Biden Authorizes $100 Million To Evacuate Afghan Interpreters From Afghanistan 1

Biden Authorizes $100 Million To Evacuate Afghan Interpreters From Afghanistan


Rachel Maddow reports on a new memorandum in which President Joe Biden authorizes 100 million dollars from the United States Emergency Refugee and Migration Assistance Fund to evacuate Afghan interpreters and their families out of Afghanistan as the U.S. military leaves.
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    1. @Jeremy Backup look up the demographics for political affiliation in the military. Staggeringly overwhelming support from the right. Please do a little research before making yourself look so dumb.

    2. @Jeremy Backup yeah ok I’m sure there are a ton of blue haired protesting lefties in the military…

  1. 0:07 “in the amount UP TO $100 million dollars”, so that’s anywhere from $1.00 to $100 million dollars. 🧐🤔

    1. By the time government bureaucrats get to it, many of them may have already been executed… the only way bureaucrats ever saved us money.

  2. How can they rule out terrorists? At least we know who to blame when we see increase in terrorist activity….
    As if there aren’t many Americans needing assistance already..

  3. why do you need to spend 100 million when you can just put them on a plane with everyone else coming home?

    1. @Jena Cide I did NOT say prisons are NOT an acceptable expense. My point was that given the amount of money we spend on prisons, $100 million is not an unreasonable expense. It was just to give some perspective on the cost of things, since a lot of people seem to think that “It should only cost a few hundred bucks to help them” when the reality is far from that. If you read my very first comment, I said “But somehow, spending $180 000 000 000 (yes, billion, not million) a year on prisons is an “acceptable expense”, but spending $100 million on the Afghans is “too much”.”

    2. @k333rl Yes, but troops have US passports, and the Afghan Interpreter don’t. That’s the important distinction. I wasn’t saying that troops fly military. What I was saying is that given that these people would most likely be in danger, and have no legal documents (like say, a passport), the way to extract them would mostly be through the use of the military, and using the military to extract them would be far more costly than flying commercial.

    3. @amk understand but it would be interesting to know how many we are pulling out. a us passport is less than 200 and a visa is much less than that. depending on how many translators we are pulling out i feel like 100 million is a bit much.

    4. @k333rl Just to point out that I am not in disagreement that $100 million is an absurd amount of money. I do think it is. My point was purely that, in comparison to other government expenses, it doesn’t seem absurd at all. $100 million is like a drop in a bucket when you think about government expenses. Most people do not realise that. However, you do need to remember that the money (I assume) will cover a lot of things, such as: (I am just repeating my previous post here) paying people involved in sorting out legal stuff will make the cost astronomical, so will the cost of military charter flights, and then having to interview / process these people, background checks to ensure that they have no links to terrorism, etc. Also, like all most other countries, refugees will need to go through an assimilation program (learning American culture, how to buy groceries, how to get a debit card, etc.). These are not unique to America btw. When North Koreans escape to South Korea, they are put through a similar background check / assimilation program, and this can last for months or even a few years. Similar situation also when the EU takes in refugees. It is an extremely costly process.

    5. @amk understand completely, the old ‘joke’ 500 for a toilet seat. but when you can come across the southern border for free and then get caught and eventually end up getting a free pass into the states makes me wonder why we are forcing these people through all the hoops.

    1. Cause you have to track down, use fuel, use some form of transit, make sure people are comfortable, then when they get to base you have to pay for that housing and stuff to for over 35,000 people 100 Million ain’t much to the US government and it wouldn’t do much here.

  4. Welcome 🙏 to the USA 🇺🇸 experience friends 😇!!
    I hope it’s much better where you end up living. I think y’all will like it.

  5. How much will that be used for the interpreters and how much will disappear? Like with obiden admin?

    1. That’s to be expected regardless of the political party. That is just called American politics.

  6. Might as well he’s paying 3 million a day for contractors to sit on the boarder and watch equipment instead of building the wall

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