Fauci: Vaccines Mean Covid Deaths Are Tragic And Avoidable 1

Fauci: Vaccines Mean Covid Deaths Are Tragic And Avoidable


With the Delta variant causing a spike in new Covid cases, largely among unvaccinated Americans leading to hospitalizations and deaths, Dr. Anthony Fauci went on FOX News to say it's al tragic and avoidable. MSNBC's Brian Williams discusses the latest on Covid-19 with Dr. Stephen Sample.

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  1. In 1830 the life expectancy of a man in the US was 30 years. In 1930 it was 58. In 2019 it was 78.8.
    In 2021 it had dropped by nearly two years to 77 years.
    To what can we attribute the increase over the previous two centuries? Well, reducing infant mortality, better public hygiene and, yes you guessed it, vaccines.
    Now the decline over the last two years? Well it turns out that ignorance and stupidity do have a price.

    1. @Lydia Alexandra the same crooked ‘funding’ that owns CDC, FDA and their ‘recommendations’ dictate pharmacies/prescriptions and insurance. Speaking of insurance which seems to dominate talking point, I heard covid history raises premium .. vaccination status moot. So when you test positive after trusting suppressed data about breakthrough cases and guidance to remove masks, you might not want to share with insurance, they wont care if you’ve had vaccine.

    2. @J Vinal Not to mention, Google CDC what do my results mean? A common cold triggers a positive test. And here you are saying I’m uninformed and tests are the magic cure and an old sock over your mouth like they found out 100 years ago on Spanish flu doesn’t work and causes bacterial pnemonia is a magic cure not an ignorant superstition and Nazi armband. That’s ti make you sicker and isolation is to make you weaker dummy the worst comorbidity they promote and encourage, obesity, and the test has never been real neither have case counts death counts the test comes up positive from common cold antibodies look it up

    3. @J Vinal You’re also ignoring this; FL has lower rates than ny or NY, Denmark vs Italy, high mask compliance equals higher rates, and I know the CDC isn’t credible as a whole and is controlled by pharmaceutical giants, but when they have to even make themselves look bad by law listing vaers buried on their website,as dishonest as they’re allowed to be, makes it obvious, that parts true . What you’re pushing is deadly it’s been called the wotlrst most catastrophic public health disaster in history on terms of absolute numbers of dead and disposessed you need to get a grip on what it is you’re talking about your rationale is incrediblly feeble and pathetic. It’s obvious of masks and lockdowns worked you’d be able to say look at ny mi or CA the virus is gone now but look at Utah everyone’s got it now instead it’s the opposite and people are getting it who are vaccinated 65000 have died of vaxes on is already

    4. @Brandon West YOU are ignoring Florida is just not testing with a governor trying to ban masks, so there’s that.
      Denmark, Japan and all those higher case % areas (and higher IQ areas) are testing, tracing and masking, choosing life over money.

    1. @Gabe Dudley
      Khabrahov goleeeboi Bogatishev
      Get a new troll plantation catch phrase komrade

    1. Yeah, sure. Just be honest and admit that you will believe any wacko on the Internet instead of a doctor as long as what he says agrees with your politics.

    2. @nothingtoseehere oh come on flip flop fouci….. That guy eats soup ! He wants us to wear three masks now !!

    3. @G C what you guys think you listen to the only scientists ? There are a lot of very good infectious disease scientists out there ?? But I’m sure you guys keep very informed

    4. @Martenson Lee Nice try. There is overwhelming worldwide scientific consensus on all the basic facts about COVID-19. Including on the need to get vaccinated.

  2. Those people, who are so ill they must be hospitalized, are often in a weakened immune state. The last thing they need, is to come into contact with an unvaccinated healthcare worker.

  3. When they bring up “Delta” what they really mean is;

    We need more fear to get people to take the experimental

  4. “If someone dies WITH covid-19, we are counting that as a Covid-19 death.” – Direct quote from Dr. Birx at the Coronavirus Task Force press conference. You could literally make a stuffy nose the leading cause of death using this rule.

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