U.S. Must Put Values Over Profits To Promote Democracy Against Authoritarian China: Rhodes 1

U.S. Must Put Values Over Profits To Promote Democracy Against Authoritarian China: Rhodes


Ben Rhodes, former deputy national security advisor, talks with Rachel Maddow about how the United States can best push back against Chinese authoritarianism, especially emphasizing democratic principles over business opportunism that has compromised many American companies, and the amount of support President Biden would have in Washington for pursuing that agenda. 
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  1. US must put values over profit? The very value this country thrives on is, profit. We no longer care about the general welfare or the greater good. We are more interested in our own selves. it’s why social media is so potent. Even the military is not immune from this; what’s in it for me generation. Tribalism is everywhere.

    1. Alright fine go ahead and keep giving them our jobs, businesses, factories, and economy and let them grow powerful do you want that?

    2. @I AM FREE Funny you should state that. Those same businesses are the ones who often jump ship for cheapest labor, tax breaks, and highest profit margins. Why do you think most of the automotive industries are abroad? Tech industries are also moving abroad. Look at Apple. Even Trump clothes are made in sweat shops.

    3. @Sparky’s Imagination If you argue for everyone paying their fair share then you’d be accused of being a socialist.

      Part of capitalism is to establish class warfare. The elites are now something to be admired, unless you’re the Hollywood elite. American oligarchs are more embolden. They set up and rigged the system to their favor. It’s why dark money and deep states are calling the shots. Oligarchs are warring on each other. Mercer versus Soros. Bloomberg versus Murdoch.

    4. @Jackyc1234 Clark The way this country is heading, it’s eventually going to implode on itself. When plutocracy becomes the new government, revolution is inevitable. Ethics and morality goes out the window in a plutocracy.

  2. When a government would rather operate as a business than a protector of it’s people, then it’s time to reassess your loyalties.

    1. I feel the same way to bad the Senate Republicans don’t see it they would rather had a Authoritarian the Grifter Trump a Treasonous Traitor to the United states of America!!!!!!

  3. “History is moving forward and the world will not go back to what it was in the past.
    Each country is unique, with it’s own history, culture and social system and none is superior to the other.
    The right choice is for countries to pursue peaceful co-existence based on mutual respect and on expanding
    common ground while shelving differences to promote exchanges and mutual learning”. – Xi Jinping.

  4. The US has prioritize profits over their own people as well, so it makes sense that democracy is under threat here as well.

    1. Yeah…okay…I guess you were banned like Donald Trump off social media and being accused of insurrection from deviating slightly from the talking points

    2. Yes , now they have these wealthy hedge fund managers on TV hand wringing over the projected inflation that will be caused by increasing social entitlements so they are economically motivated to be against it cause they are already ENTITLED

  5. Profit is pretty much all that most people in management seem to care about. Then there’s the hard working people who are just looking for a fair deal and mostly not finding it.

    1. Profit is what keeps the hard working people employed. The minimum wage has never been raised above $0.

  6. Truth must lead the way to clarity. Truth is what IS, as it is in all it’s layers and levels in this eternal now as creation within and externally. It really makes you think about freedom of speech.

  7. Putting Values over Profit is what the USA ought to apply on itself too… End money into Politics for instance…. end “The Big Lie” …

    1. Yep, it all begins at home. Moronic US is too busy deflecting and blaming others. For once in your history, blame yourself so you can actually improve. Maybe it is too much to ask. 🙂

  8. “Slavery was never abolished, it was only extended to include all the colors.”
    ― Charles Bukowski

  9. Neoliberalism, a Nobel prize winning social-economic theory turned ideology, where more is never enough and sustainability a dirty word, with low taxes for the trickle di trickle da trickery done effects

  10. If the GQP has their way we’ll be under the exact same kind of rule, only dressed up differently.

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