Go Guardians! Tom Hanks Unveils Cleveland Baseball Team's New Name 1

Go Guardians! Tom Hanks Unveils Cleveland Baseball Team’s New Name

Cleveland's Major League Baseball team has revealed its new team name changing from the Indians to the Guardians. And they relied on a famous baseball fan with a strong connection to the town to make the big reveal. MSNBC's Brian Williams has the details.

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    1. @Marvin Turner Technically, they are not “Native Americans.” Technically, they are — in Ohio — Shawnee. Or Chippewa. Or Iroquois. Or Miami. “American” is derived from the first name of a 15th century Italian explorer. More importantly, both “American Indian” and “Native American” are perfectly OK to use. But better to use the name of the specific tribal nation, when possible. Dropping “Indian” because a bunch of white Marxist-elitists pressured the team to drop it is yet another “white out” of a part of our American ‘melting pot’ culture, history and identity. Since 1894, the baseball “Indians” never caused hate or derision against our Indian brothers and sisters. Soon enough, the Braves in very liberal Atlanta will follow suit. Less respect and recognition to our American Indian brothers and sisters. But, Marxists are really, really good at wiping out the past.

    2. Don’t worry, the social justice warriors will make sure the organizations change their “offensive” names.

    3. @MrFrinZy Seriously? Well then why weren’t all these “horribly racist” team names not changed decades ago? All of a sudden it’s an issue when it never was and names were never racist to begin with. Too many people have become soft and triggered for no reason.

  1. Look on the bright side. Since there are no more Cleveland Indians, maybe this ends the curse of Rocky Colavito?

  2. This is obviously the biggest problem to fix in Cleveland and Hollywood is on the job. Why not the Cleveland Lebrons?

  3. I am not a big baseball fan but I like the name it’s catchy and it represents exactly what they are Cleveland Hall of Fame and guardian my bad go Cleveland

    1. Guardian Indians. That will suffice long into the future. I can understand people being offended by the town of Cleveland.

  4. I loved the video and it brings meaning to the name Guardians even though I think it was picked because it had part of the word Indian but why did they have to even mention what Trump thought and make it political.

    1. I’m from Cleveland and I have to say that “Cleveland Rocks” so played out. They’ve been using the phrase Cleveland Rocks and rock and roll imagery for anything and everything for decades. It’s just dull at this point. There’s much more to Cleveland than the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

  5. that was a downer to a wonderful presentation. why in the world do we care what the stench has to say?

  6. Cleveland should have hired Vin Diesel instead. He would have ended with the new battle cry: WE ARE GROOT!!!

  7. I for one am glad that I don’t have to see people of color representing products or sports teams. Good for them making the mascot a white man!

  8. Thanks for your input Donald. I didn’t know that south asians cared so much about baseball in Ohio.

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