prompts Calls For Reform

Dahlia Lithwick, senior editor at Slate.com, talks with Rachel Maddow about solutions being discussed to ensure abortion rights for women in the United States, and emphasizes that even with new legislation, structural court reform is the only way to counter Republican distortion of the courts on this issue. 
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  1. Nobody gets it. Once you start creating a vigilante Force out of people who are not responsible to anybody it’s the end of the rule of law as we know it

    1. @Yourdeadmeat69 I’m curious. As a lifelong dem I still don’t understand why the left compares trump to hitler. He’s so far off it’s not even plausible and his ideology so different I ponder how anyone could make such an analogy ? I’m curious. How is it do you come to such an obvious error. Please elaborate

    2. @James Young an awful lot of us are mixed race in this country. I’m German Irish, my wife was Irish Italian, her cousins are Scots Irish and my best friend growing up was Polish Irish. Why? White Anglo-Saxon Protestants didn’t mix with us so we Irish, Polish, Italians and Germans etc. married among ourselves. As far as sterilization goes, that comes from the religion of Evolution; survival of the fittest, elimination of those deemed not fit to live or reproduce. WASPs had/have a peculiar doctrine wherein God favors what they call Anglo Superiority my Bible tells me God is not a respecter of persons. Despite my German/Irish heritage I have strong semantic features and I found out a lot of black people hate Jews. I just laugh at people who are anti-Semitic; I’m not a Jew, i’ve had people try to pick fight with me because I thought it was but I’m a big guy and I’m taking on racist, 4 to 1. I don’t hold it against black people for hating because they thought I was a Jew, people are just people, sometimes people are stupid and hopefully it isn’t permanent.

    3. And next We the People will begin suing the leftist states that became too activist and antiConstituional.

    1. @Peter Russell sure medical privacy is, but if the decision to abort does not come from a medical reason, then that does not apply

    2. @Joyan Ropen That’s not an answer that’s a question. Can you prove you are alive? The answer is no you can’t. Math which science is based on can’t even prove math calculations are correct. Literally there is a hole in math where no math can be fully proven to be true. So if you go by science / logic to prove what is alive then you actually can’t prove anything 100%. And this is not a joke look it up if you don’t know about the hole in math.

    3. BeansPlaysItAll 92
      Medical privacy is a constitutional guarantee. When is your next doctors appointment so I can make medical decisions for you.

  2. Rachel, you do understand that roe v. wade is why the federal government has a say in woman’s health. I mean even rbg said the ruling was a mistake as it would set woman back decades. But hey I get it timelines are hard to keep track of when pushing a narrative.

    1. 19 million Black babies have been aborted between 1973- 2016. There are only 33 million Black Americans combined.

    2. That case didn’t give the federal government anything. It was about state governments being able to hold their own votes and decide what they want. Different states can have different laws.

    1. @T 1 I almost forgot: the latest jobs Report is out and jobs fell below Biden‘s prediction by half a million. Talk about _unworthy._ Barack Obama: “never underestimate Joe’s ability to f*** things up.”

    2. @T 1 funny how sometimes things come in twos. I’ve got comments from one dopey kid who doesn’t understand a human embryo is the result of recombinant DNA from his parents and another dopey kid who doesn’t understand how the US Supreme Court works. I’ll tell you what I told him: i’m muting you to illuminate clutter in my notifications feed. You’re just another dopey kid who is bored and wants to gin up replies. Go have a cookie.

    3. @dbsti 300 That’s absolutely correct. Elections have disastrous consequences, so its not a courts problem or a senate problem or an admin problem, it’s a PEOPLE problem. We did this to ourselves. Welcome to Gilead.

    1. @JamesT what about putting the baby up for adoption ? Isn’t that a path that can be taken when u dont have the funds Necessary to take care of a baby

    2. @Cincinnati Red
      In a perfect proper world, yes. But you’re ignoring what the precedent has been for 50 years. Men far more often than not, even when it’s proven they are the fathers, get out of paying anything. The women has to take them to court over the matter, and all the men have to do is claim hardship to get out of it.

      So what point were you trying to make? Or were you just spitting out words in an attempt to sound like you have a point?

    3. @Chad Martin
      Of course not – stripping away assistance to the poor is the “Small Government” argument. Interesting how the same people who scream “I want government out of my life” are the same ones screaming “Women should be controlled” or “Women can’t be trusted to control their own uteruses.”

    4. @J A Keller it’s not actually that easy to get out of paying child support. They will take you to jail if you loose your job and can’t pay.
      The biggest problem is these woman get pregnant by lowlife boys who aren’t worth anything so they refuse to put the man’s name on the birth certificate.

  3. People it ain’t hard nor rocket scientist “Learn your Constitution “ and I bet you will have your Freedom it’s that simple

    1. @Marci LK equal protection clause says everyone must be treated equal under the law (including women) which could protect unborn babies. 19th amendment said vote couldnt be denied based on gender.

    2. @Bruh The Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution provides a fundamental “right to privacy” that protects a pregnant woman’s liberty to choose whether or not to have an abortion. That RIGHT to Bodily Autonomy is the MOST fundamental Right each of us has… if you don’t have the right to your OWN body, you don’t have crap.

    3. @Marci LK I agree, otherwise vaccine mandates/passports wouldn’t be a thing. Funny how the Lefties now care about Constitutional rights, when they don’t actually care.

  4. I have a simple solution for you: get yourself a REAL constitution and an independent judiciary – all problems are gone instantly.

  5. An Incompetent Supreme Court will get “Fixed” by the People, using the only Constitutional tool available: PACKING.

  6. Even if you are pro-life having private citizens enforce the Texas abortion ban with monetary incentives sound like something the North Korean government would do to keep their people in check.

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